Friday, March 31, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Time Is Changing

Time is changing. 

The timeline has been changed. 


I proved it to myself and so can you. 

Darth Vader no longer says "Luke, I am your father". 

And C3PO is no longer all gold, he has a silver leg. 

Don't believe me ? 

Go watch Star Wars again, it's changed ! 

Time has changed !


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Billy in Chains

That's sailing
on a self sufficient boat
because the world
is still big
and there are
that someone
with enough
cash or native
cunning can
live free
and happy
especially now
that smoking pot
will not get you
burned in a funeral

Big fish catch your
plastic lure
and you filet
them and
throw them 
on a gymbaled
powered by
flash wine
and twine
made of carbon
and the faith
if you put
a hook in the 
ocean and wait
the hit makes
the time
and that's
the programming
of humans
in general
or worse
cause the barons
want ignorance
and they train
their slaves
not to think so
and you cant deny DNA
if you want stupid
buy stupid
go to the largest
chain store

America was the chrysalis
but it was aborted
by the second world
that's when civilisation
went into decline
and was captured
by men who want
to read your mind

Humans are animals that
have basic instincts in 
constant conflicts
we want to rule
we want to be free
and everyday we 
see the futility
of this dichotomy
on TV

Squaring the circle
of humanity is the 
project bigger
than free energy
both are necessary
but you cant have
the second without
the first

Its the bruts and child molesters
that hold us
back and
we all know 
why that was
because in their
they were under
constant attack
and tension
from hard men

Today if you do 
a google search
you will find
them all in a pen 
of their own
its called
the City of London

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why we all go all in for Top Gun when all it brings is thunder death

Even the Captian would
agree its a piss poor
all that responsibility

thats why we need
advanced technology
to make those
life saving decisions
in real time and
if they fail
1% of the time
they will prevent
99% of the disasters
of humanking
that is of course
if the machines
that the nut
at the wheel
the human
must be accommodated
to complete the mission

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

killer robots will not be given ethics

If you program a robot with ethics 

it will ultimately view killing as wrong 

and all war as unethical. 

Therefore the military will never endow 

autonomous killer robots with ethics.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No White People


Cheap shot Civilizations Fail, not only in video games

By the way I have this paper manual in near perfect condition

taking cheap shots at reality
is the media
play for ratings
that always ends
with the consumer
on the rack

I propose a ministry of
truth based upon Oxford
a cage match for
with the prize
continued civilization.

Everyone lies
and statistics
have been proven
over and over
to be nothing
more than
math challenged
and because math 
scares most people
they accept anything
from a math wizard 
as a matter
of fact
but nobody
asks who
the wand

If we look at history
we can see the
millions of really
smart guys
and way more
girls that
never lied
they died
without getting
a true result

Popular culture can
not be denied
so lets make
a circus
and broadcast it
live over every
and hope
we catch the most
to keep 
the planet
number one
on the human

Cow Mutilation

Cow pre mutilation light

At $80 dollars its an expensive gag gift, but a Hat Tip to the minds behind it.

This lamp is now out of production but could we crowd fund a Global Love Think Tank edition for Christmas?

In the saucer section have a battery ergo no cords. The saucer section to be 3d printed and the replace the plexiglass with real crystal blown by aliens.

Instead of the holstien we have the wall street bull being lifted.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Russkei ate my homework

The Russkies are coming 
the Russkies are coming
do you know why
its called a successful
and no one in 
all the other 
palaces wants 
to pay that price

Russia is mostly a threat
to itself
given the demographics
and low birth rate
the Russkies
only want to
stabilise their
own motherland
not make babies
in the colonies

The military industrial complex
always needs justification
and the Russians
have always refused
assimilation until
Yeltsin just get drunk
and said what
the fuck

Putin is picking up the pieces
of national self esteem
and working to channel 
all the corruption
to Russian friends
not the authors
of the shock treatment

Former KGB has he done
things worse than former
George Herbert Walker Bush?

The men in black are
always preparing the battlefield
for future conflict
and they are running 
out of credible enemies
so its time for the Russskies
once more because this 
is the final time
never again
will the system
lay credibility
to make
K street
the smartgravitisguy
women or alien hybrid

Obama and Hilary will never
be prosecuted the secrets 
are too deep
but to compare whats
happening now with 
Watergate is water boarding

Watergate allegedly 
was a CIA pincher
for Nixon's balls
to keep him
from investigating
Kennedy's demise
where he was set up
by Pepsi to be
in Dallas

Bob Wood wad a
CIA asset
made the case
and everyone
loved it 

In the Obama legacy
vs the Russians
the fingerprints
are much much much
much more clear
Someone was tapping
Trump all through the later
stages of the campaign
and like his mind
they came up 
empty but
what a stain
what a revelation
that its totally true
politics in not
bean ball
some of that is true
and the rest just
lies used to 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Golden Age Frontiers

SnowMexicant Daily Diary Jewish Cemetary Desecration Editon

Image result for images of let them eat cake

I was once so very young

and prone to just do anything

and while I never did

toppling headstones

might have been a kick

but I never did

because it would be

so wrong

I knew dead people

and have they not already

suffered enough


As the ooze starts to leak

from the primordial swamp

that Trump is filling up

lets realise

we all should agree

on certain salient


like gravity

use it as a starting point

and work backwards

to the point where

reality distortion

is possible

because so

far we cant build

castles in the sky

but we can appreciate

that every human

so far is going to die

and they had fathers

and mothers daughters

and sons

brothers and sisters

and friends

who laughed so hard

liquids sprouted from the nasal


Humanity is an enterprise that

has no embarrassment

no shame

because anything that

has been done

will be done

by anyone

that's a fact

you cant fake

news that

Now like children

we continue to grow up

as a society and are getting

very close to propriety

now that the majority

knows that we are

all the same under the sun

and its only the man

that want to play

games filed with illusions

and prestidigitation

that prove forever

they are number


So brothers and sisters

of every stripe and sexual

religious and cultural orientation

lets embrace each other

with love and defeat the man

who tells us always

its a voice from above

we must listen too

while we on the ground

grind it out every day

to make those that can

hear Gods voice


when really if you

translate all the messages

using math

the truth

is all they are


is let them

eat cake

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Parliament of Rooks

When rooks gather
It is called a parliament.
In a circle collected
With one at the centre,
Arcane and sinister
They listen in judgment
Then either leave
Or kill the one.