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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Small C Capitalism by Russell C.J. Duffy

Common sense has been hi-jacked by coin counters. The human spirit is being crushed by excel spread sheet experts. Artisans have been usurped by administrators. Businesses debased by bookkeepers. Accountants and auditors adulate at the altar of commercial avarice. Being big is best but being biggest is better.
Communism collapsed under the constraints of central control. It was a system that ran against human nature. It made no allowance for ambition; it paid scant regard to individuals championing collectivism over character. Capitalism constantly crashes concerning is itself less with the beings that created it concentrating instead on its core function that of profit and loss and less with heart and soul.
The companies that survive longest are the one's that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul." – Robert Handy
The machine is now the master, its mendicants merely members of the mainframe. Hayek was wrong. Capitalism should work for the workforce. It was designed to initiate greater freedoms not grant remote control. Allowing the tail to wag the dog serves only the fleas who feast on its labours. Nor is the machine of capitalism a symbiotic entity. It is a tool that serves society or at least that was the intention. Allowing it to flex then fade, grow then die like a beast of burden in some industrialised jungle, effectively letting it reap the seeds it has sown impacts on those that engaged its engines in the first place. The serfs serve forced to run a servile life on the wheel of industry.
Sometimes it feels that the horse we have employed to pull our carriage runs where it will without paying any heed to where we try to steer it.
Too often political parties’ kow-tow to the whims of business ignoring the desires of the people they have been elected to represent. The C of their capitalism is large and harsh when what is needed is a soft c, a round c, a small c that regards the community as much as it does the market place. No intelligent individual wants revolution but the revolving doors of the system we live with keep spinning. Recession precedes growth, bust follows boom - ad nausea. Capitalism is good but good is not good enough.

We need to get back to where we started. We need to return capital to the pockets of all but without collective government control. The big C’s of Communism and Capitalism both employ this method, The latter less than the former but far more than is required. We need entrepreneurs not empires. We need to recognise talent then let it earn its own rewards. We need to recall when small was better than big then re-establish this ethos. We need to have communities that control their own lives rather than continue to consort with corporates whose collectivistic ideal is killing the communities that created them in the first place.

We need small c capitalism in the form of co-operatives; small c capitalism in property ownership; cooperation alongside competition not the crushing of communities by corporations; the return of apprenticeships and of artisans. Small c capitalism is big C common sense.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Zulu Girl

Zulu Girl 1951

Vladimir Tretchikoff

There be Aliens

Whether you believe in UFO's or not is a moot point. Personally, I have my own opinions on that matter. The one thing both I and those UFO watchers share is the certainty of life out in space. Mathematically, when you realise how many galaxies there are, how infinite the universe is yet conversely small, for what is size but a man made creation, then the possibilities of extra-terrestrial life becomes abundantly clear. We are not alone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

our common doom

“The best that we can do 

is to be kindly and helpful 

toward our friends and fellow passengers 

who are clinging to the same speck of dirt 

while we are drifting side by side 

to our common doom”

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Coco de Mer - X

just look at us

"Just look at us. 

Everything is backwards, 

everything is upside down. 

Doctors destroy health, 

lawyers destroy justice, 

psychiatrists destroy minds, 

scientists destroy truth, 

major media destroys information, 

religions destroy spirituality 

and governments destroy freedom."

Michael Ellner

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The King is Dead - Long live the King

Riley B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), known by his stage name B.B. King, was an American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Rolling Stone ranked King number 6 on its 2011 list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time (previously ranked number 3 in the 2003 edition of the same list). He was ranked No. 17 in Gibson's "Top 50 Guitarists of All Time". According to Edward M. Komara, King "introduced a sophisticated style of soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that would influence virtually every electric blues guitarist that followed." King was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He is considered one of the most influential blues musicians of all time, earning the nickname "The King of the Blues", and one of the "Three Kings of the Blues Guitar" (along with Albert King and Freddie King). King was also known for performing tirelessly throughout his musical career, appearing at more than 200 concerts per year on average into his 70s. In 1956, he reportedly appeared at 342 shows.

In 1990, King was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President George H.W. Bush. In 2006, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential blues guitarists of all time, inspiring countless other electric blues and blues rock guitarists. (read more)

The Event

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

in paradisum

"May the angels lead you into paradise; 

may the martyrs come to welcome you 

and take you to the holy city, 

the new and eternal Jerusalem. 

May choirs of angels welcome you 

and lead you to the bosom of Abraham; 

and where Lazarus is poor 

no longer may you find eternal rest."

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Monday, May 4, 2015

45 Years ago today: Kent State massacre

The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre) occurred at Kent State University in the US city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970. The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.

Some of the students who were shot had been protesting the Cambodian Campaign, which President Richard Nixon announced during a television address on April 30. Other students who were shot had been walking nearby or observing the protest from a distance.

There was a significant national response to the shootings: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed throughout the United States due to a student strike of four million students, and the event further affected public opinion—at an already socially contentious time—over the role of the United States in the Vietnam War. (read more)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Visions

Be Your Own Authority

There are many who still believe 

that those who are in positions of "authority" 

have something over the rest of us. 

This is a huge LIE ! 

It is clear that all man made law is fiction. 

It is time to take back your own authority, 

live by Natural Law and say "NO" to all who would 

attempt to impose their false authority over you.