Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Who will break first the Epstien Inquiry or the occupation of Hong Kong?

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I got to tell you truly
I know way more about
Hong Kong
than running an underage
honey trap
you see today
just fucking around
is not blackmail worthy
the next stage
of course is running
a underage male victims
honey trap
and then finally
a snuff group

So what do I know
about Hong Kong
you ASK

I was there before and
after the 99 magnificent
transition from tyranny
to tyranny
I walked the streets
at midnight the night
that Tianamin Square\
was cleansed
and I know more
Winston Chans
than anyone else on

So my deal on Hong Kong
is Wounded KNEE
Chinese style
less photos'
more death

My deal on Epstein
is not so certain
The reporter that made his
dormant case active
seems to be a player
The Mossad, the CIA
or just Wall Street
all have a stake
in this outcome
and everyone
is covering ass
what has CHanged
is we are weary
after so many
official outcomes
like 811 Penady
and operation highjump
that the holi poli
will not go
to sleep in the

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I have been to Hong Kong literally hundreds of times
it is a Ayn Rand dream state
now something is rotten
eat the rich 
to save the
body politic

Friday, July 26, 2019


Will I ever be safe ? 

No, Death stalks you !

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