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RIP Alvin Toffler

Future Shock (1970)was the most influential non fiction book I ever read. It explains what we are living today. The answers to thriving in today's world are there for all to read, but most ignore.

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The Invincible Iron Man


Is it beautiful like a mushroom cloud
or ugly like a snake eatitng a tale
we will not know forever
but its a sign
that co operation
is on the wane
and the world
will soon be
in a big war

I for one would die
for Brexit if I knew
it was real
and not a neo con
hachet job 
on democracy
with full 

Like Churchill the mass
murdering war crimal 
said, it may not be perfedt
buit what is better

s[e[pee;;;omg part of the art

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Hutchison Effect

I Robot by Eando Binder

The story is about a robot's confession. Some weeks earlier, its builder, Dr. Charles Link, built it in the basement. Link teaches his robot to walk, talk and behave civilly. Link's housekeeper sees the robot just enough to be horrified by it, but his dog is totally loyal to it. The robot is fully educated in a few weeks, Link then names it Adam Link, and it professes a desire to serve any human master who will have it. Soon afterwards, a heavy object falls on Dr. Link by accident and kills him. His housekeeper instantly assumes that the robot has murdered Dr. Link, and calls in armed men to hunt it down and destroy it. They don't succeed; in fact, they provoke the robot to retaliate, both by refusing to listen to it and by accidentally killing Dr. Link's dog. Back at the house, the robot finds a copy of Frankenstein, which Dr. Link had carefully hidden from the robot, and finally somewhat understands the prejudice against it. But in the end the robot decides that it simply isn't worth killing several people just to get a hearing, writes its confession, and prepares to turn itself off.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Industrial hemp finally being legalized !

Hemp used to be a staple crop across the American countryside, but fell out of favor in the 1930s and 1940s when it got swept up in a national marijuana crackdown. While the two have a biological connection, the hemp plant grown for its fibers and oils contains only trace levels of the chemical in the cannabis plant that induces the psychoactive high for marijuana users.

At least 20 states have legalized industrial hemp production under prescribed limitations and that is commonly tied to research activities, according to National Conference of State Legislatures data. Few are as ambitious as Kentucky where Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said last month his goal was to make the state “synonymous with hemp like Idaho with potatoes.” There, 121 hemp research projects have been approved for plant growth on more than 1,700 total acres.

In neighboring Tennessee, 46 producers have begun growing the crop after the state received federal clearance to import seeds this spring, said Corinne Gould, spokeswoman for Tennessee’s Department of Agriculture.

A once-banished crop could soon sprout legally again in select Minnesota farm fields: hemp plants that lead to oils, lotions, seeds, rope fibers and other industrial uses.

Minnesota lawmakers approved the “Industrial Hemp Development Act” this month, making theirs the latest among an expanding network of states to reconsider the commodity potential of the cannabis cousin to marijuana. But don’t bet on a sudden hemp boom because federal restrictions on cultivation and sales are prompting a cautious approach from Minnesota regulators.

(Hemp for Victory 1942)

UFO Investigations – The Cover Up (1989)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trump beating Hillary cause he the MULE!!!

Trump is the Asmonic mule
that the master of the universe
created but he felt abandoned
with all that bankruptcy

so he got revenge
in a primary way
and next day
he will be President
kiss his ring
you masters of the universe
who will adapt no doubt
but will it be enough
to keep you in trout
or will acid 
eat you away
like the pavement
on a northern parkway.

No Comment Dick!

Read so Dick, the world is now a Dick novel.  40 years ago I read alot of Dick works, however the one that sticks in my mind is Dr. Bloodmoney and I fear it may be his most accurate. Our leaders would rather destroy the planet than get along.
 (Ed note I also believe we are on at least the second tech civilization)
Thats the world today. If it was ISIS trying to circumcise me and my wife I might squeal but to keep the world spinning not such a great sacrifice.  Fortunately that's not a likely scenario. If you think the people in the middle east or people from anyplace are much diffrant from you an me you are mistaken. The similarities overwhelm the differences.
Male circumcision makes some sense. I circumscribed my boy for purely scientific reason and based upon my own struggles with the foreskin. I can remember my mother in the bathtub working that flap to keep it clean.  And despite her efforts I once got an infection there that needed penicillin.

Similar evaluation of female Genitalia risk reveals that female circumcision is just one of the worst guy thinking things in the world. Mohammad was a man who I allege liked sex, lots of sex.  Now maybe the hundreds or even thousands of women who were his wife got bored with the rotation and started seeking comfort in other places.  Maybe Mohammed did not care about his partners experience, he was just into his own needs. So the easy solution is to take away those needs from your harem. 

Thus we have female circumcision. Yep those brides will never stray for sex, are you not a ruler of your own domain. The whole Muslim thing with female sexuality points out to me how insecure the men are. Lets make sure the woman assigned to me is so comprised that  I NEVER lose her. Cover here up and cut away her pleasure points. That's God's Will as an oxymoron. Of all the retard (thats a bad word today and with all the retards in the world today I agree challenged might be a better choice. The fact remains if you cant think according to scale your retarded) religions in the world today  Sunni Muslim takes first prize. All you others should not take comfort. Your religions have also been stripped of legitimacy by science. However for the most part the transition between superstition and science has not caused mass casualties in this century.

Before we Nuke the world and start the process again could we please have a rational discussion?

I theorize in the next civilization the Thor character will be named Steve Jobs,
and LoKi will be known as Bill Gates. (Ed note, I a have nothing but good feelings of Bill Gates)

I start hating Monday/s on Saturday

A fantastic song by the Boomtown Rats and a one hit wonder that oracled the Kardashians.  

As I thinkaboot this Monday I reflect.

Fergus is only the first Falija light for America. Thats a good sign because on the Falujia scale America has had many lite fat events, and its trending heavy. Wait for the first IED to take out one of those monstrous police tanks. The real problem is that America and the white picket fence increasingly makes black people think they are living in Gaza.  Sure every judge, police leader, and any other high fluten position possible is held by a black person in the fantasy world, but in real life the decision making unit remains old white men. There are reasons for this. There is no Islamic Nation that can hold a candle to Israel. There is no black city in America that can hold a candle to San Francisco.

Ukraine continues to fester and poison the world condition. IMHO Putin has made his point, and I think you have seen he is retreating. Crimea is his and through democracy people will get along. The problem is the forces of the West are seeking conflict up to and including nuclear war. Thinkaboot that!

Fukushima continues to steam away. If this was Three Mile Island this would be a five year mini series on HBO.  IMHO this is the worst environmental disaster in human history. Believe me now and I will prove it later can anyone think a continuing leak four years later of catastrophic isotope is not the worst thing ever?

ISIS continues to exist. Maybe in the future they will replace the Spanish Inquisition as the punch line to a religious joke. IMHO there is still funny business about and maybe some Kabuki theater. We are told the city in which ISIS exists, so if we could carpet bomb Dresden and incinerate two Japanese city why not reduce to the last molecular level that can be measured ISIS HQ?

In my own wonderful country which should be and in many ways deserves to the best society in the world the Harper hits go on and on an on. Is Harper world trying to wear us out with bad behavior? IMHO conseravatives are like a abuse spouse that believes they can beat the resistance out of a dutiful spouse.

Unlimited Carets

Lab grown stuff is so disruptive, so Star Trek, so egalitarian
it gives me an illiegal smile.

We are in a race between technology and common sense. The only problem with common sense is it is not so common any more.

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Drawing Hands

"I don't grow up.

In me is the small child 

of my early days."

Sunday, June 12, 2016

sexy burgers

When "In-N-Out Burger" started giving out bumper stickers with their logo it was quickly figured out that if you cut the "B" and "R" out of "Burger" you get a naughty message, somehow I can't help but think they planned it that way.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

avenge the things that matter

The Doctors charts say your going to DIE real quick

slice of chart showing CO2 levels over last 400,000 years
until 1950 they never exceeded 300ppm, we now are reaching levels
where the dinasours could not breathe

See the science undisbuttitable
with no chance of prejudiced
in the last 4000000 years
an anomaly was seen in 
and it just has gone on

CO2 in the atombreathingcocoon
is not caused by sun spots
orbital decay
or any other God based
explanations other
than volcanoes
and we have no evidence
of hidden volcanoes
pumping out unexplained
and science provides us with
the illustration of proof
that when a volcano grounds
its good for the CO2 count
on mother earth

So its undeniable 
beyond even the most fanatic
men are filling the earth 
with CO2
in our atmosphere
and soon we will see
the same numbers run
on the oceans
and conclude we have
no place else to hide
and one of of those
one way tickets to Mars
may look like the most
attractive girl
at the bar

Another Betty VS Wilma

     Rangar Lothbroke                     Uhtred of Bebbanburg[5
The Last Kingdom and Vikings are historical fictions based upon the same historical event. The Danish Viking invasion of England. Last Kingdom wins the historical accuracy prize as it build its narrative around the rule of Alfred the Great. Vikings is built around the somewhat murky history of a person who may just be just amalgamation of legends. The storyline of The Last Kingdom also benifits from adapation from a 9 Novel series of books. In gereral the Last Kingdom is a better produced more well funded effort than Vikings.  This is high praise as Vikings is one of the most compelling series now in production, and will forever be a very special experince.

Rangar VS Uhtred

A clear win for Vikings. Rangar is a better character, portrayed with greater authenticity. Utred benifits from better fight scences and better supporting cast. Aside from Floki, Utred has more interesting characters to interact with.

Rangar's conquests VS Uhtred's
(Keep in mind The Last Kingdom only has one season, already Utred has lapped Rangar) A clear edge to Uhtred in quanity and none of Rangars paramours IHMO is a match for Iseult.



In summary a narrow victory for The Last Kingdom. (Keep in mind its only been one season, the gap will widen)

Freedoms Voice

there's a blogger mist arising
a fog thats thick as pitch
it carries words of wisdom
and its kicking up a bitch
its drifting over kentucky
and over in bangalore
its cleaving through bigotry
it will leave your head so sore
for its the voice of human reason
its the whisper of a new season
its the song of human treason
'cause gathered in their thousands
blacks and browns and whites
are laying down foundations
challenging wrongs and rights
there's a girl in alabama
and a guy in tokyo
there's a group in istanbul
and a woman in ohio
like a dragon breathing fire
or an angel that's been kissed
it's the sound of mankind moving
and its a sound hard to resist
see the poets now a gathering
and political activists too
linking hands across the globe
with a voice from me and you.

The World's Biggest Corporate Conspiracy

Thanks to the like of Wikileaks this conspiracy dreamed up by America's largest corporation's is now common knowledge and seems to have died a death. I doubt the dead stay dead long and wouldn't be surprised to see it 'Lazarus' again shortly but not before our eyes, but behind our backs.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The sun turned tomates into Zombies for us, than GOD

I think the third world invading my
world makes it Zombie land
cause I am a slave
just like them
but I was in the house
and now the powers that
be want to push me
c ause they are cheaper

First world 
secoond world
thrid world
will be slayen
by robots
and the sex
will be computational

We Dont Know Chuck Yeager Anymore

"Car - 1988 Lamborghini Countach  in Etobicoke, ON  $549,500"
This is what the future looked like in 1988
beautiful wedges
highly stylised Italian design
after all these centuries
still the Romans of fashion

1988 its was such a long time
long time long time
in my mind
cause in 2016
the future is so short
so hot
so nasty
so poor
we cant dream of Lamborghini's
we see Zombies

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ideas Are Bulletproof

Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate.

This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified.

However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

It's a Mad World

Women Being Burnt Alive

This is the modern world. 
This here and now.
8 Days of setting fire to women . 
Since the 28th May, 2016:
Iraq :Daesh publicly burns alive 19 Kurdish women for rejecting sex slavery 
Italy: woman burnt alive with cigarette lighter
USA: Male uses 2-gallon gas can and a lighter to burn a woman
Pakistan:15 year old girl burned.
South Africa :a man poured petrol over a Limpopo woman and set her alight.
Just in case you thought this only happened during the witch trials and to Joan of Arc

Monday, June 6, 2016

Alien Base Formation In Apollo Moon Photo

Report Accuses Mexico of Crimes Against Humanity in Drug War - The New York Times

Report Accuses Mexico of Crimes Against Humanity in Drug War - The New York Times:

 "MEXICO CITY — Two days after Jorge Antonio Parral Rabadán was kidnapped by a criminal gang, the Mexican Army raided the remote ranch where he was a prisoner and killed him. As he instinctively raised his hands in defense, the soldiers fired over and over at point-blank range."

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Riddick Official Motion Comic - Blindsided


Miyamoto Musashi AMV

Men in Black falling out of fashion

there are so people
you dont know
unless you put 
on the tinfoil

they are the men in black
and who they work for
is still a mystery 
while their public faces
are well spread
like the Bushes
on a hedge fund
the real masters
are invisible

How long through war
and pillage
buying at the sounds
of howitzers and selling
when the doves cry
have they whipsawed
the human world
into their own design

Reality has its own
number one
seems to be global warming
number two 
seems to be 9 billion humans
and 2 billion jobs
something will break
it will be worse than an earthquake\
because man made events
are predictable \

Things keep going until they stop

The 2016 Summer Games in Brazil will be a big speedometer
letting us know how close the 6th Civilisation is to zero.
Jah Man only Jesus can save it.

Cable car to sugar loaf mt

I was in Rio during the time of the civil war in Lebanon, at that time the US State department concluded Lebanon was a safer place for Americans than Brazil. As I Canadian I felt very safe there, but all joking aside it was a very dangerous place for civilians even then. Things have gotten much worse.  Latin America is our dystopian future. Maybe speaking latin was too much.

Maybe some hope, cause I had a excellent time there. I have visited most of the so called great cities and Rio has a vibe that is number one.

That red Canterbury shirt was also number one. I totally endorse thier clothing.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ramses II Luxor

The Revelation

Jews are just like you and me with beter overall culture

I am a culture junkie and have the street creed of travelling to most parts of the world to back it up. Never been to Israel, don't believe in the first testament, but I know if there is a culture the world would not regret emulating its the Jewish one. The Koreans, Japanese and especially the Chinese are way more Frengi than the Jews. If you think Jews are about money
that's your opinion, but I say that culture is the thing they bankroll. 

Look around our world today, what do you watch, who are the old masters, what brings joy to your life. Yep at least 20% is Jewish if you believe in fractals. 80% if your Netanyahoo,

I am going to say something very cruel here. The Palistineians are a beatan people who refuse to go to the police to get help. Nihilisim is beautiful to the suicidal.