Thursday, June 29, 2017

The World realizes Jim Morrison was the one true God

jimmy jimmy walking and tallking on the sixth asoplane
untill it killed him and its a unfortunate death
is some respects
but the truth 
he found
he could not
as it is for so
many soft harted
because to make
the first astarl
converge with the 
we need
a Jesus
who as the son
of God is not
such a dissapointmet
and dissappera
for 40  years
and I thought
I did great

So the whole world 
is going up in fLAMES
and the shithouse
is first

Shit in the forest
like the bears
If we all shit in the forest
and ate Chesnut
the world would
be sustainable
right here
is where
you sign up

Mind Boggling Last Images From Cassini

Jobs that require warm bodies

Image result for black sabbath technical ecstasy cover
Well the list is endless today
tomorrow is another day
and I give you a case
in point mother

Pregnancy is so inconvenient
and their is a chance of pain
that would exceed 
any immunization
right now today
I can outsource any
birth to India
and in China
they will mess
with the DNA
in the hopes
of a best 

If Motherfuckers cant
get a hand job
whats left for the
rest of us?

The last line
the Marriott line
of the marketing driven
is the Marketing
who with a smile on
his face and his dick
in his hand
can close any deal
like superman

Superman the analytics
predict your just a dick
but it was a magnificent
very similar
to the one
of Geronimo

What happens when
the robots find
that robots
dont buy much
just some juice
and replacing
joints after
multi million

With nobody
they will
be the ones
exploring a
new market
some will
call it communism
and either way
you code
it it it
is the end
of humnity.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Marshall Islands Nuclear Atrocities & the United Nations – The Human Perspective w/Desmond Delatram of REACH-MI – #313


This Week’s Featured Interview:
Desmond Doulatram of the Marshall Islands is Co-Founder of the NGO REACH-MI (Radiation Exposure Awareness Crusaders for Humanity – Marshall Islands). Desmond has seen the devastating effects of the testing of 67 nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands within his own family. He is currently at the United Nations helping to showcase the little known side of history and humanity from the Pacific, and human rights abuses by colonial super powers.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Seems like love that was drawn on me was erased

Image result for soylent green
Taking down
the steps of hate
riding on the 
zodiac of love
I went to places
no sea
could possibly
turn the tide
but still I won
and got flowers
and certficates
and love
but at the 
coffee shop\
the robots
dream on human
you can not produce
the most
simple latte

So I walk the streets
and the robo cops
come out to make
sure I got no
to the new
where we
eat solyent
green because
some part of the first
still consider
war crimes
to be criminal

Glenn Steckling Presentation - UFO Research

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Trump Daily Diary Humans have no part of Human extinction day

Trump pulled the plug on the swap 
that is humanity today
not that the Paris accords
were going to save the day
but they held the hope of '
delay that could be
mitigated successfully
we are going to see great
geo engineering projects
that will have unforeseen
consequences that will
make nuclear energy look
like a LED light.

We always have time
we are humans
but filtering down
the options
is not biz

All dat Cream makes ya wannbe SEASICK, Steve