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Murder of Crows

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Here they come, black as death, cheating the daylight hours,
Eclipsing the sun with their sullen wing beat, flapping a storm.
Tar feathered and ominous like a worship of bishops, 
as a murder of crows from the pale beyond.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Signs of and rumors of war

Trump authorizes the recall of a thousand retired pilots.

The unexpected decision by President Trump to amend an emergency Sept 11 order signed by George W Bush, allowing the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired air force pilots to address what the Pentagon has decribed as "an acute shortage of pilots" caught us by surprise. After all, this was the first time we have heard of this particular labor shortage - perhaps there was more to this executive order than meets the eye. Indeed, a just released report may help explain the reasoning behind this presidential decision.According to Defense One, the US Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991


"Flying Saucers For Real"

The Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie

The United States of Oceania 2093

Marvin Milvane Trump

Roughly the size of a pea, the brain of newly elected President of The United States of Oceania, Marvin Milvane Trump, rattled around his cranium finding no obstacles to hinder its path. Intellect? Zero. Integrity? Zero. Morality? Zero. Decency? Zero. Sincerity? Zero. Being the grandson of, er..., how shall I phrase this? 'legendary' Donald 'my anus is my positive feature' Trump had its ups and its downs, its positives and its negatives. One thing was for sure, Granddad would have been proud of his grandson. The apple hadn't fallen that far from the tree.

History recalled that winter, some seventy-five years ago when millions of inhabitants living south of Ciudad Juarez had flooded across the border just as millions of middle eastern Muslims had in concert with their South American fellows flooded across the border east of North Carolina. This sudden influx of humans set wheels in motion that not even Donald 'where's my rancid underpants' Trump's forefinger could forestall. World War Three ignited in wave after wave of missile attacks which calamitously ended in said gent losing his high rise wig and the world losing its last vestige of sanity.

Following the war, the world was divided into what has since been called 'Orwell's Orb.' The United States of Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia and a lump of land the rest use's as a public convenience.

Marvin Milvane Trump's part in the New World was to bring greatness back to a nation that no longer existed. But at this moment in time, he couldn't find his Teddy Bear let alone Kansas.

Donald Trump After Surgery 3

Friday, October 20, 2017

I was for a time an operator

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You are now in the
front row of the future
of available jobs
for humans
that are smart
to not be replaced
by comptuers
or as the tech
lords like
to say

It filled me with
pride to be a part
of this new tribe
of last chance
taking it in the
ear 12 hours
a day for the team

Call centers, call centers
part of the new
Canadian dream
yes they have a big
place on the rock
to talk to the
irish and give some
gift of the blaney
stone to customers
termalliy pissed
if you have ever
been abused by
a technical monoploy
we are the first
you call us up
and we tell you
lies and sob
until you
have got it all out
or call for a supervisor
and this is a tale
I love to tell out
of school
the supervioser
is just another agent
a more skilled bullshitter
who will finally surrender
a few credits to your
account for being
and pissed

I had been really alive
several years ago
and at times in my
life I lived large
in small ways
and barges
with Mercedes
crossing rivers
in the Szuhan
I was a travelling
with a smile
on my face
and often
left with nothing
but the cock
in my hand
to consumate
the relationship
and in poll
after poll
my customers
all agreed
his hands may
be small
but his
cock is big

I was liven overseas
in Austria
the most beautiful
they should
just rename
it Maryling Morre
or Raquel
its that

But the call of
the wild
was always
an earworm
in my heart
and after
most of decade
I was back home
and although I never
kissed the earth
i did mark
a few spots
in joy
like a dog
welcoming you
like right at this
moment its the best
thing that every happened
if I was a sales manager
I would tell all my
squeezers to wipy
the eyes of the CX (customer for sharpies)
like a gorgous labrador
shaking from end to
end because
its got a dogs
and when
its happy to see
you there is no
so I do this
to every customer
in an approbriate
thats why in an
international survey
when asked about
the salespeople
who sell them
I was voted
most likely
to be reincarnated
as a golden
I would hope
I was some
kind of
rescue dog

Home, home. home
is a fantastic place
only a klick away
from Canada's
south shore
and its been
we are darn
near to being
northen california
sons of anarchy rule
and all that

My home is a castle
with aluminum siding
so ERP attacks are
point to me
I got a pool
and thats
a years of drinking
water if covered
by a tarp
with water ballons
keeping any kind
of bad particales
and the best part
the place is full
of squirrels
so there will
always be someone
at supper
is that CHicken.

I went through all
kinds of self help
ran my own biz
for three years
and more
than broke even
but I am not
the person
you want
if your
have fallen
I would just
call for
a bootmaker
3D printing

Industrial sales was
my next shot
and this was something
I did really great
but the travel
wore me down
and next think
you know I am
no longer traveling
town to town
on 16 hour
chasing every contract
like it was the
secret of life

So I died in that
industrial sales
was cancer
to me

From the Giant Flying Spagetti
monster I got hired
by an Anticlimactic (data divers) firm
despite the fact
I am like Barbie
when it comes
to math
I cant add
two plus
but when it
to reeling
in millions
of dollars
I am

Life was good
my friends
and I never
told you
I worked at Marineland
and talked for long
sequences to the whales
but they failed to respond
not disappointing
the whale mind
may take time
to process and
come to the
correct conclusion
all the time

The best thing
about working there
aside from the usual
joy at affectate
animal husbandtry
was just how
the team was
even the students
if you did not
polish a stainless
steel feeding
dish to a
point beyond
normal reflection
they would
take it in hand
and grind
it our
the giver
full of south
about the ablity
of thereselves
to have a carrer
this timeline is
now confused
its Austria
Data Diving
and then
call center
now I might
have left
out many
years inbetween
but the narrative
is accuracte
lets consider
those years
not mentioned
like Jesus
in the forest

I invented my
own ERP system
using exel macros
I ran my factory
like a NFL game
all statictics
twenty years
before any
manager had
ever heard
the word
its mathamatics
its math
if you want
to rule
the world
you only need
to be better at
math than those
that have tagged
your formula
and are near
melting down
testing formulas
and algorithms
that will
a castle
of stone
with ceramic
I was not
stung at this
time but
this life
when I came
back to
and I got
tell you honestly
it was the best
move I ever
cause I was
not whole
living in Canada
its part of my
and there
is no more
for my

Company flew
me to Boston
flew me to France
and then
closed down
the local
and payed
me off
with Yankee
I would love
to name this
but it might
start a lawyers
the people
that know
and the ones
who worked
with me
this was
a first class
a little two
but I expect
they would
compete in

I went to a job
fair in Welland
and I got to tell
you its pretty
dismal country
and I will go
off on all kinds
of tangets
if you ask
why the Golden
is our Waterloo
cause in Welland
there are no jobs
no future
only the pain
of never having
a CHance and
only being

Good News Bad News
I got a job as a telephone
for a big American
Cable Company
called and I tell you
this is absolutely true
and why you never
hear about them in
the news
dispite the fact
they have a mopoly
in a big segment of the

I am a man
and I never
wanted to end
up in bed
with Lola
but I was working
for a company
that would take
an injection
of cash
from every position
and screwing the customer
was the culture
that must have been
installed while
administrating a village
in Viet Nam

Working for Vagina Com
was never wet work
it was all powder dry
and closed options
for the customer
do you want to watch
or use your imagination
cause thats your
choice pilgrim
and we are
cowboys riding
the copper
trail untill

I was a crack
telephone operator
racking up all
kinds of scores
working six
hours a day
and getting
paid for 12
or so it seemed
the whole
experience is like
some kind of
where I am
dead and get
in a giant
hall full
of 2000
weird fucking
and I am the leader
of the weirdos
and thats the
if the wierdos
need a king
I am it
give me
the ring
and you
will never have
to kiss butt
ever again

So how terrible
was the job

I am working this countries social services to the bone
because I cant be trusted to answer a phone call.

Nevertheless I have 45 weeks to find my dream job.

I feel violated from the experience of working at Vagina
and if you had read my blog or even watched Blade Runner 
you would know in graphic detail how I had been intellectually

They knowingly took my intellectual waste
and spread it over a broad population
for years with impacts that
will be the subject of discussions
for years
was Steve the butterfly effect
that killed cable
and made
swim with Upstream Color?

I do miss all the people at Vagina tell
even you because it was
like the Star Wars bar
without special effects
refugees from the economy
giving up their strenghts
to provide
a friendly face
on a corporation
that would bend
over if they
thought there
was a hidden

Nickel I had nickel
shoved up my butt
though it was more
likely some lesser
money cause
a nickel is not
made of nickel
its more like
foam metal money
and they treasury
can still claim
it will not
chip your
tooth if

Concorde's Last Flight

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The romans had seveal thousand years of impact

so when we can not
put a few centriuris
in  row
its a failure
like a nuke
the boiler
they assured
us this would
never happen
and if it worked
would be
and thats
my planet

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

RIP Gord

RIP Gord Downie

The Canadian identity is so nebulous but you turned those clouds into concrete ones and zeros, analog when live.
I came to the Hip naturaly
about ten years
and I have to admit
to some extent
I played them out
in totality
the Guess Who, Drake
and Gordon Lightfoot
the Hip
are now
Canada Band

I grew up a stones throw from
Bobcaygen and played hockey there
a hundred times
The Hip captured
the trapper genius
of small places
that are the 
of Canada life

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Austria is very close to human perfection

Austria's Foreign Minister and leader of the centre-right People's Party (OeVP) Sebastian Kurz talks with journalists in Vienna, Austria, on October 15, 2017
IMHO the Austria I know is the greatest country in the world
a place where culture is placed uberall
I could go on an on about the strength of the social
compact and the depth
of self sustainability
but most of all
in light of all that will
be said about
this election
is never fear
this fatherland
would rather
arrange a marriage
than a holocaust

all cultures are not equal
and some are not
made stronger 
by diversity
on the lifeboat
we call earth

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Allbert Strongnob

"vast wasteland"

On May 9th, 1961, 

the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, 

Newton Minow, shocked Americans 

by declaring commercial television programming to be a 

"vast wasteland."

Friday, October 13, 2017

Mike Wallace Interview With Donald Keyhoe 1958 UFO's Are Real

tiny living

In a 60-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong, a mother spends $487 a month to house herself and her son.
Its tiny,its living, its humans in factory farms. Hey Peta how about a naked model or two protesting this before bunny rabbits.

Barak Obama

Barak Obama - "A Rockefeller Republican In Black Face" - Cornell West

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

bad crossing

Image result for fukushima radioactive refuse in bc
the extro expensed cop
grabbed me by the arm
he said
what are
I said
not a taxi driver
so just chill
I am a exoskelton
modern man
on gas fumes
and dreams
of argricutural prouducts
I have not seen
beef walking
since Sasakatawan
and here I am\
in BC
with all the salmom
and radiation
sailboating on top
of the

Black Triangular UFO over Southampton, England

Heroes of the Military Industrial Complex not named Mcain

Image result for heroes of the military industrial complex

Herods of the Military Industrial Complex
they are everywhere
they might
even be delivering
the mail
for sure
they work
the cables
with all those
vans at

In 12 to 14 episodes
the world is saved
every season
what I am talking
is all the TV
shows with
special forces
alphabet agencies
working behind
the scenes
with our
untrustworthy allies
to make sure the
world is safe
in the words
to shop

There are over 20
well produced shows
full of beautiful
political correct
a rainbow of diversity
guarding the golden
pot of democracy
to quote
cause some people
hate freedom
and we will
give it to them
from the barrel
of a perfectly aimed
a surgical removal
of the cancer that
not America

I have to admit
I love these
shows like
and the Last Ship
where perfect
very attractive
people face
life and death
decisions for
6 minutes out
of sixty
and never
make a mistake
if anything
they could
have cut the episode
to 30 min
if not for all the 
lawyers tying their hands

Weddings are large gatherings
and they are always getting
hit by hellfire
but on the Military Industrial
complex inspired shows
they never hit a Wedding
Party and every 
permutation has at least
one episode
when the Ace of Spades
is at a Wedding
and the drone
is called back
everyone loves
a Wedding
and its so Western
and besides
we can just walk away
cause we have
all the watches
and they have
all the time
and even
a Rolex
will fail
in the 

The real heroes
are the technologies
that will keep 
the vault
that holds
democracy safe
from people
with bad ideas
and good
arms IQ
like a Toyota
with and anti aircraft
gun pointed right
on you riding around
in a Humvee
with only a fifty
on board
when you
go downtown
to dance off
with cartridges
an brass rail
and the strippers
take your clothes
off with scissors
if you need to 
be stripped
from a direct
hit that
was not
a kill 

War War 
what is it good
should the USA
be fighting

in a 173 countries
thats not for
me to say
its a huge
of history
even for
an Empire

the age of stupid

Monday, October 9, 2017

Brief History of Time consparison

Image result
It all started with the big
bang 6 Billion years
ago because on this
kind of calculation
any number
is likely a
rounding error
just lets say
if we measuring
the output
of humanity
in lumens
we were
not making
any light
and God
had not
prometed us
yet to planet
cause the
big bang
was like
the greatest
thing ever in the
that had
come before
this explained
cause we
are uncomfortable
with fundemental
unanswered questions
just like two bulls
eventually die
but before
that fatal
of heads
they lie on the
grass head throbing
doing the odd twitching
of limbs
when the last
breath comes
they both
why did I
do that?

You will thank
me for my excellent
seguay to move
up to the important
human development
parts skipping
pretty much all of
history if your
an anyaltical

We who are worthy
of critical thought
know that our
was far from the first
I say there where six
but for the sake of argument
lets just say we are the second
the ideological masterpiece
that half crawled out of the
mud and shed instinct
for intellecut
or at least
we thought for
a long part
of at least hundreds
of thousands of
and many volcano's
sun spots
earth quakes
and extreme
northern lights
due to great
solar flares
except all the
people who
had a calander
and live
of the people
who pulled
the trigger
on the first
and gave
us our
electronic game
next start
after we lost
the last game
with the
leadership skills
Dan Qylae

Its a who dunnit
beyond comprehension
how did the civilization
before us
was it self consuming
until the footprint
was the only
and it
was just
an impression
of protein
the truth

Today on the advancement
level its universally acknowleged
we are in 2017
everything we see
is based upon an
easy code
and I conclude
that slavery to date
and time
is the fundemental
dimissed of at least
two civilizations

Humans are significantly
different from every other
Sure we share DNA with almost
any mammal, or should I say
every one
we dont know how
advanced we are from
whales and sea
if you know anything
about history
you know that
mammals where
the first of this
or maybe
other civilizations
because if you think
you look like
a monkey or a
mountain gorilla
I can see that
but on the skin
its clear that
are the desendents
of Orcas
its clearly
black and white

The thing about
animails is they
dont wear a watch
they move in unison
with the earth
as they understand it
and like
on Avatar
problely have
enough intelligence
to take us out
if allied
with a advanced
force and in the
case of Orcas
this would be
the fierce tech warriors
known as the Vikings
and they existed in a time
a thousand years after
Jesus died
and by the standards
of Rome they where

No Viking ever realized
that Rome ruled
the world
in our time
we can compare
it to Afganistian
no one there
had ever heard of
the twin towers
before or after
they were live
because they
had no fucking
resources are scarce
and when you can
not afford tv
you might
pick up the most
cause someone
gave it to you
for free
but did you
read the disclaimer
if you agree with
this reading
and thought
you have thrown
yourself into the mosh
and have to agree
right now in the
most intense
verbal contract
ever to give your
soul forever to

I wish I was a lawyer
because for sure I could
better explain
how contract law
and God
can not pressure
some of his flock
into a contract

Okay its now the 20th century
and its easy to explain
what happened in a
few sentances
because that
is what the 20th
century did to
it handcuffed
booked and sent
it to prison
and for a hundred
years everyone
has watched the
decline fasinated
but yet no one demands
any change
and I know
why and its
a sad fact
America has PSTD

I keep going on all these
with history leaking
from me like
wisdom bleeding
in humanity

I promise I will
explain many things
but you know what is
80% of PSTD
its cognitive dissonance
where a mind recieves
a signal that is true
that cancels out
ever outer channel
every received and
taken of turth
by those
who understand

Sorry does not cut
the grass but who
has a lawn and why
and if you could
have robots cut
the grass
and make the pizza
would you have any
could your machines
give taste and character
to bread, cheese, tomato
and maybe some meat
to ice the surface
with speed smells
of game not only dead
but processed and without
an ounce of heavy lifting
here on my table
complete with
bread and a drink
and 316  stainlesss
that lets me catch
my reflection
and that is just
why restaurants
want you to see
as beautiful
its because
they want you
to eat out
every day
you can afford
instead of going
the imaginary
their or there
which is not
their restaurant

Quickpicks like the Last Ship
I wish the world was
like the last Ship
pre the red shit
and the Cap
was a poet
who knows
how to gather
a harvest
thats what
did well

killed the king
no he did
not succeded
and the sheep
went fallow

So blah blah
we have rulers
who made
life possible
and the most
successful civilization
of the past
2000 years
cut mens
cocks off to
make them more
and Jesus
they wood
as if you cut
down my
and I will
solve math
for you
you must
be the empourer
or else
I would
not exist

So we had the cock
and the slavers
and this went on
for all time
until the Romans
reading Greek
how to make
miss bum bum
I think the Romans
offered good goverment
plus plenty of fucking
cause I do not see
anything else in the
popular culture
about the roman empire

There was a fall of the Roman
Empire and in history
that we know that
was what we call
a Madoff
any belief
as if plaster
was cement

Year 300
the people on
the farm
put a man
in charge
called Constiniten
and he has
been forever
the go to idea
of a man in charge
he pre dated
Tony Robbins
and when the kissed
Tony took his
total knowlege

If you are
with me
in the here
and now
you know
our current
when Constintiene
after buring all
the libraries
in the world
called a conferance
to get agreement
on world views
what emerged
was Jesus walking
on water
an havesting
endless bread
and fishes 
from the tides
then he turned
water into
and because
of the pubicity
he dissaprerd
for forty years
and then 
imerged for
a short time
just to be crusified
for an indiscrimiate

one last thing about
religon untill I get
on to a modern
it was always
but the non blibers
and the majority
of blebers
are not

So here we are
with chemistry
and sciece
and darwins
of economics
and what do we
do but
overide every human
expression to behave
as animails and 
mark territory
and take
all others
as animails
no mattrer
how many times
they offer
the belly
I say its a one 
percent chance
that could prevent
liftoff of the society
of the insane
who live behind
walls our pray
under churches steeple
the mathamatics
that every one
you have ever known
and everthing you have
every exerincped says
you will have been hitten
by lighting twenty times
become some violince

of any kind comes
your way
so trust history

like JFK
Iran Contra
and the tiwin
an you
will face\
the challage
we can explain
but can hope
to put
the candle of