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death by cannon

Counter-protester with her daughters at a civil liberties rally by black people, Bogalusa, Louisiana, 1965

Toffs and Toughs – The famous photo by Jimmy Sime that illustrates the class divide in pre-war Britain, 1937

The last commercial sailing ship, Pamir, to round Cape Horn in 1949

Searchlights on the Rock of Gibraltar, 1942

James Dean posing in the coffin in the local undertaker in his home town in the year of his car crash and ensuing death, January 1955

Major General Horatio Gordon Robley with his collection of tattooed Maori heads, 1895

Japanese guards bow before US prisoners of war being released from a Yokohama detention center following the capitulation of Japan, 1945

Iranian woman before the Islamic Revolution, 1960

Georges Blind, a Member of the French Resistance, Smiling at a German Firing Squad, October 1944

Fidel Castro plays baseball in Havana, 1959

Execution by cannon, in Shiraz, Iran, mid-late 19th century

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Kuikuro people

No stress no crime 

no homeless no bombs 

no debt no prisons 

no pollution no poverty 

and some people 

call them primitive !

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every day is earth day

I have no country to die for.

My country is the earth.

I am a citizen of the world

which consists of only one race

...the human race.

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Brit Marling for President

Degree in Economics, Georgetown University, Valedictorian. Investment analyst (Goldman Sachs), Film maker, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor specializing in science-based films and documentaries. Successfully overcame gender stereotypes by writing her own roles in  complex and thought-provoking films. Proven ability to handle complex situations with deliberation and effectiveness.

The secrets of Scientology

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Less than one lifetime: Eyewitness to nuclear development, from Hunters Point to Chernobyl and Fukushima, issues a warning

The Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard placed prisoners and others in a bomb shelter during exercises simulating a nuclear attack. – Photo courtesy TimePix

While sorting through papers, correspondence, news clippings, records etc., I realized that nuclear bomb and nuclear power development has occurred within my lifetime. It was July 16, 1945, when Trinity, the first atomic bomb, was detonated at Alamogordo nuclear site in New Mexico, followed by the uranium bomb dropped on Hiroshima and the hydrogen bomb on Nagasaki in August...

Less than one lifetime: Eyewitness to nuclear development, from Hunters Point to Chernobyl and Fukushima, issues a warning | San Francisco Bay View

insanity of humanity

La Jornada: Asia y el nuevo banco

La Jornada: Asia y el nuevo banco:

"En mi artículo del 16 de noviembre pasado me referí por primera vez al Banco de Inversión e Infraestructura de Asia (AIIB, por sus iniciales en inglés), formado inicialmente por 21 países asiáticos el 24 de octubre en Shanghai, China."

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The Love Paintings

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the poison planet earth

Far out in space there exists the goofiest planet in the entire universe...the square BIZARRO WORLD known as earth ! It is the home planet of the pathetic, stupid human creatures who are the bane of the galaxy. They kill each other at an ever increasing rate, they poison the air, the water and the land of their beautiful world with their pollution and trash, and they use the ocean as their toilet. They commit suicide without even knowing it. They do everything wrong, it is as if their brains are broken but if truth be told it is that they have eyes but cannot see. I do not know how long they will last.

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Sorry, Monsanto. The Science Is on Our Side, Not Yours

Here are just a few examples of the latest reports, articles and books exposing the dangers of GMOs, Big Ag’s toxic chemicals and evidence of a decades-long cover-up to keep consumers in the dark...

Sorry, Monsanto. The Science Is on Our Side, Not Yours

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One Nation Under Siege

give it away

"The meaning of life 

is to find your gift. 

The purpose of life 

is to give it away."

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The Reliance

"The Reliance" 1911 oil on board