Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Little Prince

“All grown-ups were once children... but only 
few of them remember it.” 

Perception. Reality.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Buddhism and a 'creator God'

Buddhists do not believe in a creator God. Any such belief is rejected as are those views portraying a different world creation other than that of nature. The concept of a personal deity is wholly incompatible with Siddartha Gautama's teachings. This knowledge should not be misconstrued by suggestions of Buddhism being at odds with those people of faith. After all, as long as such belief doesn't harm anyone what does it matter if people who follow a deity, an alien super being, practise love, peace and compassion?

It is not just a Buddhist view but also the experience of Western physicists and philosophers all of whom have researched into reality.  God is merely a projection of the mind  Any such thoughts of the supernatural are all mind projections. Ghost's, spectres, poltergeists - all creations of an unruly mind, a mind in control of the self rather than the self in command of the mind. Taoist's, Dharmaist's all share similar views. 

Projecting, or the condition of being projected is attributable to one's own attitudes, beliefs and or feelings being presented to others as real. Projection is a common attribute of paranoia. It is the result of a mind unable to deal with reality

When you practise mindfulness and when you meditate reality flows within and without you. Understanding of the ways of creation becomes clear. The singularity that binds all things is present.

Cocaine Jesus

Hi Boys and Girls!

I'm Cocaine Jesus.

Homo Sapien.
Homo Erectus.
Homo Superiority Syntax.

Heterosexual but I love canines.

And felines.

My sexuality is my own business but I keep a clean house.

I am well disorganised.

I speak fluent gibberish on several continents.

I preach what I practise with candour.

Do not believe everything that you hear.

I am streamlining my personal evolution.

No potions are available.

All options are viable.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There is no one

T here  is no one
there is no one
no one
who understands

I can leep off a dock
and emerge undersea
hold my bearth for
five mintues
and emerge
in a tuxeddo
and no one

Should I rip
off the fridge
door at home
the cops

Physics Singularity (maybe he's got something here)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Always on the man

I think I was targeted
at the orphanage
and they wanted
my future grey
matter cause
i did test for
the sister
than made
me uncomfortable
but the proved
I was flexible
and smart
the two ingredients
you need
in a double
which I wa
from the

Monday, December 25, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas MF's

Peace on earth good will towards GIA I predict the pendulum is going to swing towards the star trek universe big time in 2018 2018 is the year where whateveryone knows is true will be admitted we are not alone

Death and Rebirth - Jiddu Krishnamurti in conversation with Alan W. Anderson

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Munford and Sons

Image result for images of mumford and sons
In the last decade
I can not think
aboot music
that was more
me than
the Sons

And I loved
the sons of
anarchy as
a construct
of the world
we exist
and if you
do not find
truth in that
watch game
of thones

we are merely
in the best case
the people beiing
thrown about
in the ariel

for those of us
on the ground
its all about
the rent
when it exceeds
fify percent of your
take home
you are offically'
a slave

the shadow government

Saying goodbye to that regional life

Image result for images of regional life
Yep I am going to go
to a new region
for more hope
as the economy
but I will never
say a bad word
the Niagara Region
its all power
and old
people and
that is not
my profile
I do not have
a gold plated
that gives
me all access
to Canada
south coast

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Once In A Lifetime

female form

Everthing is differant

Adapt fail got along
no matter
its comming
and the
rich humans
will be

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Life's a Liquid

"A team of physicists in Barcelona has created liquid droplets 100 million times thinner than water that hold themselves together using strange quantum laws.

these bizarre droplets emerged in the strange, microscopic world of a laser lattice — an optical structure used to manipulate quantum objects — in a lab at the Spanish Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, or Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO).

The researchers cooled a gas of potassium atoms cooled to minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 273.15 degrees Celsius), close to absolute zero. 

That's a state of matter where cold atoms clump together and start to physically overlap. These condensates are interesting because their interactions are dominated by quantum laws, rather than the classical interactions which can explain the behaviour of most large bulks of matter.

When researchers pushed two of these condensates together, they formed droplets, binding together to fill a defined volume. But unlike most liquids, which hold their droplet shapes together through the electromagnetic interactions between molecules, these droplets held their shapes through a process known as "quantum fluctuation."

These new droplets are unique in that quantum fluctuation is the dominant effect holding them in their liquid state. Other "quantum fluids" like liquid helium demonstrate that effect, but also involve much more powerful forces that bind them much more tightly together.
Potassium condensate droplets, however, aren't dominated by those other forces and have very weakly-interacting particles, and therefore spread themselves across much wider spaces — even as they hold their droplet shapes. Compared to similar helium droplets, the authors write, this liquid is two orders of magnitude larger and eight orders of magnitude more dilute. That's a big deal for experimenters, the researchers write; potassium droplets might turn out to much better model quantum liquids for future experiments than helium.
The quantum droplets do have their limits though. If they have too few atoms involved, they collapse, evaporating into the surrounding space. "

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Comparative Advantage is a lie taught everywhere as truth

Image result for image of comparative advantage

Its a game of risk, its a game of thrones
and today if you want to rule
you have to control the internet
Facebook has proven that
humans are nothing but
border collies with
better vocal diaphragms

So know everything
tied into the sheeple
mind which was
long ago identified
as a soft target
becomes incredibly
send in the forty foot
containers because
in the end
thats what the liquidators
they come to your
gather up your assest
through you out in the
street as part of the
and then move
maybe there is a housing
bubble in Nigeria
and they are short
on big screen tv
and king sized
well I happen
to have a surpluss
in texas
so lets 
comparative advantage
for both parties
Texas can sleep
and watch TV
like Nigeria

You know I could
go on an on with
this song
but it would
make like
absolute zero


Friday, December 8, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

the beauty

Astronaut Reveals TRUTH About Mars 8/9/17

War Fever or Wet Dream

Image result for images of war fever
Not done Nazi No Contractor
Watch the pebble
move through
the cups
can your eye
follow where
the master
makes it
end up
no of course
a sucker
is born
every minute
and that expression
can be found
in every language
and its perhaps
the most profound
statement our

Of course I am not
a sucker
I have a degree
I watch the news
totally informed
I exeed the data
plan on
my smartphone

Garbage in Garbage out
is the first word
in code
never forget that
as you are programmed
because in latency
your a computer mind
with biological
that need
a lot
of fixin
after two thousand
years of expericence
we seem to have worked
most the bugs out
of humans

Today we have a tax
cut that will shred
the holi poli
and they are
their own
Tony Robbins
with emoji
of joy
on the
of the flophouse
that is going
to change
their lives

Lets get serious
as every knowledgeable
knows is
a racket
so said
col smiley
from the inside
and the evidence
would make
your bones
but we play
the RISK
game over
and over
and over
its easy money
if the battle goes
and the kids
that die
had life
and we

today I warn
the pigeons
flying around
fat and happy
eating grease
salt and sugar
that they will not
all see that

War fever
is like the NFL
where no one
takes a knee
because it would
be unsimily

Today war fever
is close to breaking
out in the USA
because of terror
Iran and North
having an

while you cant stop all
three because one
is a verb
Iran would be
a good outlet
for the mobs
and I cant
really disagree

But that is me
and if you
look at history
from operation spearfish
and the Shah
and all the
its not surprising
that we end up
with two countries
at logger heads
and Israeli in the
middle for
all the usual

The penicillin for
war fever is time
and peace
and let things
play out

Life On Saturn's Moon, Enceladus?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Gaffney Incident: The Night Police Talked to an Alien

The law of unintended consequences

Image result for images of julian assange and bitcoin
We have a winner
a big gigantic one
a tremendous
money maker
given to 
prodigal son
Julian Assuage

The Deep State
tried to cut him
off from finance
and he was forced
top trust Bitcoin
it just went
over ten thousand
and Julian
had his whole
nest egg there
by market choice

Would it not 
be ironic
if he emerges
a bitcoin 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Royals Really Roll the Reality Distortion Field

Image result for image of prince harry's girlfriend
He looks so much like Prince Charles

A DNA slave marries
her DNA master
after centuries
of just raping
black girls
and having
the children
live as
or worse

This is a positive
for human relations
and I hope it
was not some
kind of royal

For what could
be more perfect
for the second
son to wed
a black girl
and lift
from the crown
of oppression
of love
for the profits
and hate
for the

I hope this
can close
what the royals
and the real
but in the
I expect one of
them will be
found dead
a victim of a
car crash
in a tunnel

The Patient

Saturday, November 25, 2017

bouncing boobs

Three Aliens

Aliens, God, Tao and Everything part two

When examining a living human body you discover that a great deal of heat is emitted.  All humankind's body temperature is 98.6F/37C. When the body dies it feels cold to the touch. In fact, it isn't. In reality, it drops to room temperature. The human body is made up of molecules, molecules that generate energy. The heat generated comes from digested food. It is the fuel which drives the human body. The ancient Chinese called this Chi. Chi is but a word yet whatever it is called that energy is what drives life. All life.

When we see images of extraterrestrials that we are led to believe are either living on or visiting planet Earth, you can be certain they are biologically like us. The same natural law would also apply to them. They too would have to comply with the laws of biology. For them to co-exist or just visiting they must have evolved from a planet very much like ours. To breathe our atmosphere they would need lungs, a heart that pumps blood, a liver, spleen and all the other organs that make what is effectively an advanced primate species. 

Would they have to be a form of primates? I guess not. I suppose it is possible they may have evolved from another species of biped - maybe kangaroo's or lizards. Birds too are bipedal. One argument against this would be brain size. Birds and lizards, even kangaroo's, do not possess large brains. In this world, bipedal's rule. That shape offers great mobility.  It enables us to hunt, fish, swim, run, walk etc; It makes perfect sense that the supreme species on Earth not only has the biggest brain but also a body that allows for great diversity of movement.

The aliens portrayed in the many images seen on the internet look remarkably like hominids. Same bipedal shape with arms, legs and an even larger head to fit an even larger brain. Maybe we homo sapiens didn't evolve here. Maybe we were brought here via an armada of spacecraft that arrived here having first located a planet best suited to support living creatures born on a water-based world, a world so like ours that ours is a virtual facsimile. This, of course, is not only speculation but also runs in the face of science. Now, you either believe in television, telephones, satellite dishes, computers, mobile phones, stereo players, videos, hearing aids, the control of diabetes, winning the battle against cancer, space labs, rockets to the moon, submarines, aeroplanes, hovercraft, heart surgery, WiFi, the cure for smallpox, in other words, science as it is has gifted us all these things and many more and even though science is merely a tool by which we understand ourselves and our place within the eternal, it still is a powerful friend when we need it . You cannot cherry pick. You either trust science, when it supports the life you lead or you don't.

If there are aliens constantly travelling from their homeworld to ours, and I am agnostic on that subject, then they have to be related to us. This is pure logic. The physical similarities between aliens and humans are strikingly remarkable given the so-called evidence supplied. However, we cannot proselytise the possibility that one species has mutated or even evolved from another without discounting DNA. Now Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule. It carries genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms, but also a great many viruses. There is a combination of acids, proteins and lipids mixed with some complicated carbohydrates that form the four major types of macromolecules that are vital for all known forms of life. This fact is empirical, unassailable. This suggests that aliens and humans, related for sure, have not originated from a single source unless that source is Earth for human life is linked via DNA to the planet Earth, Which can only mean that aliens are human or that somewhere in deepest space is a planet exactly, or very nearly exactly, the same as our mother world.

If this is the case then the reason for the visits cannot be aggressive. What would be the point? They want to enslave us? Why? For what purpose? It cannot be their desire to mate with us. Millions of years ago we humans could have reproduced with Chimpanzee's or what was the forerunner of the chimpanzee. We couldn't now. Is it being suggested that aliens like a bit of bestiality? That is exactly what a man having sex with a chimp would be. Or could it not be that the aliens, recognising our kinship, simply want to observe and to study a species so alike their own yet woefully less technological, far more primitive, to monitor the growth of humankind? This sounds far more likely. 

Fastwalkers - Brightest Star

Friday, November 24, 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Car

Is It Damaged?: An Encounter In Ontario

Proof we need better leadership than what comes from action heros

Image result for images of benjamin netanyahu
He walked the walk before he talked
Two cases in point
that are absolute fact
just yesterday the State
of Texas passed a law
that makes anyone
receiving state
money swear
on a Bible
they will
not in anyway
fund any movement
that boycotts the State
of Israel
for being in procession 
of an illegal occupation
and assorted war 
you know the usual
white phosperphus
being the most
and depleted
Uranium shells
are not the target
of any investigation

Point two
Jews of Hollywood
getting wood
for Netanyahoo
I thought
we were past
the point of getting
fascist in our pants

You will not find
an uncircumcised man
who loves Jews
more than my
just to be clear
this in not
due to begatts
with Jewish women
who you could say
are generally attractive
no its because 
if you look
at two tribes
that saved the world
you have the Scotts
who would never
cut it off
and the 
Jew who do
it in cermony
that to me
is creepy

I would cut
it off if
it could bring
peace the middle
but I image
this huge flap
of dead skin
would not
make a sail
that could
find the wind
to navigate
a path
without collusion
to the holy ones
who only want
money to buy
so it goes
and so it goes

Humans are animals
and we have different
IMHO Jews are border
collies who have been
uplifted by aliens
and finally given
the chance to speak

I had a dog 
a crossbred
bred for nothing
that talked
but you know
I understood
every word
she was a female
but before her
first period I had
her spade removing
any chance of repoduction'
of the dog I craved
as part of the family

Peace in the middle east
starts with one proposition
Israel exists and its here
to stay.
Second the borders that
are where one through
warfare and blood
and no one is giving an
inch away
after that
its all Kum

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Not Human: An Encounter In The Outback

H.P. Lovecraft's DAGON

"...the thing slid into view above the dark waters. Vast, Polyphemus-like,
 and loathsome, it darted like a stupendous monster of nightmares..."

Battle Beyond The Stars, 1980 (Full Movie)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

This world is just a carbon fiber construct

Image result for images of carbon fiber plyons
Yes we have reached
a point where
is just
a yield
but down below
on the pylons
the people
are feeling
its a construction
that in the past
has led to revolution
but today
the powers
that be
are way more
into everyones

sorryfor the edit but brains and minds same

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Aliens, God, Tao and Everything

This from an old Zen saying...

“Heaven and earth and I are of the same root, 
the ten-thousand things and I are of one substance.”

The ten thousand things is a reference to the universe, to all life, all existence as being of one creation. Historically, Monotheists would have disparaged such a claim suggesting God made everything but the word God is a man-made thing. Once you give something a name it no longer is the thing it was. God is a word as is deity. It is possible to know God without recognizing God the deity. Another word that could easily replace God is Tao. Again, Tao is but a word, another man-made word. 

When you meditate or even when mindful, that which some call God is with you. The eternal and the external are fused as one. You and the nameless, that which is greater than you yet of which you are a part of, a child of the universe, breathe as one, become as one for that is how life is - one.

Life exists within and without us. It exists in a myriad of amazing forms yet, when you look deep into any organism, breaking it down to fundamentals, all existence is made up of the same stuff. Hydrogen, the most plentiful substance in the world, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen and many other elements. Earth and its lifeforms all contain these linked parts. If there was life on Mars many eons ago then that too would have comprised the same basic elements. If  there is a planet or planets out there, and mathematics suggests the likelihood high, then whatever life lives on those planets, be they newly evolved or thousands of years older than ourselves, then they too are part of  the ten thousand things.

Science is nothing more than a tool by which we understand ourselves, our planet, the galaxies where our planet and others spin. The connection once proclaimed by Eastern philosophies is now accepted by Western science, by science in general. All life is linked. Nothing that lives exists without those elements we know of. If there are Aliens visiting our homeworld then they too are part of the ten thousand things.

Humankind likes its labels. As a species, we think in linear terms, we apply convenient names and tags to everything. Life though isn't like that. Life is not linear but rather resembles a Rorschach - a great big splodge. Humankind separates sexual drives. They would have us believe in Heterosexuals, Homosexuals, Asexuals, and a variety of other sexuals. All there is are people with different tastes. Humankind breeds division. Racial, sexual, class, religious, political, national and of course, Extra-Terrestrial. Division is the cause of much hurt, much harm. Wars have been fought over territory, over borders. Borders, like time, are a man-made construct, they don't exist. Simply ask fish or birds or contagions or the tide that rides the humble oceans who lap at our shores.

This planet, this Earth, is not our planet. We are of this planet. This Earth is of the universe therefore so are we, so are Aliens.

The word Alien defines a being, not of this planet, not of this earth but from some far off other-world therefore not like 'us'. As we have learned all life is connected. Aliens are in reality nothing more than another variety of life brought into being by the same energy, the same Chi as the Chinese would suggest, the same force as were we.  There are no aliens only other beings like us, like cetaceans, like millipedes, like crustaceans, like mammals, like grass. 

“Heaven and earth and I are of the same root, 
the ten-thousand things and I and Aliens are of one substance.”