Thursday, November 15, 2018

William "Billy" Barker (prospector) 1860's

William "Billy" Barker 

pulled 37,500 oz. of gold 

out of the ground in his life 

and died penniless.

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The Kashoggi Identity

Image result for images of the butterfly effect
Like a character out of a Bourne 
novel a so called journalist
is hacked to bits
inside the foreign embassy
and the world
asks a collective
why and who

The belated

oft changed
official story is
that Kashoggi
got into a fist fight
at the embassy
and the choke hold
of deescalation
terminated him
and we still have
not heard what 
officially happened to 
the body

This story will work

well for the people
who believe the official
tale of 911 and the 
Kennedy assassination
the difference is
those story lines
were much better
crafted and had
plausible deniability
built in

One of my favorite

moments in history
is the publishing of 
Gulliver's Travels
a book that
set much of the world

The consequences

of Kashoggi
will have a bigger
butterfly effect
unlikely to be

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Trojan horse in your mind

How many ways is Facebook giving humanity marching orders, let me count the ways.
What if Facebook was evil? I am very paranoid about such devices.
As the boss said ” All men want to be rich (how sexist boss). rich man want to be king, and the king is never satisfied until he rules everything”

Lord Acton said ” Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

The power of Facebook to know everything about humans and use that information to manipulate the artificial world we have created is really in play. We are going to need legions of terrific internet Lawyers in the Future.  Because we are just humans who cant restrain ourselves logically.

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Milo Mindbender Rules

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Milo Mindbender
was the metaphor 
for the Industrial Military Complex
now despite his efforts
the good guys won

If a conventional war
was fought today
there might be a
very different outcome

In Summary the Milo Mindbenders
masters of the USA
have squandered quite
pile of cash on
weapons and systems
that are not world class

Maybe it has always been
so obvious
and Trump has just made
it clear
American Foreign Policy 
today is nothing more
than a Black Friday
in reverse
The company forcing you
to buy by creating an environment
that is toxic

Into an area accustomed to 
the gloved fist
it will be interesting to see
how far bare knuckles
can stretch the reality 
distortion field

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War Criminal Style Politics

It starts with a hard
issue that can
be painted black or
when really
its a rainbow
reflecting society
Mess up the colors
and you get Rwanda
or Sarajevo

The conservatives
are playing pure detective
with the fate of convicted
criminals of the worst sort
coincidentally both are female

The justice system is the
foundation of society
do not fuck with Judges
Juries or executioners of Justice

Its just like education
parents do not know

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Monday, October 1, 2018

ROBIN TROWER - Bridge Of Sighs

Just a flesh wound in an existential fight for sovereignty


In a David vs Goliath battle
with the loyal opposition praying
for defeat
Justin Trudeau
played a terrible hand
extraordinarily well
and emerged with only
a couple of flesh wounds

The Dairy concessions
were nothing new
we had already agreed to the
same terms with Europe
and TPP

Patent Protection was a complete
but try fighting big Pharmacy
when the live on your border

Great Job Justin
suck it Scheer

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good company

"I wasn't a misanthrope and 

I wasn't a misogynist but 

I liked being alone. 

It felt good to sit alone in a 

small space and smoke and drink. 

I had always been 

good company for myself."

Charles Bukowski

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F35 heritage view

One of my hobby horses
is an examination of the F35
as a metaphor for the toxic
soup cooked by the 
Military Industrial Complex

The truth is out there
way out there in
Fifth Generation Stealth mode

The unvarnished truth right
from the horses mouth
comes from pilots who
actually fly the plane

Contrary to everything 
else the critics say
this is the best plane
ever in all its roles
and to top it off
its dirt cheap
talk about
salt pork

This is the money quote for me

"A former A-10 instructor pilot said the situational awareness aids associated with the sensor suite of the F-35A allowed pilots to execute close air support missions as well or better than the A-10 in low-threat environments. The F-35A is the only multirole platform capable of conducting close air support in high-threat environments." Weasel words in bold. A Cessna is suitable for combat in a low threat environment. The best multi-role platform in the world is useless if its the worst at every role.

I am not a pilot
never been in combat
however the A10 is a flying gattling gun
the F35 as of today does not have
a gun that works

The money quote
"Even if the designers are eventually able to fix the sighting problems, the design of the plane itself hinders using the cannon for the close support mission. Effectively employing the cannon requires the aircraft to fly low and close to the target and to survive ground fire, an impossibility for an aircraft as thin-skinned and highly flammable as the F-35"

Whatever the F35 turns out to be
a better close air support plane
than the A10 is almost

certainly nonsense

The source of the article
praising the F35
as Gods Gift to the USA
is the Heritage Group
who IMHO
have a heritage
of distortion
and disbelief

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911 IS A LIE !

In History we are all DEAD!

The thing I remember most about 911 was the magic
burning kerosene turning steel into molten tear
black boxes destroyed
passports of terrorists indestructibly found
of the tricks 17 years later

This has opened the door
to ignore every institution
or societal norm
in the pursuit of short term

GWB defined the future
with his statement
"in history we
are all dead"
of course Jim Morrison
said it better first
"gonna get my kicks
before the whole shithouse
goes up in flames"

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Extinction level event cynicism or joy?

Image result for images of extinction level event
The UTES are the future
always have been
since we program
still in the womb
and they hit our
world mostly fully
formed by DNA
and Mothers love

So do we tell them the
truth and make them
all cynical
and not loving
the status quo
or do we program
them with stories
of the Skygod
and a bad experience
in the after life

Well we have IMHO
done the SkyGod thing
over and over maybe
six or seven times
and it always ended
the same
total extinction
level event

So lets teach the children
there is only one thing
humans know for
certain and that is mathematics
and if you look at the
big picture
the three laws of
everything else is just
a theory or worse
a case of the the wolf
using humans animal nature
to make them sheeple

So if we tell children the
truth can we count on them
to rise our nation our provice
or city or neighborhood up
to new levels like the Nazi
did with the Sheeple expericne
or is there a better way
that in our civilization has
never been tried

state of mind

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Coal Powered Suicide Machine

Image result for images of coal burning

Right now we need to stop burning coal for anything other than steel production, maybe concrete.
There are other alternatives. They are all cheaper than a dead planet.  Man made climate change deniers say where is the temp increase? Its in the oceans dummies who dont have a clue about the power of the laws of thermodynamics that rule our existence.

Two other painless measures. Two cycle engines and bunker C banned.

Saturday, August 25, 2018