Monday, September 12, 2022

Ancient Quotes & 'Words of Wisdom'

 Blessings Everyone:

 I've been using Blender to create shorts with some of the quotes and 'Words of Wisdom' i have written down in my little book while walking about. (The Ancient Clown Chronicles)

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mental Masturbation

"All philosophy is just
mental masturbation"
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Entropee and the 21st century and me.

Pauline Phillips, longtime Dear Abby advice columnist, dies at 94 ...

If I am in a corner
and have no way
I consult my pocket
slider of thermodynamics
which can solve every
problem if you know
how to ask a proper question

Me I am like Aann Landers
spoken by John Prine
I got problems
I got the problems
of everyone
that ever lived
and we got more solutions
now than ever before
but maybe we did
not include the whole
cast before we tried
to raise the floor

We got to the moon
we got computrers
and jet airplanes
well white men brought
those things entrirely in
their own genius minds
so do not talk to me about
privilege if you like a cell phone
or maybe a lifesaving treatment
at the hospital for free
white men not me
have been evil for a long
time, we be evil long
time and the worst
I tell you are the Anglo Saxons
you know them today
as the rulers of a royal family

Anyway there is so much history
out there and so many differant
paths and still here we are
look back and thinkaboot what is
really importeant looking back
becasuse A wiseman
likely white from Greeece
every dollar you invest in the past
is one less you got to fight the future

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Black Day in July

Black day in July
Motor city madness has touched the countryside
And through the smoke and cinders
You can hear it far and wide
The doors are quickly bolted
And the children locked inside
Black day in July
Black day in July
And the soul of Motor City is bared across the land
As the book of law and order is taken in the hands
Of the sons of the fathers who were carried to this land
Black day in July
Black day in July
In the streets of Motor City is a deadly silent sound
And the body of a dead youth lies stretched upon the ground
Upon the filthy pavement
No reason can be found
Black day in July
Black day in July
Motor City madness has touched the countryside
And the people rise in anger
And the streets begin to fill
And there's gunfire from the rooftops
And the blood begins to spill
Black day in July
In the mansion of the governor
There's nothing that is known for sure
The telephone is ringing
And the pendulum is swinging
And they wonder how it happened
And they really know the reason
And it wasn't just the temperature
And it wasn't just the season
Black day in July
Black day in July
Motor City's burning and the flames are running wild
They reflect upon the waters of the river and the lake
And everyone is listening
And everyone's awake
Black day in July
Black day in July
The printing press is turning
And the news is quickly flashed
And you read your morning paper
And you sip your cup of tea
And you wonder just in passing
Is it him or is it me
Black day in July
In the office of the President
The deed is done the troops are sent
There's really not much choice you see
It looks to us like anarchy
And then the tanks go rolling in
To patch things up as best they can
There is no time to hesitate
The speech is made the dues can wait
Black day in July
Black day in July
The streets of Motor City now are quiet and serene
But the shapes of gutted buildings
Strike terror to the heart
And you say how did it happen
And you say how did it start
Why can't we all be brothers
Why can't we live in peace
But the hands of the have-nots
Keep falling out of reach
Black day in July
Black day in July
Motor city madness has touched the countryside
And through the smoke and cinders
You can hear it far and wide
The doors are quickly bolted
And the children locked inside

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ronald Reagan Plays the President ...

Ok you are the smartest monkey


according to many Gods gift to

the planet

The earth is a human with a lifecyle

in the billions of years

and it like everything else

on this planet is geared to making

some kind of fantastic garden

with moving parts

and villages

and everything a scale rail roader

could every wish for

and should Neil Young

who is one the biggest

moders of history

want to make those trains

deliver essential supplies

I would be signing up

Ronald Reagan left a

posined chalice that left

the world in control of

the right people

who may have

all graduated in the

same class

and they have been


much more rapid

and stable

and profit generating

than 5 G

Who cares who

runs 5 G its

like arguing

about the best

cell carrier or

streaming service

they all just want

one thing

and one thing only

the thing that moves everything

its persuading you to voluntarily

work for free

with the chance of


Marshall McLuhan kind of understood

although compared to the thinkingaboot

minds of today we have skyscrapers

of intelligent thought to copy

he was the first to understand that

George Herbert Wallace Bush was a man

from another century

Could we say his testamentary is filled

with racism, Nazi worship and

just a whole string of bad

things that have shaped the

world for decades. NO we cant

because he was the last President

that understood they are the President

Geroge Herbert Walllace Bush

coined the phrase

Vodoo Economics

because he was an incredibly

intelligent person.

Reagan may have been

smart or something else

A few decades ago they released

the writings of Ronald Reagan

and compared to Trump

they would replace

the three laws

of thermodynamics

At the very moment these monuments

to self promotion were released

George Herbert Walker Bush's

son by far least likely to be President

was reeling due to kinda

working 18th century in the world

Nevertheless the press secretary

always wanting to give the press

some wonderful shinny thing

that will not hurt

rushed to Babs Bush and

pleaded for GWB papers

so they could buff and polish them

until the looked like Shakespeare

with an accent and a 100 word

vocabulary limit. Babs despondently said

I am sorry I burned all his colouring books

when he announced. Those books

would have showed he

was some kind of artist

Reagan got a huge boost

on the influences scale

meaning that using his

name to advance ridiculous

policy just

got more authority

and a group think


if not a myth

and a legend

that was true

I could go on

and on and on

but I keep on keeping on

because I believe in history

as bad as it seems today

is light years ahead of the

world only 50 years ago

Yet the myths. superstition

and just plan lizard brain

programming are keeping

us down while

the Man expands

the empire

all round

there is no escape from

the man today


they can spell


about you faster and better

and 1000 times a minute

more often

just checking to

see if the song

remains the same

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Olias as Sunhillow

There stands Alias
Olias of Sunhillow - Wikipedia

I believe the first whale that was sacrificed to light a street at night pre saged our reckoning.

Oil is evil, its like heroin for the non human friends in our life. Buy Telsa and buy it like Nortel never went bankrupt and you lost a small fortune. In fact that may have saved millions of lives, because retirement is not something you can choose, you have to be the right age.

It only took about 200 years to recover from the black death, always look on the bright side of life:) Have you ever driven the wrong way where you hit traffic bumps, the first one you dont notice but by the time you have hit the third your schocks are bottoming out and you hair looks

like it has been free falling faster than the speed of gravity.

So we are hitting traffic bumps, I say we are still in the gravel, but might have hit the first one. We got to take a serious look at the way we drive and just where the fuck we think we are going?

Saturday, April 11, 2020


I spent decades on a bar stool
in Star Trek world trying to 
fix the world with aliens
who had software so far
from mine we found few
interfaces and
the hardware
well it blew my mind
when I did come to

Warren Zevon was a genius
why he never claimed the
throne I dont know
but his song Roland the Headless
encompass all that is wrong with
this world
an employee is too good
at his job so you off
his head just in case
he goes postal

The world died with WW3
with two assassinations
JFK at the grassy knoll
and the UN head
in Africa as told
by the story
the siege of jagotville.
The Irish troops did not
lose a man
how remarkable
and when they came home
they suffered more
than under fire
example number 1
with no dispute
that what is wrong
has always been

The world and its people
are all beautiful
but not every one is equal
and if we go down that
road we are road kill
we do need a
meritorious society
heroes of the soviet
union was
as close as we
have come
and everything I know
and everything I believe
tells me
Joseph Stalin
was the prince of lightness
we all need
now you can jump on
me and tell me he killed millions
and maybe he did
but is there any
leader ever
that backed away from
making a best practice omelet
most without a personal

You want to count deaths
in making a decision
than you dont understand math
because the laws of thermodynamics
are unyielding
they are the closest
things we have to facts

So we have never have humanity
watch Rodger Rabbit
and any other movie
you choose where
the people in power
will kill a good thing
to make a billion dollars
or less
because they have assumed
the master of the universe
position where the rest
of the world should be
bent over

History is not
something you can
choose, it is
but finding the truth of
history takes
a special mind
like a preist before
God you got to print what
you think
and dont let facebook
make it rediculuuis
so like Assic Asimov
in his classic Foundation
series I beg the world
listen to history and set
our civilization free

Just like we can model
economic bullshit
and other things
we can model
a star trek universe
and how that could
set the planet free

Did you know that in most
the world you dont own property
you lease it for 100 years
and thats just a start
the world has experienced
its just that people are
paid not to listen
Singapore and Austria
twins born of different
but if you take all the good
from both
you will have a near
perfect world.
We dont have to re event the wheel
the west has always been square
but used enough force to keep 
things turning
but now we got to all 
go for round

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Justin Trudeau communist T-Shirt - MookMerch Funny T-shirts
As is sit today with great unease
I see the vista of the past
with great authority
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
was prescient
with his NEP and
and Mulroney was
a bag man

That can not be changed now
but Canada knows now
that the USA
will break every promise
so we need to 
be promise keepers
to ourselves

This means that food and medicine
no matter what the cost
must be in the hands of Canadians
for Canadians and without restrictions
Secondly we must know
that if times get tough
the Americans are cumming for
what they need
and like Switzerland
we should prepare.

If America can not invade
IRAQ or Syria
there should be 
no problem for 
Canada to make
them think twice
or three time before
crossing the border

Traitors who IMHO
have littered Canadian history
and more every day
need to be sent
back to the USA

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Nothing better than a smart election for a stupid people

Sure lets trust liberty to
and wizards
who code
and make

Guns for hire
in charge of the 
counting machines
like a Philip K Dick
in the real life

Momma don't let
your voting machines
grow up to be networked
cause the result is
never automatic

Voting in the USA 
is like the cable
bill deliberately complex
remember the butterfly ballot
in Florida
shaping that battlefield 
took decades
to plan
Pat Buchanan
says Mazoltov

An election were
the electrodes
are proprietary
and can not
be verified
with more
than a spoken 
word is
like an invitation
to those with
native cunning
to steal
an election

Remember the Abacus
and the slide rule
they analog
are very powerful
for what they
are designed 
to do
and voting
for sure
is something simple
that does not
Windows 10
voter edition

Take the electronics
out of human choice
because the ghost in the
machine has a living 
human voice
and its nasty

I dint care who
is elected
I care who is nominated
we can get to the 
bottom of that
but if the ones
and zeros
are corrupt
there is no
path to 
no evidence
to present
no body
to bring to 

History has a cure
for everthing
as long as the people
have a chance
to honestly

nothing vapour democracy


Have a baby eat a dingo

Image result for images of a dingo ate my baby

Well there would be 
no dingo ate my
It makes perfect
for permission to have
a baby in a incense
sense in a world
that can support
6 billion
and now we 
have 12.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

In The Year 2525


Youth is wasted on the young

and money is wasted on the old

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Practicing to be dead

Practicing to be dead 

I lay in my coffin 

hands on my chest 

I lay practicing to be dead 

 I will soon be in heaven 

Six feet under