Thursday, December 28, 2017

Buddhism and a 'creator God'

Buddhists do not believe in a creator God. Any such belief is rejected as are those views portraying a different world creation other than that of nature. The concept of a personal deity is wholly incompatible with Siddartha Gautama's teachings. This knowledge should not be misconstrued by suggestions of Buddhism being at odds with those people of faith. After all, as long as such belief doesn't harm anyone what does it matter if people who follow a deity, an alien super being, practise love, peace and compassion?

It is not just a Buddhist view but also the experience of Western physicists and philosophers all of whom have researched into reality.  God is merely a projection of the mind  Any such thoughts of the supernatural are all mind projections. Ghost's, spectres, poltergeists - all creations of an unruly mind, a mind in control of the self rather than the self in command of the mind. Taoist's, Dharmaist's all share similar views. 

Projecting, or the condition of being projected is attributable to one's own attitudes, beliefs and or feelings being presented to others as real. Projection is a common attribute of paranoia. It is the result of a mind unable to deal with reality

When you practise mindfulness and when you meditate reality flows within and without you. Understanding of the ways of creation becomes clear. The singularity that binds all things is present.

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