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I'm on the left

brothers and sister

grandma (mimi) and grandpa

aunts and cousins

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All the fucking metaphors lined up and shot dead

Image result for images of soylent green is people
The medium is the message
and the message is
we own you
and you
click okay
the bell ringing
says time to get

If the veneer and virtual reality
creation of your existence is
stripped away
you will still eat
soylent green
because its
know to be nutritious
and there are
no other choices
expect becoming
the product

Everyone is cooking with GAS
ever done a personality test
and been amazed at the accuracy of
the results
and its the same
for everyone
and every great leader
is just you if given
the position and
having a enough confidence
to muddle through
or find common sense
solutions to intractable
without making the
world glow yellow
in a nuclear meltdown

We are biological characters
sliver back wanna be
driven by disire
to have a hareem
and flaunt it
to the lesser backs
everyday to hide
our basic insecurity
that we have no idea
what to do with the future
because its comming so
fast its distorting our
pastoral past
where simple change
took centuries
and any challage
could be wiped
away in a weekend
of good swordplay

Leadership is bullshit
its more than just
surrender to the biggest
bull horn
who will hurt you the
worst in any challange
but that little glimpse of civilization
has mostly died
because it did not meet
the challenges of today
and the people 
feel  comfortable
when a Ram head
is in charge
doing stuff
without consulting
just making waves
hoping the people
can surf

But Charlie dont surf
so what to do with Charlie
lock him up for ten lifetimes
make everyone afraid
to see Charlie on the street
and never mix with
his beat cause
dancing Charlie
can leave you
dead faster
than pollution

Looking at the fundementals
the mission statement of goverment
what is the goal

The answer to this question is an absolute
horror show
should the goverment give you freedom to do
or freedom from having to do?
What is democracy and does it exist
in my society? IMHO I would say
that any first past the post goverment
with a Senate does not meet the ideal
of democracy but it may come close
In the special case of the USA
democracy has failed despite
all the best efforts of the founding
fathers. IMHO a proportional representation
is best. You can bring in really smart people
who could never be elected by saying they are
part of your party. Smart people having a real voice
of authority is the way to keep the big voice from
keeping the planet at constant war.

Ranked ballots dint work see Doug Ford. Runoff may
be the best compromise, but your still only going to elect

The fact is the body politic is out of control
and we need to bring it back
or the anarchist will kill us
with asymmetric attacks
and our civilization will

Six times at least
we have had the dress
rehearsal to reach the stars
and paint our destiny on 
the constillations
please dont be stupid
this time
give a thought
to making a better

Hell comes to Toronto

Image result for images of hell comes to toronto

My daughter could easily have been a victim as just a day

before she walked that sidewalk

My feelings and hopes that somehow the people robbed by the deaths of their love ones can find a way to carry on. Incidents like this are a failure of society. When we marginalize and ignore peoples anguish they strike out.This guy was not insane he was mad because he could not get laid. What gave him permission to kill? I would say the phrase collateral damage.

When it is normal to kill and kill over decades with out an overriding moral authority, the governed lose sight of the reason not to kill. Everyone becomes a terrorist or a freedom fighter. To the true believers

killing on both sides is justified. Things are different today. Assume Jack the Ripper was the first, then a long pause and in 64 the first mass shooting in the USA. After that an acceleration, the Vietnam war

and now a mass killing almost daily. So our fight or flight DNA is twisted in knots and we become less human, and its a snowball to hell.

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Are Punks being Played by Blockchain?

Image result for image of blockchain
Cyrptos and blockchain
are pure cyperpunk
thrillers and in the end
most protagonists heads
explode with overloaded
data chips

What I know is very little
so I am describing an Elephant
from long distance
but blockchain takes huge amounts of energy
to process something that could be done with a
its like the system exists to make energy consumption
Crypto currency is just fairy dust
that only exists if you believe
in something you cant possibly
understand and rely on faith
that really smart people
love it

All of the things finbit
and FANG based where
brought to us by the Alphabet agencies
interesting what Google calls itself today

What is seized as subversive
may be just
the ultimate
honey trap

face on mars

The Politics of UFO Disclosure Stephen Bassett (02-17-05)

Maria Orsic and the Vril Society

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Live Interesting, Dead Bored

Everyone can make their life interesting, 
all they have to do is thinkaboot it

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Hot enough to collapse the infrastructure let alone the ecomony

Image result for images of 50 c heat
It only March
but is southeast
Asia its already
hell season

Temps are in the mid
40's C which in Fahrenheit
is 113 degrees. The warm
on your kitchen oven setting.
How can a society live
in this climate?
A rich one like America
cranks us the AC and rushes
from Car to AC outpost
in the dessert.

This takes enourmous
amounts of energy
and its just not

things are going to fail
we keep on keeping on with
every climate disaster
earthquake, hurricane
and volcanic eruption
like its the cost of doing
well doing business
in a climate that can not
support habitation
is going to end

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