Sunday, February 16, 2020

Nothing better than a smart election for a stupid people

Sure lets trust liberty to
and wizards
who code
and make

Guns for hire
in charge of the 
counting machines
like a Philip K Dick
in the real life

Momma don't let
your voting machines
grow up to be networked
cause the result is
never automatic

Voting in the USA 
is like the cable
bill deliberately complex
remember the butterfly ballot
in Florida
shaping that battlefield 
took decades
to plan
Pat Buchanan
says Mazoltov

An election were
the electrodes
are proprietary
and can not
be verified
with more
than a spoken 
word is
like an invitation
to those with
native cunning
to steal
an election

Remember the Abacus
and the slide rule
they analog
are very powerful
for what they
are designed 
to do
and voting
for sure
is something simple
that does not
Windows 10
voter edition

Take the electronics
out of human choice
because the ghost in the
machine has a living 
human voice
and its nasty

I dint care who
is elected
I care who is nominated
we can get to the 
bottom of that
but if the ones
and zeros
are corrupt
there is no
path to 
no evidence
to present
no body
to bring to 

History has a cure
for everthing
as long as the people
have a chance
to honestly

nothing vapour democracy


Have a baby eat a dingo

Image result for images of a dingo ate my baby

Well there would be 
no dingo ate my
It makes perfect
for permission to have
a baby in a incense
sense in a world
that can support
6 billion
and now we 
have 12.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

In The Year 2525


Youth is wasted on the young

and money is wasted on the old