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Former Diablo Canyon inspector still questions NRC decisions at plant | Local News | SanLuisObispo

Former senior resident inspector at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant Michael Peck has submitted a lengthy opinion piece to The Tribune explaining his reasons for appealing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s conclusion that Diablo Canyon is seismically safe.
In his 3,000-word opinion piece sent Tuesday, Peck said he was “left with the impression that the NRC may have applied a special standard for Diablo Canyon.”
He said that in his 30-year career in the NRC, he had never seen the agency handle a safety evaluation the way it had with Diablo Canyon.
In his appeal, called a differing professional opinion, Peck disagreed with the analysis the NRC used in reaching its conclusion that the plant is seismically safe. Peck recommended that more analysis is needed to determine whether the plant could be safely shut down in the event of an earthquake along the recently discovered Shoreline fault.
The plant’s design and licensing were based on withstanding a 7.5-magnitude earthquake using a "double-design earthquake" safety analysis. Diablo Canyon owner PG&E wanted to change its operating license so that its safety would be based on its continued ability to withstand a 7.5-magnitude quake on the Hosgri fault.

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more: Former Diablo Canyon inspector still questions NRC decisions at plant | Local News | SanLuisObispo

so much beauty in the world


According to Michael Onyebuchi Eze, the core of ubuntu can best be summarized as follows:

"A person is a person through other people" strikes an affirmation of one’s humanity through recognition of an "other" in his or her uniqueness and difference.

It is a demand for a creative intersubjective formation in which the "other" becomes a mirror (but only a mirror) for my subjectivity.

This idealism suggests to us that humanity is not embedded in my person solely as an individual; my humanity is co-substantively bestowed upon the other and me.

Humanity is a quality we owe to each other. We create each other and need to sustain this otherness creation.

And if we belong to each other, we participate in our creations: we are because you are, and since you are, definitely I am.

The "I am" is not a rigid subject, but a dynamic self-constitution dependent on this otherness creation of relation and distance".

(ubuntu philosophy) (nelson mandela) (paradise or oblivion)

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theater of the absurd

A shell shocked reindeer

looks on as World War II planes

drop bombs on Russia in 1941

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