Monday, December 4, 2017

Life On Saturn's Moon, Enceladus?


Steve said...

Given the failure of SETI to find intelligent life I must conclude for some reason we are alone in this universe. Like we are an experiment to find some solution the people in charge want. Or maybe its just a simple mice in a maze experiment. Other dimensions is where the life we seek may be. I know because I walked the astral plane.

Russell CJ Duffy said...

All life, wherever it is found, whatever form it takes, is part of the one. All life, all creation, with unassailable proofs, are made of the same building blocks. Whatever aliens there may or may not be, are of the same substance as us. Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. Opinions drawn, conclusions made, are insubstantial. The truth is a pathless land. Intelligent life? What is that? Are humans intelligent? If they are then why do they kill each other? No. There is merely life. And life means the living. Humankind shares its makeup with trees. They are not intelligent when a comparison is sought yet they exist. All things have a beginning including so-called intelligent life. Surely to be intelligent is to live in the now? To be Buddha-like. The past is a pale ghost. There is no tomorrow only the present. What we know now we now know. Everything else, foreseeing the future, concerning ourselves with speculative thoughts can only cause the mind pain. When you meditate or when mindful, you and the ten thousand things fuse as one. All that exists are one with you.x