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Robert Anton Wilson and then some

You wont be seeing stars for free when the Man comes to town

thank you for the joy
the unbridled freedom
for those who choose
to watch in dark
streaming video
 every nick
and crick
of pixelized
the world
could offer
until the mind
was exhausted
and everything
that could be
seen was
and  moon
until the man
came to town
with lawyers
taking down
the existential
and like the blackman
Adam Lackman
is another victim
of extra judicial 
assault in the name
of copyright
while the digital 
peasants gather
on faceplant
and protest
the medium
thats the message
and the message
your sheeple
line up to be sheared
for your last

Lest we rest lets speak
of the whirlwind
in Tony Robbins
like vocabulary
its the hook
the lure
that tells
you he knows
your life
and therefore
how to solve
the whirlwind
is life
its messy
and deranged
and anyone
who survives
past forty
is a saint
Just a PSA
anyone who
talks to you
about the
is a fascist tornado
of thought control
that make humans
ants in a colony
thats doomed
to failure

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the more you know

"The more you know, 

the crazier you look."

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Vladimir Putin Urges Peaceful Negotiations Between Korea and the USA

Russian president Vladimir Putin has warned that the escalating North Korean crisis could cause a “planetary catastrophe” and huge loss of life.
“Ramping up military hysteria in such conditions is senseless; it’s a dead end,” 
It could lead to a global, planetary catastrophe and a huge loss of human life. There is no other way to solve the North Korean nuclear issue, save that of peaceful dialogue.”
Speaking on the final day of the Brics summit in Xiamen, China, Putin said foreign interventions in Iraq and Libya had convinced North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that he needed nuclear weapons to survive: “They will eat grass but will not stop their program as long as they do not feel safe.”
Putin’s warning came as South Korea refused to rule out redeploying US tactical nuclear weapons on its territory – a move that could seriously harm efforts to ease tensions as signs emerged that Pyongyang was preparing to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile.
Seoul has routinely dismissed the option of basing US nuclear weapons on South Korean soil for the first time since the 1990s, but the country’s defence minister, Song Young-moo, said “all available military options” were being considered to address the growing threat from North Korean missiles.

Eisenhower's War Crimes

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For What its Worth

America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. Barak Obama handed a surveillance state and war machine to a maniac.

Richard Dolan: UFOs and 9/11

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Harry Truman - A Democrat

"If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances."

American Dream, You have to be asleep to belive it

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War Crimes in North Korea - History Repeating, Cause and Effect

"The story dates to the early 1950s, when the U.S. Air Force, in response to the North Korean invasion that started the Korean War, bombed and napalmed cities, towns and villages across the North. It was mostly easy pickings for the Air Force, whose B-29s faced little or no opposition on many missions.The bombing was long, leisurely and merciless, even by the assessment of America’s own leaders. “Over a period of three years or so, we killed off — what — 20 percent of the population,” Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command “everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another.” After running low on urban targets, U.S. bombers destroyed hydroelectric and irrigation dams in the later stages of the war, flooding farmland and destroying crops."

“As if the flyers were playing in a bowling alley, with villages for pins:” The US Air War in Korea

“we killed civilians, friendly civilians, and bombed their homes, fired on whole villages with occupants – women and children, and ten times as many hidden communist soldiers – under showers of napalm, and the pilots came back to their ships stinking of vomit twisted from their vitals by the shock of what they had to do.”

 "Now, maybe Americans don’t remember very well, but North Koreans have a memory of not too long ago, when North Korea was absolutely flattened, literally, by American bombing. There was—there was literally no targets left. And I really urge people who haven’t done it to read the official American military histories, the Air Quarterly Review, the military histories describing this." - Noam Chomsky

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I am completely responsible

for every person

on the planet

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The Disclosure Project - National Press Club 2001

all kinds of layers

Image result for images of complicated layers
 thats the thing that kills a nuclear
sub in war games
getting caught in a thermal
layer exposed
from sonar
not front on man
not even side view
there is no retreat
from that
just die
or do what
I do

So we live in a world
where slavery is
but the powers
that be
see it as
an incentive
for less wages
hey you could
be a slave
which would
be better for
cause I would
be you resoponsiblity
and I am a good 
God told
me many
times all the evil
I do is
just the deveil;
comming \back
in ti me

The Wind Gods

News so fake it should be declared hostile intelligence

Talk about fake news. No way the CIA is supplying ISIS with weapons, no fucking way.  Where the fuck is Bulgaria anyway.

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Signs everywhere signs of peak stupidity

Football players take the field for practice at the new  $60 million new football stadium at Allen High School Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012 in Allen, Texas.  Allen High School northeast of Dallas christens the stadium Friday night with a matchup against defending state champion Southlake Carroll. While other school districts are struggling to retain teachers and keep classroom sizes down, Allen voters approved a $119 million bond issue that pays for the stadium and other district facilities. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Texas High School builds $72  million dollar football stadium for students.

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99 Luft non wasser

Yep I counted them
all as they flew
over head
and saving the
for the next
they substituted
nuclear warheads
because they
saw the world
from on angle
and even if they
never measured
did not care
to live off
what they considered
just before
I consider
the pyramids
and realize to late
I am walking like
an Eypitiaon

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We are sick of the shit and being stuck in the suck

My lord fancy pants president
do you remember Vietnamm
a summer vacation for the
draft warriors put into
Image result for charlie sheen in platoonan actual video
game in the homes
of real actors
and predictably
the forced sell swords
as they alway will
when it comes to
occupying territory
can you change my
mind one bit
maybe with thousands
of hours of gigabit
but when your
on the sand
in a sandbox
over which you
dont understand
and opon which
you have not
you are just
in real time
going to get
sniper fire
from which
there is no
that can be bought
which will
do something

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The original immaculate birth

Image result for images of immaculate birth
What kind of birth control can prevent immaculate birth
Today we would not blink an eye 
at seeing a young person emerge
from a swollen womb
without the entry
and exit been
by a human

In Jesus day they must
have had the same
and it was a one
or the 
whole idea
has to go
in logical 

So talk about
Jesus in the real
and you get
the fumes of]
holy gasoline
as the advocates
speed off in their
and glance
at the Rolex to
see if they are
on time for the 
next miracle
of funding

Even the Jews
who more or less
with evidential 
historical PSTD
created the 
paranoid neurotic
hoarding culture
would never
he walked on water
and made a biblical
pop up McDonald's
with a liquor licence
out of a fisherman's

So what are we left with
today if we want the truth
and a path to sustainability
its sure not building arcs
and not eating pork

The situation is hopeless
if we do not act now
we are the masters
of our own universe
the problem is that
those with the power
only act in the here
and now 
like Gengis Khan
and others who
never had one 
second in their
coquest life
where they 
if this act
would indeed
be something
that bite them or
the thousands
of progeny in the
no they were raping 
and pillaging and
getting high
and never
about the cost
of making that

The time of raping 
and pillaging 
has past
but still it goes
on electronically
and the humans
not on the current
they are the walking

So stop look 
at what is going on
and apply our lives
to making a happy
planet where we 
can breath and 
bring a next generation
to a place in the sun

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Stephen Darbyshire UFO Photo 1954

In 1954 the first major UFO sighting in Britain took place near the village of Torver in the lake District of Cumbria, England. Stephen Darbishire, the 13 year old son of a local resident, and Adrian Meyer, his eight year old cousin went for a walk to a place overlooking the ‘Old man of Coniston (mountain) taking with them a period Kodak box camera. Stephen claims he felt an unusual urge to keep climbing the hill behind his house. Adrian apparently noticed the UFO first and pointed it out to Stephen who took two, slightly out of focus, photographs. Stephen certainly became quite famous and was even interviewed by the private secretary of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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