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The last can to be recyled

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Who will be there
with the ticker tape
cause that
day is going
to come
are all
heavy metals
to the morons
that inherent
the earth
me a sword
and armor
and thats

9/11 Exposed

a boot to change my mind

On solar power alone 
this 65 foot yacht
will take you around
the world at up to
ten nauts

I would put up
a mast with
a parasail
and work
the trades

Its the ultimate
in sustainable
and travel
and being
off the grid
and giving the
man the finger

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The Highway Of Death

Unleash the dogs of profit without future thought

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Oh yes the Soviets loved
Christopher Walkon
when he double crossed
the capitalist
who considered
him expendable
and thats the view
I have of the
world today
we are all
for the cause

President Bone Spurs
loves the military
Rush Bunion
exalts them daily
and everyone who
ran away from
the fight
when they \
had the center
mass and recovery
to be a warrior
is egging the world
on to war

The USA has troops deployed
in 150 nations
the Russians
just one as far as we
but maybe their
version of Blackwater
is dug in 
the Donbass

The USA spends
on weapon lets just
say a Trillion dollars
a year
the Russians not
even a hundred billion

So let me axe you
if you are Russia
why are you wanting
to fight the USA?

But right now
we have two
proxy wars
in hot combat
the Donbass
in Ukraine
and Syria
in the Middle East
Hotbox of 3 D
allies and enimes
switching daily
with deadly results
if you dont know
today they are
not your friend
but Orwells
shifting narritive
of foe and friend
and how its
always been
to the holi poli
who can keep score
when they names
keep changing back and
I just know my people
are going forth
to battle and dying
for something good
in the dessert
so far from home

This is how I understand
Syria and I have not read
a single book
just watched
tales of Templers on TV
Assad is a Templer
yes a Christian who
thinks the Pope smokes

He is a leftover of the crusades
the Muslims captured all the
rest of the holy spots
but Syria remained above
the fray except they lost
a lot to Isreal
but at the end of the day
it did not matter
the Golan was never
theirs anyway

If your the only Christian nation
in the middle east
to survive from the crusades
to modern times
you have to have 
made some deals on 
the side
plus when it comes
to dealing with Muslims
there is no carrot
only stick
and vice versa
in the wasteland
of humanity 
that is the 
middle east

Muslims are divided
between followers of the word
Sunni and followers of the blood
Shia. Syria bet on blood
and that meant
their biggest ally in the region
was the Ayatoolias
talk about hard
but it should be
clear that between 
the blood and the word
there is little choice
in a fight

So this situation simmered
for centuries until the newborn
baby Israel arrived in 1949.
The Jews believed they
owned the land of the people
of blood and the UN agreed

Many wars latter we 
are here
Israel allegedly 
arming the people
of the word who 
are blood thirsty
terrorists allededly
produced by 
the CIA
with the intet
to rid Syria
of Christians
because they
stuck their
nose in the wrong
centuries ago
just to survieve

Into this mess
comes fossil fuels
which lay fallow
in the sands
of time
and are easy
because its
gas and it
hardly needs
to be pumped
it flows

Guess what in
every equation
Syria is the choke
point on the map 
to get the gas to 
when the USA 
makes the offer
Syria refuses
and next thing
you know all
hell breaks
loose and Syria
looses everything
except a place
then the Russians
step in and everthing
becomes half way
normal again
and that the point
the story ends
but it could
be WW3
if greed
keeps getting
in the way
of common
how wealth
is created
and spent

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New world order

Related image

Trump is too Transparency
what Clinton
was to the blow job

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In every mass shooting there are scores of dead heros

Lets celebrate
that they
in a battle
no one
what it means
and why
it exists

Blade Runner Blues - Vangelis - 1982

Aldus Huxley died high on LSD

Image result for images of stolen bikes
For me thats a great
exit if I have to go
but right now today
the world can not
just exit

Something will
remain and 
start over
as the 7th try
to make
a sustainable 
why do I say
we were the 
sixth try
I have no idea
but my favorite
is six

We are headed
for a very hard
a place
where a 2000 dollar
bike is sold for
five dollars
cause thats
what the underbelly
pays for shit

U.S.S Enterprise CLL-1701

AR 15 a meme for whats wrong with America

Related image
Any version of the the Kalashnikov
is better in battle
its a great
to kill
innocent people
and very popular
just like 
the F35
the Chinese
stole the plans
and made a plane
that works.

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Massive Attack - Dissolved girl

Faraday is Dead!!

Related image
The Chip bag
as demonstrated
in the classic movie
Enemy's of the State
can no longer protect you

The Faraday cage is
spy craft has advanced
but the enemy has
known this since
and use
to communicate
no one has
hacked a crow
to date

The US goverment is
doing serious push back
against Huawei cell phones
because of projection
the NSA and the alphabet
agencies already know
what a great tool
it is to big brother
the people if
they eat an
there is
no place to be free
and even a Faraday
will not protect
your data
from these
clever people
working so
hard to save
from rot
protecting the constitution
by violating the fourth
amendment a
at will. 

The cell phone
is a personal spy
the target pays
big dollars for
to provide
surveillance service
not even Alduxs Huxley
or George Orwell 
but its the perfect
to make
the world
big brother

Nuclear Energy
Plastic fantastic
GMO foods
Climate Change
how many
disasters for humanity
can the holi poli take
before they

PROOF of Real Cities on the Moon! - NASA footage 1968

Ishi-no-Hoden (the floating stone)

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Another year with out Watchmen

when I think I am alone
I read something
that tells me I am part of 
the collective
maybe my thoughts and
dreams and stabilized pathitic efforts
are by no means
but there is a chance
universal dreams
will be realised
and not just
sex robots
because ask anyone
who is all fucked out
there is something
more to get to
no matter how
much you love
personally modulated
deep blue

Now today the world looks
very grim
climate change is
out of control
as if we could ever
work the HVAC
call in the crack
and pull out
the plunger
we are plugged
up and need to blow

The good thing
and if credit is due
it goes to the new
dynamic duo
Edward Snowden
and Julian Asssage
they knew the emperors Tailor
and gave away the measurements
for free
at great risk
and live every day
in a prison of their own choosing
but know that to open the door
would mean certain Crucifixion
if we are really democratic
and believe in free speech
and justice
this is a lie lie lie
across my big 
water board 
brass bed

Dolby Atmos is overhead
and screens so big they
could capture your fat
ass are all the rage
but what will they show
when you are prematurely dead
cause you drank sugar water
moved on to aspertaine
and then fentanaly
all because big
pharmacy loves anxiety
and fat and disease
and most can be cured
but the mental part is most lucrative
and baby we are all Pavlov's
ring the bell take
a pill
and live your life
with a new nuance
thats kinda numb 
expotientialy and fataly real
more dumb
than trailor park boys
but drunk high and gay
like MR LEhy
but you can still drive around
and be paranoid
even if they make
tin foil illegal

Can humans beat the robots
thats become the real game
and if forces all of us to be 
luddites if nothing change
distribute that robot cash
and we live in paradise
build a castle and live
like a false God
and you will
after having 
godlike fun
for a short time

The First Revealed Time Machine And This is How it Works...

They shoot Indians dont they?

Image result for images of little big man
No I am not talking about the Kashmir
its here in Canada where the first people
cant get even the justice of common sense

Canada is not a country where I get
to shoot you for vandalizing my property
we do not put property above humanity.

If this happened in the USA where
its pretty much legal in many states
to blow anyone away
there would still be
some kind of penalty
you cant walk away
scott free
just because
your people
where the only
ones on the jury

Federico Fellini's Casanova (1976)

Hot Dog or Hot Commodity?

Image result for images of PK subban hot dog
Hockey players do not do choreographed celebration
Big talk today about Brendan Gallagher and PK.  Both worthy of consideration when selecting a future Capetian of the Montreal Canadians.

The NHL has never seen a player with the skill, personality and drive like PK.  His formative idols were not hockey players. He is not doing anything different than NFL, NBA. tennis, golf and other athletes have done for decades. The rub is he is the first hockey player. 99 had the deals but he was not a hot dog, and the worst self promoter in history, Mario and Sid had/have little interest, or frankly little time for hustling self promoters.

I agree with the Gallagher's of the world. The crest on the front comes first, not the number on the back. Montreal is never going to let a player become bigger than the club, and thats why he was traded. The only way PFK would have worked in Montreal is if he was treated like Karlson is is Ottawa. They were not going to do that. Eric Karlson does not promote himself. Thats the code. The NHL is built upon codes. Violate the code and your going to be like Paul Henderson. Score the greatest goal in Hockey history, but never see your name in the hockey hall of fame, thats the bottom line.

Sports is a bidness, its a fact, no matter how hard you try to convince your head to leave your heart behind. The code is written to benefit the NHL, not the Montreal Canadiens, not the Managers, not the hockey players who at the end of the day are just contract labour. 

PK is only playing the real game. Dont blame the player, blame the game. In a world of sports the teams would all be owned by the cities they play for.  Growing the sport would be a second thought before preserving the integrity of the game. Ken Dryden would be the lawyer in charge. The subsidy for losing cities would have the shelf life of Celine Dion's frozen Swartz.

The fact that most including myself are confused by PK shows that we are still held by the masters chains.

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the amoco alien

“In November of 1988 AMOCO placed a full-page advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine headlined "Technology so advanced it will help you answer some big questions." On the facing page was a full-page color photo of an alien head and shoulders with his four-fingered hand raised in a gesture of friendship.”

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Star Trek Prelude to Axanar

Remember the music

Image result for images of beethoven
The true genius need
no lyrics to make
it notable and fill
the mind with

Then cheaters
added words to the mix
and diluted the formula
in a way that
became mothers
milk to everyone

The stage we are in now
has taken away the music
and replaced it with
culture is shit'
for honey

cars in space

Tractor Hacking

Image result for images of soviet tractors
Everyone hates having no alternatives: even flyover country. Ironically
I cant post the video only the link.

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I avoid places where they say no no no no

Image result for images of terrorist with manpads
I like yes yes yes
and thats whats
missing in the west
and lets
give manpands
to children
and hope
to Jesus Christ
they produce
a new terrorist
the imacculate
that cant be
tracked and is
but keeps death
down to under a thousand

a god we can live with

vison is just one of five sense

Image result for images of shawshank redemption
Its the best on
all wood agree
but if you
watch a movie
and the sound
is right there
your vision
is enhanced
and most of the
will never ever
have this chance
they might watch
Shawshank Redemption
on a five inch screen
in some kind of eternal

Life Changing UFO Abuction, Why Aliens are Here

zwy6wyy s8 ao2w 59 to now pavement negver tgets down

Image result for images of neptune


Its IMHO do in

tghe sux dab'


uts tiy you'

utes no'mater

hit hiu====]





and how smooth

is that raide

and telluing

us too

'tioo just get



Zeus is not

going to put

up with us

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