Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Proof we need better leadership than what comes from action heros

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He walked the walk before he talked
Two cases in point
that are absolute fact
just yesterday the State
of Texas passed a law
that makes anyone
receiving state
money swear
on a Bible
they will
not in anyway
fund any movement
that boycotts the State
of Israel
for being in procession 
of an illegal occupation
and assorted war 
you know the usual
white phosperphus
being the most
and depleted
Uranium shells
are not the target
of any investigation

Point two
Jews of Hollywood
getting wood
for Netanyahoo
I thought
we were past
the point of getting
fascist in our pants

You will not find
an uncircumcised man
who loves Jews
more than my
just to be clear
this in not
due to begatts
with Jewish women
who you could say
are generally attractive
no its because 
if you look
at two tribes
that saved the world
you have the Scotts
who would never
cut it off
and the 
Jew who do
it in cermony
that to me
is creepy

I would cut
it off if
it could bring
peace the middle
but I image
this huge flap
of dead skin
would not
make a sail
that could
find the wind
to navigate
a path
without collusion
to the holy ones
who only want
money to buy
so it goes
and so it goes

Humans are animals
and we have different
IMHO Jews are border
collies who have been
uplifted by aliens
and finally given
the chance to speak

I had a dog 
a crossbred
bred for nothing
that talked
but you know
I understood
every word
she was a female
but before her
first period I had
her spade removing
any chance of repoduction'
of the dog I craved
as part of the family

Peace in the middle east
starts with one proposition
Israel exists and its here
to stay.
Second the borders that
are where one through
warfare and blood
and no one is giving an
inch away
after that
its all Kum

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