Thursday, August 30, 2018

Extinction level event cynicism or joy?

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The UTES are the future
always have been
since we program
still in the womb
and they hit our
world mostly fully
formed by DNA
and Mothers love

So do we tell them the
truth and make them
all cynical
and not loving
the status quo
or do we program
them with stories
of the Skygod
and a bad experience
in the after life

Well we have IMHO
done the SkyGod thing
over and over maybe
six or seven times
and it always ended
the same
total extinction
level event

So lets teach the children
there is only one thing
humans know for
certain and that is mathematics
and if you look at the
big picture
the three laws of
everything else is just
a theory or worse
a case of the the wolf
using humans animal nature
to make them sheeple

So if we tell children the
truth can we count on them
to rise our nation our provice
or city or neighborhood up
to new levels like the Nazi
did with the Sheeple expericne
or is there a better way
that in our civilization has
never been tried

state of mind

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Coal Powered Suicide Machine

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Right now we need to stop burning coal for anything other than steel production, maybe concrete.
There are other alternatives. They are all cheaper than a dead planet.  Man made climate change deniers say where is the temp increase? Its in the oceans dummies who dont have a clue about the power of the laws of thermodynamics that rule our existence.

Two other painless measures. Two cycle engines and bunker C banned.

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Team Freedom defeated by the Authoritarian Tribbles

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Star Trek homage to supply and demand

Its been a long game
and Team Freedom
has only really being
playing in the league
6000 years old in the
later part of the last


and while its acquitted
itself well
it still on the bubble
because the forces
of absolute
will not give up
the castle
called today
the city of London
and yesterday
the Forbidden City
and in the future
expect a shotgun
Its so hard to get
ahead because
humans are hardwired
animals and we easily
become sheeple in crowds
and even if we think
we cant discern
throw up our arms
and proclaim
it really does not
matter they are
all the same
and the forces

of evil


sweat and swell

to make sure that

is all the holi poli


for if they lose
that link


wins and we
live in a Star Trek

well aware

of Tribbles

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Friday, August 10, 2018

The Third Wave

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It was a seminal book
by Alvin Toffler
that like global
warming predictions
from the 1970;s
was way ahead of its
and now we
are on the crest
of the wave surfing
and who know
what will survive
the crash
as fractal politics
is meaningless
to the psychics of a wave

Which bigs us to the central
no one reads
or thinksaboot

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LA massacere super soldier RNR?

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If you believe in super soldiers
and I do
then what happened
in Vegas makes
a super soldier went nuts
and blew away a concert
and a civilian took the blame.

I have some experience
totally tangential
that confirms
super soldier
and they
are kept on
a tight chain
but when they
drop down
death from above
on anyone or
is assured
and for freedom
that has
to be a good

Wednesday, August 1, 2018