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Why ask WHY?

There are two posts related to this question and the things it shows for those with the eyes to see. "Why Ask Why" and "Why Ask Why - Update".


 Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist epic science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang. The film was written by Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou, and starred Brigitte Helm, Gustav Fröhlich, Alfred Abel and Rudolf Klein-Rogge. A silent film, it was produced in the Babelsberg Studios by UFA.

Metropolis is regarded as a pioneer work of science fiction movies, being the first feature length movie of the genre.

Made in Germany during the Weimar Period, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia, and follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city's ruler, and Maria, whose background is not fully explained in the film, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classes of their city. Metropolis was filmed in 1925, at a cost of approximately five million Reichsmarks. Thus, it was the most expensive film ever released up to that point.

The film was met with a mixed response upon its initial release, with many critics praising its technical achievements and social metaphors while others derided its "simplistic and naïve" presentation. Because of its long running-time and the inclusion of footage which censors found questionable, Metropolis was cut substantially after its German premiere: large portions of the film were lost over the subsequent decades.

Numerous attempts have been made to restore the film since the 1970s-80s. Giorgio Moroder, a music producer, released a version with a soundtrack by rock artists such as Freddie Mercury, Loverboy and Adam Ant in 1984. A new reconstruction of Metropolis was shown at the Berlin Film Festival in 2001, and the film was inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register in the same year, the first film thus distinguished. In 2008, a damaged print of Lang’s original cut of the film was found in a museum in Argentina. After a long restoration process, the film was 95% restored and shown on large screens in Berlin and Frankfurt simultaneously on 12 February 2010. (read more)

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Antônio Vilas Boas

At the time of his alleged abduction, Antônio Vilas-Boas was a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer who was working at night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day. On October 16, 1957, he was ploughing fields near São Francisco de Sales when he saw what he described as a "red star" in the night sky. According to his story, this "star" approached his position, growing in size until it became recognizable as a roughly circular or egg-shaped aerial craft, with a red light at its front and a rotating cupola on top. The craft began descending to land in the field, extending three "legs" as it did so. At that point, Boas decided to run from the scene.

According to Boas, he first attempted to leave the scene on his tractor, but when its lights and engine died after traveling only a short distance, he decided to continue on foot. However, he was seized by a 1.5 m (five-foot) tall humanoid, who was wearing grey coveralls and a helmet. Its eyes were small and blue, and instead of speech it made noises like barks or yelps. Three similar beings then joined the first in subduing Boas, and they dragged him inside their craft.

Once inside the craft, Boas said that he was stripped of his clothes and covered from head-to-toe with a strange gel. He was then led into a large semicircular room, through a doorway that had strange red symbols written over it. (Boas claimed that he was able to memorize these symbols and later reproduced them for investigators.) In this room the beings took samples of Boas' blood from his chin. After this he was then taken to a third room and left alone for around half an hour. During this time, some kind of gas was pumped into the room, which made Boas become violently ill.

Shortly after this, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was female, very attractive, and naked. She was the same height as the other beings he had encountered, with a small, pointed chin and large, blue catlike eyes. The hair on her head was long and white (somewhat like platinum blonde) but her underarm and pubic hair were bright red. Boas said he was strongly attracted to the woman, and the two had sexual intercourse. During this act, Boas noted that the female did not kiss him but instead nipped him on the chin.

When it was all over, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upwards. Boas took this to mean that she was going to raise their child in space. The female seemed relieved that their "task" was over, and Boas himself said that he felt angered by the situation, because he felt as though he had been little more than "a good stallion" for the humanoids.

Boas said that he was then given back his clothing and taken on a tour of the ship by the humanoids. During this tour he said that he attempted to take a clock-like device as proof of his encounter, but was caught by the humanoids and prevented from doing so. He was then escorted off the ship and watched as it took off, glowing brightly. When Boas returned home, he discovered that four hours had passed.

Antonio Vilas Boas later became a lawyer, married and had four children. He stuck to the story of his alleged abduction for his entire life. Though some sources say he died in 1992, he died on January 17, 1991.

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Sound of my Voice

Sound of my Voice  with Brit Marling
Somewhere in the valley, there is a woman living in a basement. She claims to be from the future and she’s amassing followers. These people believe that she will actually lead them to salvation. The FBI say she is perpetrating a con ..stockpiling weapons and forming a militia.

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"All war 

is a symptom of man's failure 

as a thinking animal."

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It’s so much more than the ability to feel
The cold caress of snow across your cheek
That gentle tingle softly melting
Leaves a drop of water on your face, an imprint in your heart

More, even, than the scent of lilacs in the air
Wafting in warm clouds of summertime
A perfumed fairy dance
Blooming purple abundance behind closed eyes.

Your humanity is more than wide open eyes
Watching the sun set gloriously into the horizon
Coloring the sky with flames
Illuminating clouds and your imagination.

Birdsong in the morning, cricket chirps at night
Rustling autumn wind through reddened leaves
And water gently breaking on the shore
This sounds like our humanity; but it is something more.

Creating what is beautiful and loving what you see
That pull within your breast that says,
“Come and dance with me”

The moment one first falls in love,
Heart thumping loudly in your chest

And in our sorrow, grief, and loss
Gut-wrenching, the capability to feel
We wish for numbness, cry for help –
Even that is real.

It’s more than just our hands and feet, our eyes-mouth-ears-and-nose
More than what we feel today or how our spirit grows

Humanity is bundled up in something greater than this poem
Wrapped inside each one of us, it’s what defines our home.

BNB 3/13/14


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In Search of TRUTH

(Chapter 1)
A man was walking in search of TRUTH. Some might have viewed his quest an aimless one, since he seemed to meander here and there, stopping at times for great lengths, before moving forward. They did so because they did not have the same teachers and so failed to RECOGNISE the problem wasn't that the quest was an aimless one, but the problem was truly in how they viewed it. Thus, they did not RE-EXAMINE themselves to the degree that would have helped them REALISE the TRUTH themselves by REPEATING the process.

The TRUTH is, he had shared their views. Not only from when he first began, but for what seemed like a very long time from when thought he first started. He thought he knew so much before he began, he didn't really view the trip as going to be a long one, let alone one that takes the rest of his life. He had first viewed the search for TRUTH as a simple journey, and indeed it was, but one of the first things he leaned to RECOGNISE, RE-EXAMINE and REALISE, was that 'simple' doesn't mean 'easy'.

The TRUTH is, when he first began he didn't even know where to begin. The thing that had REALLY prompted the journey to begin with was a single lie. A single lie that became the straw that broke the camels back. When he RECOGNISED that one lie, he had opened a floodgate of other lies from over the years, until he felt he was drowning in lies. 

The TRUTH is, he felt he was being lied to by everyone. Governments lied to him, Religions lied to him, Scientists and Experts lied to him, Friends and Family lied to him. Everyone lied to him and he lied to them right back. But the lie that tipped the scale in that moment, the one that pushed his head under the water and left him gasping for the breathe of life, didn't come from the Governments, or the Religions or the Scientists, or the Experts.

The TRUTH is, he had become so accepting of the fact they were lying to him about so many things, he began to expect it about everything, almost without question. The why of it always led back to fear and greed. Those were the building blocks of Civilisations that used slavery under many guises, to build itself up on the backs of others. Nimrods, all of them, but they didn't tell him the lie he RECOGNISED this time.

The TRUTH is, he was just as expectant and accepting of the Scientists and Experts that used false data as scientific facts, to create a false reality that supported the building blocks of Civilisations, so they could be considered "successful, credible and reputable", instead of a "failure, crank and loon". No, the lie he RECOGNISED didn't come from any of them either.

The TRUTH is, he was also just as expectant and accepting of being lied to by Family and Friends. Not from a sense of maliciousness nor malice on their part, for often they will say it was because they were protecting him or didn't want to hurt him, not seeing the dis-service they are truly doing themselves and him...maybe, he can handle the TRUTH. he simply has no ear for it yet. Maybe they couldn't handle simply telling it.

Even still, if TRUTH be told as it was meant to, even had this one particular lie been told a thousand times before, from every source he had ever encountered through all the years of his life to that moment, it would never have had the same impact upon RECOGNISING it, as it did in that moment. For in that moment of RECOGNITION and RE-EXAMINATION he REALISED the True Source of Betrayal, that had lead to the floodgates opening.

It was a lucky thing he followed REPETITION in the Refinement Process because FULL REALISATION did not come about during the first couple of passes. The True Source didn't wish to be revealed, so used clever wording to deflect from itself to remain hidden.  With each REPETITION however, another layer would peel away as he RECOGNISED these new variations on the same theme. With each RE-EXAMINATION he finally REALISED the True Source of ALL his betrayals and lies within his 'self', came from himself. 

He was the liar.

With that final REALISATION, a question popped through..."What if she really did love him?" and then his entire world came crashing down around him in that moment. He was torn from within himself and forced to truly look at himself from a perspective he had never seen before. One that slapped him across the face with every betrayal he had ever committed, with every lie he had ever told. One that left him curled in a fetal position on the floor writhing in pain.

He had never felt pain like this before. This wasn't his pain that was coursing throughout him, though it truly was, because this was the pain he had caused others. This was EMPATHY.  He couldn't breathe. He had to breathe, he felt as if every cell in his body was suffering. Breathe...Just Breathe...Let it go. Wave upon wave, the suffering extending beyond just him now and no longer restricted to just those he's met along his path, but continuing along all the degrees of separation.

It didn't matter if the lies had originated outside of himself or not, as HE had let them in and believed them, and then gave them to someone else that did the same. Whether he liked it or not, whether he believed it not, whether or not he wanted to admit it, he was finally seeing things from TRUTH's perspective and there was no arguing about it.

As he progressed through the surface feelings to the depth of his being, TRUTH continued to share wave upon wave of feelings he had caused others, though as he went deeper the feelings became stronger and more loving, refilling him with joy. He also noticed there weren't as many of these feelings which made him REALISE he hadn't been as loving as he believed.

He finally saw where the TRUE POWER was and wasn't. All these years, his beliefs ,opinions and perspectives, never once changed the TRUTH, but in a fraction of a second, a mere moment of seeing TRUTH, changed them all forever.
He was faced with a glass half full, of the stuff he didn't like. He clearly saw it had nothing to do with the red pill or the blue pill, this was the medicine he had to take, and even though he didn't like least it was only half full.

If you were to ask the man, this would have been one of the most pivotal moments in his life. He was finally AWARE of where to truly begin the search for TRUTH...Within his 'Self'. Not that he felt he owned the TRUTH, that was not the REVELATION that had ignited the inspiration of thoughts that came pouring forth. No it was when he RECOGNISED each LIE was  a FEAR hiding a TRUTH, that made him REALISE he had never honestly begun his search yet, because he was still lying to himself. After all, how can you honestly hope to find something, you are not willing to search honestly for...and with that, his EGO began to die.

The REVELATION itself, was that in order to find the TRUTH, he would first have to find his TRUE SELF, that he may then continue to seek honestly...and with that, his ID was reborn and the fabric of reality began to take shape. He finally understood FREE WILL was not attached to his day to day decisions, as much as it was attached to his initial decision to HONESTLY seek the TRUTH and see it through.

This experience had the added lesson that taught him that in this HONEST pursuit of TRUTH, he had also taken a few more steps down the path of WISDOM as well. For the ancients had said; "Do not seek to know, seek to be wise." and he finally understood what that meant. Wisdom is not the 'Accumulation of Knowledge' as the liars would have you believe so they can Lord their knowledge over those they deprive it from.

In TRUTH, WISDOM is the proper 'Application of Knowledge', so truly one can know very little and still be very wise, or think they know so much and still be fools.

you're going to die !


Not just i, but many throughout the ages have made observations and comments about Wisdom, including the Bible.

Something to think about...If one truly understands my 2 quotes about Wisdom concerning the definition and observations of the wise.

"Wisdom is not the 'Accumulation of Knowledge', Wisdom is the proper 'Application of Knowledge'."

 "A wise person recognizes, even a fool can recite words of wisdom, but only a fool ignores them."

Then they can follow the understanding through to it's true conclusion about the wise.

"The wise one is not the one that gives good advice, they are the ones that take their own."