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The invisible hand is my guide.

The Ballad of the White Helmets

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Bad guys where black Hats 
and in Syria
the black hats were all
Aliweed Assad
and his creed
and the difference between him
and the King of Jordon
is the side he was on

Even the most trusting patriot
can see the civil war in Syria
was an intelligence operation
that never feared the blowback
of Al Queda
because god dammit
we have pipelines
to build

Yesterday Israel elected
to save the White Helments
from the hangman's noose
how humanitarian
now good countries like
Canada will allow
them to settle in Canada
wiping the blood
from our hands
with a multipolar
of Realpolitic

Every time Assad 
was on the precipice of 
victory a devastating
gas attack 

OPCW designated labs conducted analysis of prioritised samples. The results show that no organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties. Along with explosive residues, various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples from two sites, for which there is full chain of custody. Work by the team to establish the significance of these results is on-going. The FFM team will continue its work to draw final conclusions.
and first
on the scene the selfless
white helmets
cheer them on at
your own risk
I dont want them
in Canada

To be fair the defence
of the White Hats is overwhelming
every link on line telling you
every disturbing coincidence
is fake news
so it really makes you
wonder what is 
the truth
what seems obvious
or the convoluted
was there ever
as case where Occams
Razor was so dull?

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Trump is the Mule - Hari Seldon T Shirt

In Defence of Eldon Musk:Its the Scopes Monkey Trial

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Elon is arguably the greatest
human of the 21st Century
Highhandedly he has done
more to push Civilization down
the field than the greatest
Empires and corporations

Without Tesla there is
no electric car revolution
it would still be like the fuel cell
always five years away

His powerwalls will
destroy the stupid
grid and make
every human
the master of thier
own domain

Last but not least Space X
which is building a liferaft
for humanity
given its current leadership
it should probably be job

Now we find out
he plays the game
and some hate the player
for giving by Joe Six pack
numbers huge donations
to Repulsive Republicans

Some say he has a private jet
and travels in planet killing fashion
well both sets of complainers are
pure Quislings in my estimation
dont be fooled again.

Dont throw the baby out with 
the bathwater
True liberals dont thinkaboot
black and white
its all colours

Trump the historical Mule

Image result for Foundation and Empire
Fantastic Sci Fi can no longer
be original because someone
has already been there
the imagination is exhausted
so for amusement
we must watch this genre
become historical

For example Foundation and Empire 
written in 1945 predicted Trump

In addition to this internal corruption, an external threat arises in the form of a mysterious man who is known only as the Mule. The Mule (whose real name is never revealed) is a mental freak and possesses the ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of others. He uses this ability to take over the independent systems bordering the Foundation, and has them wage a war against the Foundation.
While his vassals prosecute the war, the Mule travels under the guise of a refugee clown named Magnifico Giganticus with Foundation citizens Toran Darell and Bayta Darell to different worlds of the Foundation. He uses his abilities to undermine the Foundation's war effort by speading despair and destroying morale. In the end, the Foundation falls without much of a fight.
Trump is forcing the deep state to twist itself into Gordian knots 
that will split freeing humanity from the Nazi occupation of operation
Paperclip. Trump has mastered the art of chaos for his own amusement.
Rewarding the rich but threatening the golden goose at the same time.
Trump is a Republican dichotomy that can only harbinger turmoil
for the establishment

The greatest reveal can be seen 
hourly on CNN or read daily in
The Washington Post
or New York
any of the unimpeachable sources
that are respected Yellow

Today, historians point to the Spanish-American War as the first press-driven war. Although it may be an exaggeration to claim that Hearst and the other yellow journalists started the war, it is fair to say that the press fueled the public's passion for war. Without sensational headlines and stories about Cuban affairs, the mood for Cuban intervention may have been very different. At the dawn of the twentieth century, the United States emerged as a world power, and the U.S. press proved its influence.
War remained a respected racket (1935)
until the world wars actually hit
home and woke the sheeple briefly
until the media adapted
and once again the blue water navy
of the mind
was in total control.

IMHO the NAZI genuis captured
and assimilated by Operation Paperclip
infected the host that was so open
to the beauty of ends that justify
the noblest of means

So when Eisenhower
wanted to make peace
was knocked in the drink
and who was in Russia
why Mr Oswald
the Forest Gump
of the cold war

When JFK decided
Vietnam was a Mountian
to great to be 
broken brought back
re assembled 
red white and blue
he was last spoken
freely leader of
the American Empire
future voices would
be carefully vetted
and protected

Nixon did not like
the chains and drove
the deep state insane
so they gave him
Watergate to ease
his pain
and the world
never changed

Carter knew exactly 
what was wrong
how the malaise had
strangled the throng
of freedom
in groupthink
and manufactured
We wonder if Operation
Ajax was setting the table
for the Iranian revolution
a card ready to be played
when the Deep State
needed some kind
of solution
for peace breaking out
all I know is the second Reagan
was sworn in the hostages
where released and
weapons started to Flow
Ayatollah style
both happenings
prior negotiation
at the very least

First Gulf War, Second Gulf
War, the fantabulist tale of 911 
ISIS and the huge Russian threat
that only started when Trump
was selected.

Trump a world class fibber
was always going to be
an unknown factor
to a group that
only deals in certain

The mule reveals the ridiculous
nature of thought today
FOX has its facts
CNN has another set
both sides can argue
with absolute certainty
and total credibility
backed up by expert panels

This morning with Jake Trapper
it was outstanding. The panel of past spooks
a brass did everything but call Trump a traitor
for meeting Putin.  Then came the kill shot.
The Russian hacking activity as we speak is
making the red lights blink in exactly the same
fashion as they did leading up to 911. I guess we are 
going to have to nuke Russia or more towers are
going to fall in perfect harmony
collapsing at the speed of gravity and pancaking
in their own footprint

Is the Russia threat nonsense?
Was the cold war nonsense?
Sure there was and remains 
the aspect of Mutally Assured Destruction
during the cold war Russia and America
where in competition for vassal states
the Russians lost badly
due to software incompatible 
with the human mind

Bottom line the west promised
Russian no Nato on its borders
and lied
Crimea has been a part of Russia
since the rule of Catherine the Great
who died less than two decades
after America was born
The idea that Russia stole the Amerian
Election for Trump is ludicous
the accusation is so incredible
it reveals how hard the Mule
can kick

Putin will occupy history
like a Russian Churchill
a man who did terrible things
got really rich in the process
and kept his country together
in the face of insurmountable 
‘US media nearly lied us into WW3 thinking nuclear winter is good for ratings’ – Lee Camp
We dont need no stinking WMD inspectors

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Living A Life of Illusion 1

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There are no seconds, no minutes, no hours or days of the week. There are no months of the year, no decades. it is not 2018. It is not 5778. It is not 4716. Day breaks, the sun rises, the sun sets then there is the night. The seasons do not fall into convenient groups. Natures time is not mechanical. Mechanical time is an illusion.
"If victory over nature has been achieved in this age, then thenature over which modern man reigns is a very different nature from that in which man lived before the science revolution. Indeed, the trick that man turned and that enabled the rise of modern science was nothing less than the transformation of nature and of man's perception of reality. The paramount change that took place in the mental life of man, beginning during roughly the 14th Century, was in man's perception of time and consequently of space."


"The mechanical clock dates from the 14th Century... The machine that mechanized time did more than regulate the activities of the day: it synchronized human reactions, not with the rising and setting sun but with the indicated movements of the clock's hands: so it brought exact measurement and temporal control into every activity, by setting an independent standard whereby the whole day could be laid out and subdivided.

"The measurement of space and time became an integral part of the system of control that Western man spread over the planet. Karl Marx was one of the first to understand the place of the clock as the archetypal model for all later machines: in a letter to Friedrich Engels in 1863 he observed that 'the clock is the first automatic machine applied to practical purposes; the whole theory of production and regular motion was developed through it'."

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Putting it all in Perspective Star Trek Future

Image result for images of exponential
We are really on the right path
in a statistical sense
things have never
been better
maybe we need
to trade means
for averages
but the fact
is things are
looking up

I finally feel bionic and its fantastic

I have been running and dropping 
moguls and crashing my ass
in a bad way
for decades
and even without plastic to 
protect me I have risen
everytime to ride
ski slope swim
as if i was indestructible
and that pretty much
how I run
full of wisdom
and some truth

Today I reached a new
threshold of reality
that in fact I never\
knew would be important
to me
because I was born
in the middle of the last
century before we
had the internet
and still thought
the best way to transmit
was food

A few months ago
I got a P10
wawe phone
made in China
and it was a bargin
because the USA
thought everyone
who held this phone
would have a direct
connection to the
Forbidden city
and they never thought
about projection
and if the apple
does not fall from
the alphabet tree
who really cares
just buy the features
and the spy aspect
is well covered

The Chinese 
I know them a little bit
and they think we are
all recent trash
in a six thousand year
they took a time
out and we hit
them with opium
and war
and killed the empire
but in no way did we
put a stake through the heart
of an empire
that works
and the only problem
for people with cocks
is they cut them
off to keep the machines

Why do I feel bionic
credit senihser Sennheiser 
the people who happen
to be German who care
about sound
and made it a
100 year business to provide
the best without compromise

I first heard their wares in the library
at the university of western ontario
you selected an album and they
put it on the turntable 
hit a mech switch
and through star trek
like plastic headphones
you got fidelity 
like no one at
university had
ever heard before
to be fair
it was the 

Today I can say
another mindbending
sound experience
has been provided
by the Sennisher Sennheiser 

I bought some
headless wireless
wonders called
the CX sport 
from the mechs
and technically
they attach to my 
ear canal with
silicone but there
is not a physical
yet the sound
makes me a cybork
and I was dreamin
when I wrote
this but it is\
a piece of judgment
when i am connected
I am super human
and never want
to stop
being alien
and there is
a chokepoint
first the batteries
do not last
and second
the sounds of the world
are very slow
but they
last and last
no bionic master
to take the reality
of sound away