Sunday, October 30, 2016

The worlds lives matter

Suddenly the nothing to see
folks are faced with a supernova
radiating troubled truths
jamming the gears
of the reality distortion field

The FBI has taken its gun
out of the holster just
when the superhuman
crew guaranteed just like
there would never be 
a nuclear accident the duck
tape would hold

Pravda in English
has become the
New York Times
not as clumsy as 
Baghdad Bob
but just as
spinning Clinton Dirt
like a Meile washing
machine in an impeccable
impossibly privileged
couch patato
facebook hero
genetically delivered
liberal New York loft

Framing the story
as technical 
gobble gook
emails here
and personal servers
there and really
whats the big
have we all not
made a mistake
when hitting the
send button

The story is not
what technical violation
of national security
Mrs Clinton
may have surmised
no its the ATM
machine for
which she
programmed the code
and America became
a Jedi master
to the dollars that

Fish rot at the head
and now Obama
has a stinky association
and we have to wonder
if the green made
his black flounder

History is what we
leave behind
when we are
long long dead
and for President
the question becomes
was he 
Pinky or the Brain?

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Zen Things

EPIC GREEN FAIL!!!! commercial

I like without guilt a beer buzz early in the morning

Why should getting high have time zones?

I woke up this morning and got myself a beer

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning
I woke up this moring and got myself a beer

I like to drink
I drink to get drunk
I love all the motherfucking
child molester suspects out
who tell
you I dont drink to 
get drunk
so you fuck 
not to come as well
jeez talk about
being half pregnant

but I was never a fan
of the hardstuff
and if it was passed
as law like
it applies to pot
only natural procees
could be consumed
it would be alright
but I had a few friends
tell me they would
really miss a spliff
of tabacoo and 
hash oil

If I were king
natural fermention 
would be everything
and if it was all 
legal we would
have won the drug war
without shots fired

Oh Yeah its a tee shirt you 
cant buy, but its in my mind
and it will reach reality
one time

I like a good beer buzz
early in the morning
I woke up this morning
and got myself a beer

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

Why does Satan not use Toliets?

Maybe we are idiots? There is a good argument to be made that Hillary is better suited to lead the USA for at least the next four years. Every candidate is human, anyone running for the President of the United States of America has enough baggage to overwhelm even the worlds most efficient airport. The nice thing about Trump is that he plays it straight. Hillary on the other hand is such a condescending panda bear that it will probably cost her the election. The mainstream media is ignoring all her flaws, but I believe the holi poli can see she is not holy.

Item one. Adorable 15 year old girl lobs a softball question about body image at the Kevlar pant suit. Yeah one of the deleted emails was a want add for an adorable 15 year old who has no body images.

Item two. At least one major interview is proven to be a total setup. Hildebeast is fed the questions weeks in advance. Now its all conjecture but the idea that she knew what was ahead at the first debate is not wild conjecture.

I could fill the total capacity of dropbox with examples of Hillary phoniness, hypocrisy and truthyness, but in the end the voters will decide.

I guess the masters of war think we all forgot about the war in Iraq. We now have the New York Times once again cheer leading for humanitarian intervention in Syria. Lets just forget the opposition, the beloved rebels in Syria are ISIS. The latest logic bomb from justification is that if Assad takes Aleppo the rebels will be so mad it will make terrorism worse. Call me not befuddled just intellectually insulted.

What looks like the worst thing or the best thing ever on paper is certainly worth guidance, but until the words are made into flesh there is no way to predict any outcome.  Assad very bad lad, ISIS bloodthirsty fanatatics, choose. Trump a clown a con man a person who will likely make a Trillion dollars from being President, Hillary a lying neocon person of great ambtion and no accomplishments to date chose

Come And Get Your Love

Sunday, October 2, 2016