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The Hunter and the Black Eyed Girl

the apparatus structure and its many folds

Image result for planes trains and auto wrong way
the first geat ape
losing a wife
to a new tribe
of humans
might if he
was an intellectual
acknowleged this
was a trend
but great apes
are not known
for internal
psch duels
as if they
were playing
Mass Effect
agianst the
and every
time played]
it came up
not Dan Quyale
not GWG
just loser
Ghost in the Machine
where lava life
is dead
an other time
we reached out
where idenedifed
as UFO
but we are
so alive
it could nt
be put down
by death
now this is
dangerous enery
and for many gooed
reasons the smart people
have kept it buried

Now like everything else you
have ever experienced about
truth I am going to talk about
something else]
exept the drama
that is the
core   of your
life despite
all the truths
that say
your on the wrong
Like John Canady]
said to Steve Martin
as they drove that
shitbox at full
speed the wrong
how do the people
know we are
going the wrong'
I go head on to traffic'
just to see who is the master
the ashpalt or me

More Dreams than are available

Image result for beyond dream images
entertainment besides fucking, sucking eating and watching the dreams of others.

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The struggle with beauty

Image result for images of sophia loren
Its a fucking problem
that has condemned
way to many men.

I search for a cure
can you fund me?

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Little Anthony & The Imperials "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop"

I do not care to discuss the sword or the face veil

Image result for images of winner winner chicken dinner
Thats the winner
chicken dinner
do what you 
want and we 
will not stop
you as
do not stop
the enemy 
when they are
doing someting

All of Eternity

A Guide Book for Assasinans

Image result for images of jfk in the scope
You Kill 
but you
do not change
the long run
the short way
profits your masters
how can you
really make
that kill 
in the
long run

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200 years to truth

Image result for images of the roman empire
Sorry folks who
wanted some
in their lifetime
200 years is the minimum
in the case of the Roman
empire its thousands of
years behind
in giving truth

Manly P. Hall: What Love is...

Shitholes going explode and shit

Related image
The world is full of shitholes
Trump made a mistake
and spoke some truth
maybe he is the President

If you have watched
Star Trek
and been your
own Captain Kirk
here on earth
you know
there are green
people mixed in
with the whites
browns and blacks.

The green people
are mostly white
even if they are
from China
and they rule 
the planet with
a 3D printed
controlled by
who make
bit coin mining
look like

Speaking of change
we have seen some
huge steps forward
in the march towards
a perfect world
let us never forget
it was within the lifetime
of anyone living today
that blacks and whites
could not marry
and Gays could
not exist
Dating Mary Jane
could get you sent
to prision
and what was good
for GM
was good
for every PM
or dictator
and if you where
a master at building
you where automatically
a manual master of the

Soul problems
they will always
the richest people
in our universe
oft them self
just as fast
as denzines
of shitholes

Out of the darkness
and into the light
comes alien technology
to power the house
through the night
with photons
and electorons
and printed circuts
and artificial intelligence
that makes humankind
a God over a newlifeform
born without a soul
and often aborted
recycled and given
life again

The smartest monkey in 
the jungle moves the ball
down the field
but blocking every
deke and feint
is the old orange oragantans
and silver backs
who love
the concubine
and flashbulbs going

The cure for the shithole 
blues is distributed local
because power is the
thing that makes
animals dominant
and we should be
of far stronger
in the time of

When we live in a world
where being President
is a position where most
people would
not recognize you
like Switzerland
we will have no more
Shithole blues.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meditation - A lesson Learned Early best Taught To Children at School

When we speak of Meditation there are a number of meanings associated with that phrase. Some see it as being contemplation which it can be. Others who practise the ancient art add an additional layer. Meditation leads us to mindfulness so when we meditate we clear our minds of thought bringing a silence to the brain so often lacking. Being mindful helps us to awaken to reality. To achieve mindfulness, to become Buddha-like, we need to stop our thoughts. The very word Buddha means literally to be awake. Buddha is a Sanskrit word which means "The Enlightened one" or 'the awakened one.  A human being who has woken up, who is mindful, who meditates can see the true way the world works. 

"There are many things in life that are beyond our control. However, it is possible to take responsibility for our own states of mind – and to change them for the better. According to Buddhism, this is the most important thing we can do, and Buddhism teaches that it is the only real antidote to our own personal sorrows, and to the anxieties, fears, hatreds, and general confusions that beset the human condition."

"Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Buddhist meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. By engaging with a particular meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. With regular work and patience, these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life."
Knowing all is one and one is all, that the word god is merely a man-made word as is the word deity, that god is simply the eternal, the vast unknown, the great unknowable, then when you meditate you commune with that which is greater than us yet of which we are part. No magic, no mysticism, nothing supernatural just the silencing of the mind and listening.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Constant Surveillance make relationships impossibly equal

Image result for images of porn on the hard drive
I saw what you
did and its
and so
I want you to
that jerk off
and who
where you
thinking off
cause I have
detected a sniff
of porn
on your 
hard drive

UFO Sighted over Stonehenge 2013

Just a normal day

Image result for images of bees dying
 It was just a normal
day the bees where
flying free of nicotine
and the water
was not overpowered
by nitrates

It was paridise
aside from the
the swarms of bug
from the south
we had never seen
and I got to tell
you though you
may think
I am insanse
these are

We had been late
late to a party
that was like
a movie
and if I could
it starred
Sleymak Heyak
and George Cloony

The vampires are
not bleeding us
from the throat
no they are
killing us with
ten thousand
and as we find
there is no water
or life on this
we are not
even clear
if it is caused
by humans
an ancient
or just
a trainwreck
of thinking
by the genius
in charge

ball gag

Hockey Talk, Russians and winning in focus

Image result for images of alex galchenyuk\
If I where gCHuck it would have been a threesome instead of a police report. You have to wonder
where in the world is the gCHuck mind. It seems the management has no time to understand the man.
I dont know what has happened back door, maybe I should hire a Jim Rockford to enlist CHelios
to discover what is going on in our first line center of the future mind.

Flashes in the lens produce many a Star Trek great scence
they call this technique lens flash
where you overwhelm the camera
with light to make
an effect
and this is
he is an overwhelmed
camera flash
so can we
put the lens
cap back

Did you know that Newton
died poor because of
not the behavior
at the time
one of the intellects
of all time

So the same with
hockey players
who have magic
take the magic
and leave the

Buddhist Monk Levitates ?

Cultural Approbriation

This is the stupidest concept in a history
of stupid concepts.

The tribe that invented
fire is outraged by your

the people that made
the first clothes
are asking
for your

If you wear
the entire
first world
has just made
a class action law

UFO at Nat Bailey stadium in Vancouver. September 3rd, 2013

Total Littlefinger

Image result for images of jeff sessions
When deals are made
and people go 
to jail to keep that
contract intact
you know your
looking at something
close to pure
its death
its profitable
and the right
loves it the 

The World in 2050.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dunce in Charge

Image result for dunce in charge images
Richard Nixon deserves all
kinds of scorn
and in balance
a lot of praise
he created
put the environment
on the table
and to couter
that he
made the

No one is going
to question
that Richard Nixon
was deserving of the
post of President

Next due to the
wholesale corruption
of the state
the public
chose Jimmy Carter
a peanut farmer
but also 
a nuclear scientest
who had an independent
finger on the button
long before he
became prez

Allededy GHWB
made a deal with
and the hostages
history will record
where released the
second Reagan became
and is that
not a coininifkd
that has never been

Do not deny that
Reagan was more
in mental conditon
with his co
star bonzo
when he became

Ronald built 
and he wrote
and he thought
and he was
Trump lite
but he was
a person
who would
never put
people in 

Did you know
Did you know this
in eight years of
being president
and countless
Ronald Reagan
and Nancy 
never broke
with George
and Barbs
I am only 
a citizen
but I can
see in the
weather forcast
the tribe
the barometer
of this meeting
from the insugret
and the deep state
would become
so they
just went 
to bed
without eating
both thinking
I hate that asshole

You ever want to
kill your sister
no for real
yes I would
have done it
if imagrery
was a lethal 

So at the top
there is all kinds
of candy
and money
and sex
look at 
Colonel Oliver North
the Patriot that
allegedly gave
the sluts in Iran
a birthday cake
and he was 
chewing on
his aids 
all the 

Why you should 
fear the deep
or as I have
always known
yep no femes
are going down'
with abortion 
as a tool
to create

If we are all
who is going
to do the dishes
and grow

I am a super citizen
and I have not
met the criteria
for the next jump
and now damaged
I give you cofffe
atTim Hortons
although with
the next salary
jump that
will move me
out of the shelter
and give society
all the gains
of a citizen
who can
look after 
and we as
should take
more pride in
that than killing
we all live
in Canada
and for 
four hundred
no one with
any sense
place money
on Afgaistain
Harper did
20 billion

we have everything
all unicorns if we
want it
we cant keep saying
the invisible hand
makes romance
which with we fall
in love
despite all the evidence
that its all cheating
from above

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Beyond Nuclear - NUCLEAR WEAPONS - Markey, Lieu Push No ‘First Strike’ Bill After Trump Taunts North Korea's Kim

Why Trump's North Korea tweet is so dangerously destabilizing - NY Daily News

U.S. Senator Ed Markey (Democrat-MA) and U.S. Representative Ted Lieu's (Democrat-CA) companion bills, H.R. 669 in the U.S. House, and S. 200 in the U.S. Senate, are entitled the "Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017."
Please urge your U.S. Rep. to support H.R. 669. You can phone your U.S. Rep.'s D.C. office via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121. And you can look up your U.S. Rep.'s direct contact info. here, by entering your zip code, clicking the FIND YOUR REP BY ZIP button, and following the links.
Please urge both your U.S. Senators to support S. 200. You can phone your U.S. Sens.' D.C. offices via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. And you can look up your U.S. Sens.' direct contact info. here, by clicking on your state in the scroll down menu labeled "Find Your Senators" in the upper left hand side of the screen.

Beyond Nuclear - NUCLEAR WEAPONS - Markey, Lieu Push No ‘First Strike’ Bill After Trump Taunts North Korea's Kim

SEE ALSO: whats up: Take Action: Restrict First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017 – Coalition Against Nukes | petitions

UFOs As A Gateway To Self Discovery

Climate Change

"The bottom of the ocean is more of a "sunken place" than it used to be.
In recent decades, melting ice sheets and glaciers driven by climate change are swelling Earth's oceans. And along with all that water comes an unexpected consequence — the weight of the additional liquid is pressing down on the seafloor, causing it to sink.
Consequently, measurements and predictions of sea-level rise may have been incorrect since 1993, underestimating the growing volume of water in the oceans due to the receding bottom, according to a new study.
In the new investigation, researchers looked at more long-term impacts to the seafloor. They evaluated how much the shape of the ocean bottom may have changed between 1993 and 2014, taking into account the amount of water added to the ocean from liquid formerly locked up on land as ice. Previous research into seafloor stretching had omitted that extra water, the scientists wrote in the study.
To do that, they reviewed approximations of mass loss on land, as the ice melted and drained into the oceans, and compared that to estimates of sea volume changes. They found that around the world for two decades, ocean basins deformed an average of 0.004 inches (0.1 millimetres) per year, with a total deformation of 0.08 inches (2 mm).
However, there were distinct regional patterns to the seafloor's bending and stretching, and the amount of sag in certain parts of the ocean bottom could be significantly higher — as much as 0.04 inches (1 mm) per year in the Arctic Ocean, for a total of 0.8 inches (20 mm), the study authors reported.
As a result, satellite assessments of sea-level change — which don't account for a sinking ocean bottom — could be underestimating the amount that seas are rising by 8 percent, according to the study.
The accuracy of future sea-level estimates could be notably improved if the sinking of the ocean floor were incorporated into the calculations, "either based on modelled estimates of ocean mass change, as was done in this study, or using more direct observations," the scientists concluded.

UFO Disclosure in Today’s World of Fascism

Resiting Sex Robots

Image result for images of sex robots

That is a refrain similar to waking up on the right side of the grass. In 2018 in terms of grass the impossible will be reality and thats progress. It seems that we have the capacity to be better and that is something centuries of history have proven true. Humans are like children with toys, the adult class
is owned by the children but like entropy eventually experience rings true.

I expect this is the year I will be given the Noble prize for poetry or be recorded by Arcade fire at the least.

The end of oil is way to premature and Suncour will
be the darling stock replacing Apple on the Gorilla
glass of love.
Everyone is talking about the AI. Its real. How many sex robots that look like Scarlow in Anime do you think I could sell?

In the future true love will be the ultimate quest

free of sex and prejudice.
I know true love and baby its an abortion for most

that want to be there for the event
True love is like bitcoin, no way to value it

no way to mine it for moneyits a headbanger


Did I puke on your lap?
Cause thats what I
do intellectually.

O give you the
standard refrain
your the best
and someday
I will express
in person

what the fuck !

David vs Goliath

Image result for images of david vs goliath
Gather round my friends
and I will tell you
a tale that made
the bible
thats a good

The bible is full
of whale tales
just look at Jonah
and no one
can explain
or the tower of
and worst
of all
I did not even
mention Noah
or all the begats
we would now
call insesets
as Will Smith
put it succinctly
in the Netficks
flick bright
fairy lives dont matter
and we should build on
that to say
no more beliving
fairy tales
no matter
how good
they feel

Well friends
we are right
up against
Goliath every
day and we
are David
but sadly
we have
no slingshot

The man has
taken our anger
and put in on 
when we google
it captures
and when we
buy a pressure
cooker on
the FBI
kicks down 
the door
they suppose
we are terminally

The situation is
not hopeless
no we can
be a 
global love
think tank
strike back
like Ghana Gandi
with our
and our
and the 
to turn 
every CIA

You are
your own
Faraday field