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Born Free the Future of Humanity

Printing TV's like silk screen Tees
its comming soon
and would already be mainstream
if not for a few nasty patents 
slowing down the 3 d streams
of progress to flow down to the
people and of wage slavery alone
them to end
for with solar cells, a battery
and a printer people are truly 

Born free
with the wind in
my areoloslns
spinning harder
louder than a good ac
on a hot summer day
and its spins freedom
in kilowatts and amp hours
no matter what it lets
the green house grow tropical flowers
with the excess

Born free with an electric car that drives itself
it may be slow and stable but you can multitask 
and until the first great hack
ultimately safer than travelling the freeways
full of irrational humans
who think their car is some kind of stallion
and you are costing them the
race from one mundane vista to another
burring precious climate fuel
just to get around

Born free with DNA based therapy that can do literal miracles
and unicorns and little Irish procaine doctors who develop pots full
of cures. Medic has become more or less trauma based. Eating printed foods
ended up having tremendous health benefits.
Remember you are what you eat, you become what you think.

Believe It Or Not !


Erich Consemuller 1927

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get ready for a big surprise !

Fky Swatter dis close

You see me as a harmless fly
that at the end of the day
do not mean

your best efforts
the lizard brain
had taken control
and in the Space Lizard
cultuestbth men

So this lizard thought
about how he could
win this soeucakbhuman

In fact he did not thought
he had to get so many
humans to fall in love
with him an hour
our he would be

Yes the alien can fuck with
our lizard brains
make us fall in love
with meaningless
and get people elected
for the purpose
of which
the lizard mind

Do ra me toh
I love the lizards
because they
worhisp the sun
in a way
we will never

There Never Was An Arrow

New dimensions - differant Astral Plains standing on your doorstep mumbling cause I cant remember the last thought that ran through my head

you know 
I have really
fallen in love
with you
no matter how
super foolish
no matter it
has no place
to go
I feel this spark
between us
and it gives
me a super high
some kind of unprecedented
platonic glow

so tell me why 

why tell me not
do you feel the same
is this not some kind
of love to make
life wonderfully insane
full of new dimensions
we are walking together
on different astral plains

transporting me me me
me standing on your doorstep mumbling
cause I cant remember 
the last thought
that ran with error free code
your name

temporarily crazy together
prisoners of inescapable
chemical bonds
taking off both our heads
and making joy
just being around

absolute headless
like a Zombie
nocturnal good dream

Brief seconds temporaly distored

lasting hours
fixed glances
of connection
transmitting hearts and flowers

green goodness powered
then I had to open
my big chubby mouth

using my Encyclopedic knowledge
to let all those stupid facts
fall out
creating thunderstorms
sailing into the mystic

so tell me why 
do you feel the same
is this not some kind
of love to make
life wonderfully insane
full of new dimensions
we are walking together
on different astral


me standing on your doorstep mumbling
cause I cant remember 
the last thought
that ran through my head

Free Trade Free Trade Free Trade as useful in practise as Communism for capitalist

ts all about the nickel 
or in the reality of high
frequency trending
a nano sent
traded at the speed
of light twice
while you at your
keyboard slept
like twelve hours

If the giant squid is to conquer the 
entire world and enslave humans
in an better way than eUNchs
he must pass treaties
like Jabba the Hut
even if your powerful
you need alliances
to assume perpetuity
cause there is always
a Paul Krugman
a real smart ass
who understands
what you are doing
and can not be paid
and is too high profile
to kill

Right now today
our future is on some kind
of balance
if somehow
we push the wrong keys
we are going to perish
just like the six civilisations
before us
and evidence
indicates they got
closer to God
than we ever did
and for the seventh
can we not leave
some kind of titanium
message on the top
of Everest

in math, in math alone

this is the only thing to'
do not be stupid with prejudice
or love
because both
can easily kill you
freely and do every day
in the flux
where humans live
in between totally robotic
and chimpanzee

I am here to save the

if you listen to mE

I am called

Morihei Ueshiba

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The Stanley Milgram Obedience Experiment

Franklins Barbie

Its located in Austin Texas. Everyday people start lining up at 5AM for lunch. I want to join that line.

Mainstream Discovers Sex Robot Threat

Arguing that such robots are "harmful" and that they could have a "detrimental effect on society," she stresses the need for an organized approach in addressing the ethical issues surrounding sex-bots and their production. The Real Doll Robot Love

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The Stanford Prison Experiment

No body has the strength to win this new war

A war on mind and body
mostly works ont
the individual through
sleep deprivation
and that is the bed
we all lie
in because w
we did nothing
when the enemy

we alone in our lost
hours sleep
keep on keeping
obeying all the rules
and then we
did not
have the time
to read the headline
for the good of Mankind
you are now ruled


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The Power of Art: Caravaggio



i xcan hope it last forever

iOn the downside
read and pray

The Big Powers make it diffult to live

PK Subban's Wonderful Remark

PK Subban just UBERED charitable contributions for pro athlete's. Historically pro athletes have been major philanthropy heroes. PK is now a general disruptor in this regard. Cold hard out of the pocket cash is way different from lending time and fame to an effort. PK has changed the world.

The man is only 26 years old and he decides to give away $10 million dollars to Montreal's Children's Hospital. After taxes that's essentially two years salary. What a beautiful human what a wonderful remark.

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Thinkingaboot Number one, ichi ban Boys are Stupid Throw Rocks at them!

Stupid things we used to do.

· Drive without seatbelts

· Drink and drive

· Drive stoned

· Put pesticides on our lawns

· Smoke tobacco

· Believe the government

· Use leaded gas

· Leave cars idling

· Discriminate based upon race, color or sexual orientation

· Not allow mothers to choose if they wanted to bring a child to term

· Lock people up for smoking pot

· Not take advantage of the wind and sun to make electricity

· Use Agent Orange to defoliate hydro lines

· Wear wool sweaters and socks to play hockey

· Play hockey without helmets

· Think women were best kept bare foot and pregnant

· Fill the back of the pickup with kids and drive down the highway

· Play with mercury

· Beat children with leather belts or wooden switches

· Burn coal without any scrubbers

· Believe stock prices were based upon underlying value

· Think external inputs could build nations

· Keep physically and mentally challenged people hidden

· Pay $20 for an album

· Allow private enterprises to get to the point where their failure becomes an existential threat to the economy.

· Believe all cultures were equally valid

· Spit on the sidewalk

· Litter

· Not recycle

· Trust institutions

· Boat without life jackets

· Fear communism

· Think socialism was communism

· Not realize sport is more business than sport

· Think bigger was better

· Celebrate sports hits that left a player concussed

· Take boxing seriously

· Wear suits and ties

· Have a wardrobe that mostly needed dry cleaning

· Put raw sewage into the water system

· Build bedroom communities

Manufacture electronic goods with vampire electric use or inefficient AC/DC converters.

· Believe in simple solutions

· Trust leaders to do the right thing

· Think being green wasted money instead of making money

· Pave everything

Have smoking sections on airplanes, not realizing it was the equivalent of having peeing sections in swimming pools.

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Feed The Fire

He Ain't heavy

Thinkingaboot Number 2 the Human Mousetrap Game

I saw this Freerunning stunt at Boing Boing. Dont know Parkour. If you watched the opening sequence of James Bond Casino Royale you saw it. Its a French invention and there are two terrific movies about District 13 showcasing the inventor of Parkour

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The Man Who Saved The Buffalo

James "Scotty" Philip (30 April 1858 – 23 July 1911) was a South Dakota rancher, remembered as the "Man who saved the Buffalo" due to his role in helping to preserve the American Bison from extinction.

While he was building his cattle herd, Scotty Philip met Pete Dupree, whose son Fred had rescued 5 bison calves from an 1881 buffalo hunt along the Grand River. After Dupree's death, Philip decided to preserve the species from extinction, and in 1899 he purchased Dupree's herd, which now numbered 74 head, from Dupree's brother-in-law, Dug Carlin.

Philip prepared a special pasture for the bison along the western side of the Missouri River north of Fort Pierre, and drove the herd there in 1901.

Scotty Philip died suddenly on July 23, 1911: by that time the herd had grown to approximately a thousand head. He was buried on a family cemetery near his buffalo pasture. As the funeral procession passed, some of the bison came down out of the hills. Newspapers of the time suggested the bison were "showing their respect to the man who had saved them".

The Visitors

Special Announcement aboot Hookers & Blow

Gerry Buttman announced today the New Vegas Hockey Team would be called to no ones surprise "Hookers and Blow" In a statement Buttman gushed " its like we labelled the city" Waxing a bit philosophical Buttman continued " Maslov's needs are so 2oth century, we are in the Sex, Drugs and Gaming era."

The New Vegas team also has a customised CBA. Buttman was ecstatic boasting how "the New Vegas team would be profitable from day one." "There would be more attractive faucets to this investment than just strippers between periods" said Buttman

With the anchor of Arizona threatening to sink the league this was a triumph for Buttman. The New Vegas team would be the first pro franchise where the players paid to play.

Buttman explained " many players get to a stage in their career where they have made thirty or forty million but still feel empty, playing for Hookers and Blow will give them that coke fuelled decent into hell that so many wish for, but so few can pull off legitimately"

The only question remaining is who will take of the huge responsibility of being Captain. According to the CBA he will control the Hookers and Blow. Buttman said "the ideal candidate will have all the best leadership qualities and unique life experiences of a Keith Richards /Tiger Woods mashup"

Don't Dream It's Over

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Thinkingaboot Number 3: Peg Hockey Wives Relocation Package

Peg Hockey Wives Winnipeg Highlights

Former Peg Hockey wives have gathered some pictures and talking points to welcome the former Thrasher wives and girlfriends, I have copies of both.

Before you buy you can stay at our luxury hotel the Peg Oais, as you can see from the Antenna, there is AM in every room!
For sure on a daily basis you will meet everyone at the Supercenter!

For your intimate wear it does not get better than Victoria's Parkas!
Driving at first will seem impossible, but there is a great public transit system!

This is a typical luxury home, with two snowmobile garage(Leed Certified all natural materials) and guest tents. Oh course fully winterized.

As reported in Vancouver Sun, attempts are being made to make Winnipeg seem livable to the former Thrashers. hockey wife who grew up in Winnipeg is collecting a list of highlights and sending it to all the new Peg Wives. I got a copy.

1)It has an airport
2)Airport mostly deserted you never have to wait in line, and your house will practicably be on the runway.
3)It’s a very walk able city, you could go end to end in a few minutes if not for the snowdrifts.
4)Airport offers flights 3 days a week.
5)They keep the road to the airport well plowed, it is closed down less than a week every year.
6)Peg rink very green, they don’t need artificial ice.
7) Biggest population of Icelanders outside Iceland live in Peg, they report back to Iceland, Peg like Florida.
8)Being totally shitfaced in public common in Peg, it stops blood from freezing. In fact its recommended to always keep blood alcohol level over .2. When you’re shitfaced all the time you will forget you are in Winnipeg.
9)No insects in Peg during NHL regular schedule, and likely Peg will not ever go far enough in playoffs to see June 1 outbreak of bird sized mosquito.
10) You will save thousands on wardrobe, really no choice of what to wear.

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9/11 - Anatomy of a Great Deception

I stole all the codks

It was pretty weird
be assured
but I sole all the cocks
it came like a dream to me
and there I was
in a cock free Havana

Thinkingaboot Number 4:Not a survivalist a Prepperationist

Not a survivalist a Prepperationist
If any post captures Thinkingaboot it is this one.

I am not a survivalist. I believe the media over amps violence and fear, and governments of all stripes echo this because it makes them seem more useful and relevant. Now Canadians are under attack from a government that is pushing a law and order agenda that has been proven to create the opposite. Surely this is the goal. In relatively crime free Canada it’s hard to get the population to fear for its safety, so the Government is going to bring us an American style nihilistic underclass, as a foil to extend its ideological grip indefinitely. Therefore I have been projecting that in my future situations that exist in the USA and worse places will come to Canada. 

I spent a couple of weeks on business in Buenos Aries before the economic collapse. My hosts kept me constantly occupied continually exposing me to all aspects of life in Argentina. I left with nothing but platitudes for that country. I have lived on continental Europe for most of a decade and spent years in most Asian countries. At that time if I had to choose to live elsewhere Argentina would be a top consideration along with Australia and New Zealand. Recently I came across the blog surviving Argentina. It was shocking to read about the dystopian reality of today's Argentina. It was more shocking to read the authors conclusions and evidence that America was deep into the precursor events that changed Argentina.

Although I have real fears the US will descend into madness, I am hopeful Canada will not change much and repelled by events in America will soundly reject our current Conservative government. Nevertheless I was both a Boy Scout (always be prepared) and an avid consumer of speculative fiction. Therefore I will use this post to gather materials and methods to survive the potential collapse.

Location, location, location, geography is going to be the biggest factor in any scheme. In my scenario I rule out tropical islands, and moving to New Zealand. I am not independently wealthy and billionaires are going to be the first to fall unless they are extremely clever. Assume I have a couple of million, but anyone can take something from the coping solutions I follow.
City or country: its counter intuitive but in a simple economic collapse the city is safer than the country. It is far too easy to plan an attack on an isolated location. There will be organized gangs who make it their business to forage upon the remote defenders. Furthermore, isolation means little hope of reinforcements. So I am choosing a suburban environment.
Picking a location that has temperate climate, good soil, water and sustainable population narrows the field considerably. Then one must consider the three secrets to success. 1) Education 2) Effort 3) Native cunning. With native cunning predominate in a society in flux. Therefore pick someplace you understand. Pick someplace you’re going to have allies you can gauge for trust and reliability. In conclusion moving someplace you have never lived is a huge risk. Don’t even consider places where you are not a fluent speaker.
I have selected a 50 acre farm in Niagara on the lake. This is relatively densely populated area, with wind, sun, water, good soil and a temperate wine growing climate. Creating a compound of three shipping container basedQuik will provide sustainable security. The houses would feature armored shutters, external fires suppression, and air exchange from a hidden source. Two of the homes would be for families sharing my survival dream. With electronic sentinels, remote firearms and a network of blinds, defense of the realm against gangs is accomplished.

In Canada the selection of legal firearms is relatively restricted. Handguns are not legal accept under very very tough terms.

The Remington R-25 semi-automatic is a beauty, .308 caliber bullets will punch through armor and be deadly at long range.

Remington R-15 recoilless .22 semi-auto. Perfect for women and children.

PS90TRYes its the civilian version of the Stargate gun.

Hi Fernando,
Whats better a Glock and and AK or is the Stargate gun?

A better choice. The ammo can be shared with a pistol, and the weight is considerably lighter than either of the alternatives. The argument against, Ammo hard to find.Steve

"Hi Steve, its not a bad set up and I really do like the 5.7 pistol, but it comes down to millions of units and decades of proven reliability. It just takes time and considerable success to achieve that, and so far the Glock is still to be beaten and the Ak has set the standard for carbines. Its not a bad weapon combo, and as you say light amo, fast follow up shots, light weapon sistem. Still, I preffer the more time proven models. That's just me, others like the light recoil and accessory of the AR and there's guys still packing 1911s because they feel that works best for them.

The Black Special is a civilian version of the Swiss Army Rifle.

Crossbows like the Excalibur can’t live without them.

Swords but you have to practice. Good knives Gerber gear featured on the Walking Dead.and Ontario Tactical Knives, official wet work weapons. Buy swords here. and here

Seal Team Six Knives

Zombie Fighter

New double barreled gun

Practical safe house.

A container house without the container.

As a bug out vehicle Fernando loves his CRV, and in his estimation, gas mileage is almost as important as reliability and jumping curbs.

If your going to go seriously off road there are a number of good suggestion given by a guy who has had mondo experience on the exploration side of survival. Gas mileage not a considerationhere. I like the idea of a EClass.

The Beast I would add some kind of fenders and a rattrap. However a pure electric is a preppers delight.

A Factory in a box
Basic prep is playing Fallout, and picking locks, an invaluable skill.

Personal Radiation Monitor (EMP resistant)

Geiger Counter watch
Remote fire station

A Better Remote Fire Station. It tracks using x box tech.

blog by a real survivalist, he has lived our nightmares.
Flashlights, going to need light

Better eating greenhouse tips.
Watches that will last.
Pressure Cooker to self-preserve your food

Now thats a knife
Detailed Plan
Wireless Remote Webcams. See whats going on where they are installed from anywhere you have a internet connection.





Floating Island

Best Professions for the end times

Scalable Electric Independence using Stirling Engine and thermal mass.

Prepper shop on line

Owners Manual for the rebuild

Preppers Subdivision in Panama.

The official Steve Prepperation clothes. 500 Denier Cordura, indefinably highly zombie resistant. Check out the collar, no Zombie hickies.

I have mixed feelings about a dog. They are another mouth to feed, and can get you into situations better avoided. Nevertheless surely the plus side wins handily. The best choice a Dogo Argintino. You can buy a good one here.