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Gilad Atzmon: The Cognitive Elite of Jewish History

Noam Chomsky - Political biography

Here is a man who challenges thought manipulation more than anyone else. Not for him the easy option of playing the 'the things THEY haven't told you. His ego is not that small. He broadens the spectrum of accepted debate going into areas others don't. His contribution to having a better-informed society is immeasurable.
Chomsky's political views have changed little since his childhood, and he adopted the emphasis on political activism that was ingrained in Jewish working-class tradition.  He is usually characterized as an anarcho-syndicalist and/or a socialist libertarian. He views these positions not as precise political theories but as ideas which he thinks best meet the needs of humans: freedom, liberty and community, and association under the conditions of freedom.  Unlike some other socialists, such as those who acceptMarxism, Chomsky believes that politics lies outside the remit of science.of
The key thrust of much of Chomsky's political world-view is the idea that the truth about political realities are systematically distorted or suppressed through the manipulation of corporate interests and elites while his work has focused on revealing these manipulations. He believes that "common sense" is all that is required to break through the web of falsehood and see the truth if it is employed using both critical thinking skills and an awareness of the role that self-interest and self-deception create on both oneself and on others.
Although he had joined protest marches and organized activist groups, he identifies his primarily political outlet as being that of education, offering free lessons and lectures to encourage wider political consciousness. He is a member of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and the Industrial Workers of the World international union. Chomsky is also a member of the interim consultative committee of the International Organization for a Participatory Society, which he describes as having the potential to "carry us a long way towards unifying the many initiatives here and around the world and molding them into a powerful and effective 

White Bird

Ida Lupino

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Jerking off the World

I used to like chocolate strawberries
and special K
for sure I ate way to many
I looked in the mirror
and discovered
I was lacking fact
sugar breakfast and
dinner desert
made a desert
where there should have
been a oasis
with an oil patch
that would quench 
every thirst

Seeing all and knowing nothing
Jon Snow
that's the penalty we pay
for being human
and not admitting
we are animals at the core
and we need to scrub out
that native cunning
if we are to survive
as a species

The earth it will not die
it will spin for billions or maybe
trillions of years no matter what
it may look like Pluto
but the earth is
not big on fashion
I know for a fact
it has catalogued
that human life
will be harmed
by Kim Kardashian

I am so old now and I hate it
because the pipeline is so 
all the choices have famished
or are locked behind doors
that are not just in my head

Every now and then
I pick a lock and feel
so refreshed
but Monday morning
comes back again
and I am on the Sunday
Morning Sidewalk
puking my person
all over a paycheck
knowing Kafka
was so right
I am an insect now

Life's rich pageant 
is all we got
and we love our
cause they are fictional 
of what we are not

Someone has to break this chain
and get us back to the village again
reality tv is the biggest lie
like Kurt Von said about
Geralda Rivaia
at the demarcation point
he is only Jerry Rivers
and so it goes

World wide Gandhi, or Buddha
with a touch of Mandela
and Einsteins Intelligence
mixed with Bob Dylan's
ability to communicate
is a DNA project 
that we need to assimilate
or its Enders Game

The human misery index
has never been higher
even for those who
have the gold
are way less than historically

No justice no peace
is only a band aid
on a world that
knows no social justice
because we are all animals
and the lion does not
ask permission
to rip your throat out
if they target you as weak

Tell me know
Tell me you Know
Tell me something 
Tell me anything
Tell me you are an expert
Tell me about your invisible hand
Tell me its not jerking the world off
Cause Negative Interest Rates
are a total confession
the world is just a human expression

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How UFO Secrecy Has Damaged American Intellectual Life and Society

Compassion and Peace Marches

I was told by a one-time friend that compassion was insufficient to stop wars. That peaceful anti-war marches were often unequal to the task they set out to achieve. He said that compassion was not enough. You needed more. Sometimes violence was required to make the point, that those ends justify the means. I did not, do not, cannot, will not ever concede that point.

He thought I was a pacifist. I am not. I would defend my homeland as I would my family and if in that defence my enemy was killed, regrettable and horrid an eventuality as that would be, self-preservation is Tao. It is the way of things. Defence of oneself is a natural and a legitimate act.

My one time friend then, thinking I was a pacifist, told me he wasn't. That act's of violence are sometimes required in aid of making a point and that he had and would use violent methods of protest to that end.

That is wrong.

Wrong about compassion. Wrong about violent protest.

He also asked me to number the times peaceful protests had achieved their aims?

In truth, I don't know much less care. You either are a peace protester or you aren't. If you are not someone who protests peacefully then you are no different to those you protest about.
Ironically, my one-time friend now insists he is a pacifist and, oddly enough, always was.

I guess that means something and for the sake of a once valued friendship I accept that it takes two to tango. And so long as that dance is a peaceful one I think it best to forgive and forget.

Peace must be achieved by peaceful means.

We have Predictions

Trump will be the next US President.  

Hillary will squeak past Sanders solidifying her place as the staus quo. This victory will open up black and white divides withing the Democratic party.Trump will use the perceived overreach of Black lives to club her like a baby seal in the Election.  

The Republicans will control all three houses. It will be chaos and destruction. Old white men ruling over a nation filled with hungry Hispanics and Blacks.

Turkey is on a suicide mission, Ergegon is a warlord. The Kurds are playing the final hand of a long game. There will be a civil war in Turkey and NATO will sit on its hands.

The government of the Ukraine will collapse. Another American puppet with strings not strong enough to support the unsupportable.

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No to Trident in the UK

Dear Russell,
On 27th February I’ll be marching as part of the biggest
mobilisation against nuclear weapons in a generation and 
I am writing in the hope that you might be willing to 
join me to help Stop Trident.
Nuclear weapons belong in the past and the £100bn 
(and rising) cost of replacing Trident would be 
better spent on things that can genuinely 
make us safer and more secure. Creating jobs, 
building schools & hospitals, giving everyone 
in the world access to clean water and conflict prevention. 
Watch this video to find out more.
It would also be a game changer in tackling what 
everyone from President Obama to Tony Blair have called 
the most significant security threat of our time: 
climate change. £100bn could make 15 million homes 
warmer or build 100,000 wind turbines – enough to power 
all households in the UK.
Will you help spread the word by sharing this video 
via social media? You can also share with your MP 
and ask them to vote against replacing Trident.
It’s time to move on from Trident and I hope you’ll join 
me in being part of a better future.
PS sharing this video will help build momentum. 
Please help me do that and I hope to see you at 
the march on 27th February.

You received this email because you signed up to our 

mailing list on our website, took a campaign action, 
gave us your address at an event or because you're a member of the Green Party. 

Unsubscribe if you'd like to stop receiving emails from us. 

Sent on behalf of the Green Party England and Wales:

Development House
56-64 Leonard Street
United Kingdom

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Happy Valintines day fellow Globallovethinktank astronauts

You are the most beautiful things a spacer sees execpt for all the eartth freebies
that are paid content in space.

Valentines day always makes me reflective. Thinkingaboot the things I love. This blogis one of those things. To be honest you I cant understand why it does not go viral.. However in the immortal words of Buddha, "you do not always get what you want, sometimes you just get what you need". If only Karl has said this in Das Kapital.

Speaking of time travel and alternative history. Let me share with you a interstellar love story. Physicist will discover a thousand years from now, that black holes are merely the place love goes to die.

Love you cant start it like a car, you cant kill it with a gun, its a jeopardy question no?

Mark Twain on Christianity

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Musical Quotes 3


"It sometimes seems to me as if I did not belong to this world at all."
Franz Schubert

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MYSTERIES OF THE GODS (with William Shatner)

Filiberto Caponi alien photographs 1993

The beauty and Jones Spaceman

There really was a weirdo and a beauty on this planet
for sure they never existed in the same timeline

Now Jones Spaceman
was not the weirdoist
especially for a spacer guy
but down on earth
he was always in orbit

Direct collision in a parking lot
shiny and orange
and a billion years older
than anyone on the planet
he fell in love
with the most beautiful
thing on earth
next to free oxygen

He suspects despite the beauties soft denials
she was on a mission
because nothing on earth
seemed worthwhile erstwhile
Beauty was hoping to find some meaning
from the eponymous named
and weirdly attractive
Jones Spaceman

No episode of anything on TV
would ever have the beauty
meet the weirdo live
let alone edited
its something from another
world for sure where
no one cares about
anything reality based

For a very short time
 the beauty
disguised a false fact
that the weirdo
would be a DNA match
to some important relationship
despite the impossible time lag

The weirdo was not shy to explain
he was a billion years old
and married for 750 million years
and the beauty always knew the facts
 she had a boyfriend of a few earth
years and they were deeply in love
so there was no way
a simple collision in a parking lot
was going north in anyway
inevitably like entropicisity
they both knew
winter was hard comming
and there would be no
true love

Time and space had other ideas
and between this unlikely pair
just for kicks and giggles
they set up a connection
and it was in the end cruel
but one always must appreciate
that accidents happen
and in human terms
this was largely a misunderstanding
of applied magic

As some sci fi writer said
and for sure it was them all
a technology well developed
would appear to be magic
to the ignorant

There is no clear agreement on
who ripped off the hospital gown
Was it one party or did the two
fall off the edge of reality
into a black hole
of xgames feelings that had no
chance of assembly due to the
greasy greasy pole
or relativity

The weirdo says in his defence
he told the beauty right from the start
he was weird
but he was reluctant to describe the connection
an instrument he imagined most like the spice transport
of Frank Hebert

In the end it was the failure to troubleshoot
a magical advaned civilisation connection
that did the werido in.
Range was not important in the later stages
but still he needed a faceplant with predictable
When his fix was denied
it led to to quiet rage
and the inevitable broken connection

The fix was the thing
it was wonderful and a magical 
exoplanet fling
no one I am sure except for the weirdo
has ever felt anything
so wonderful and pure
innocent and guilty
mind numbing
and conscious expanding
spiritual for the non believer
and in the end
could only be described
as magical

The weirdo remains convinced
it was all just some king of advanced
tech experiment
as for the beauty
the weirdo was
something best rendered
unconscious in the big scheme
of things
and so it goes
and so it goes
and so it goes

i don't see no jets

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mental masturbation

but what will they think?... 

you ask your self... 

"they'll think terrible things about you"... 

what the hell did you think they were going to think?... 

 they think terrible things about you anyhow... 

 that's what thinking is about... 

it's about terrible things...

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Ricky Gervais reads the Bible

The Boys in the Band

The Tufted Fabric circa 1854 at the time of the release
of their debut album 'The Circus of Phenomenology.'

Sometimes sumptin has to be less to accomplish more


ut I am all kinds of serious this Superbowl Sunday. The game against Carolina is a Roach test of sensibilities if not intelligence. You have black vs white, hip hop rap alot against country, and I am not talking about the supposed rift between PFK and Patches in the room. I am not talking about the first non dog fighting "black quarterback" Cam Newton. I have always wondered what would have happened if we had drafted OJ. Obviously the shaved ape would be long dismembered and a bloody hockey glove found somewhere. But it would be small and when they did the Cinderella test, it would only fit DDD.

What I am talking about is the lizard brain ability to live in a constant state of disbelief. This is what makes the fans rise when a team with no hope goes on a march. Its like we all expect the Black Knight in Monty python to recover from his flesh wounds in time for the big joust, and win the rose and live happily ever after with the 19 year old princess though he be well over fifty.

I am talking about the trouble with Kansas here. For which our tank is a real life metaphor. We know tanking is our only hope, yet we want to win so bad we will commit slow suicide in lou of instant gratification beating down the downtrodden who share our foxhole. Bob Dylan expressed the sentiment this way " those who want to pull you down into the hole they are already in"

Everybody knows where the foot came from. The Anglos with all their asshattery decided it was a system of measurement. The French with their love of a good idea went all metric. How can EMty be French, his last good idea was to stop saying his players where the worst at something in the world, but yet we know he still thinks that way. If only he could skate shoot and score he would be able to explain the incomprenible mess that is his brain on ice.

Back to foot prints which are used to identify babies, I do not know who choose thats not a finger paint on the document but sigh, I cant explain everything and most people do not care why. The big footprint is the one you leave on the planet. Giants of there times have stomped the land, crushing or impressing there peers in titanic accomplishments. Yet in his most poetic moment they are as George W Bush said in history all dead. If a person is a drop in the ocean making a small wave, how many will be a platform to surf? Hardly anyone. How many will create a Tsunami, only the most rare.

Looking back how many hockey players will transcend time. Gretzky for sure even though I hate him cause he thinks Harper had a good stick. The Rocket and that's about it.

Look back a thousand years who stands out. Shakespeare which for me is beyond reason. Another player who struts on the stage full of sound and fury but to me is only puking incomphrensive rap on my lap. Beethoven for sure, and Mozart, are you catching a theme here people, the real hero's are artist. Not generals, not hacks, not manipulators of fact. Sill talking foot prints. How many footprints do you need to smother a planet? Its not an infinite number its a fact of nature.

Global warming deniers and anti tank providers share the same mentality. Sometimes something has to be less to be more.

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Musical Quotes 2

"Pay no attention to what the critics say...
Remember, a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!"

Jean Sibelius

Thanks to Heath Robinson 1872 to 1944

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Musical Quotes 1

"There are and there will be thousands of princes. There is only one Beethoven."

Ludwig Van Beethoven

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