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Why are there no heroes today ?

Because today all men are heroes.

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What makes life difficult when it should be simple is a sign

Image result for images of the predator
I got a friend
he is a pirate
as a matter of a fact
he dont believe in copyright
or patents
says it was always
who should profit
forever for just
finding something
that always existed

Today he called
me hotter than hell
about the move
The Predator
he claims
its the truth
that why
its hard to find
on the dark net.

Now I think he full
of it\
but today I remembered
if JK Journier had not
been murdered
he would be
not to be Trumped

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A footnote in History

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James Mcord former CIA apparatchik dies unnoticed. Was he a member of the Kennedy clearing house? His secrets passed with him. What cant be hidden is what he was and what he did, but the WHY remains an enigma. Many speculate the Watergate burglary was nothing more than a coup against Nixon by the deep state.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Former MI5 Agent on Assange’s arrest

Steve's Guide to the 2019 NHL Draft

First I question the impartiality of the draft lottery. New Jersey seriously? If I had first overall I would take Kappo. The reason is the playoffs. Little skilled men break easy when the whistle is put away. Jack Hughes is not overwhelmingly better than Kappo.

All that really matters will happen at Pick 15. The experts say the draft is deep this year. So deep that at 15 it should be a sure thing. The past few years the 15 th pick has been a mixed bag.  Also it should be noted Joe Sakic, Alexander Radulove and Alexi Koveliv where all picked at  15.

Here are my picks if available. Some basic guidelines. No Americans, we have enough. Nobody under 6 ft, we have enough. Nobody who is not an excellent skater as we have no ability to teach people to skate. For the record I did not read Last Word on Sports before making my picks. One of these 3 is almost sure to be available at 15.

1) My nick for Aurthur is Ten, its a Dudley Moore ref. Ten has good hockey DNA. All he does is score. This player is a risk, however given Montreal's history of developing mercurial Russians it has to be a sure thing. Bet the farm Bergie.

2) My nickname for Raphal is Rock for Roxanne, Italian Renaissance ref. Rock is the Tom Wilson (16th overall) of the draft. A power forward with skill, hockey sense and a good skater. The reason he will be the pick is purely racist.  I agree with the idea Montreal should have a team with as many qualified Quebecois as possible. Make it so Bergie.

3) My nickname for Moritz is Kettle for boiler which is one of the translations for his name. His ranking is as high as 11 and as low as 27.  He is a huge man who likes to hit, a good skater with a heavy shot. His downside is he is not very good position ally.

If all else fails draft Nando, who needs no nickname.

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Never Die Easy

We Grow Weary

Image result for images of dilithium crystals
The dilitham crystal half life
is a problem for bloggers
because the glow factor
is about 5 years

We get exhausted
trying to join the
Star Trek Universe
while current events
are all tears
and no one
no one
in the mainstream
every complains
about the mechanism
that makes the present
captive to self interest.

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the amoco alien

“In November of 1988 AMOCO placed a full-page advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine headlined "Technology so advanced it will help you answer some big questions." On the facing page was a full-page color photo of an alien head and shoulders with his four-fingered hand raised in a gesture of friendship.”

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I am tired of one sided fire

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Okay we SNL
bitches leaking
like a bleeding tent
what is wrong with 
these women
are they just
living in a 
fantasy event
where women
rule and the law
settles all scores?

Like that will ever
happen as we see
on the Golan
where Isreali'
is about to claim
a wonderful prize
I just wonder about
the tax the rest of the
world will pay
when annexation
rules the day

In Ontario
the clown show
makes Ringling
bros mad
that Rob
was not
here to 
make more\

Positive vibration
coming from
a nation
near Australia
New Zealand
banning killer
and wrapping
Muslims with love
I hope its enough
to prevent

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In Defence of Justin Trudeau

The SNC Laval affair
is more a kiss
than a consummation
its a place where
roles are defined
in public as pure
but in reality
are far more
as Bismarck
said good government
tastes like the perfect sausage
but you would not want to
witness the process that
brought the skin
to meat.

The facts are clear
our Bectehal
and if your
going to build
in the third world
full stop
you gotta
pay someone
off or
the bid
is going to flop

The world has
fought with this
since the beginning
of time
and tried to pass
laws to stop it
until the Americans
decided paying a
fine was fine
and started winning
all the contracts
soon the French joined
in and SNC laval
was looking for relief
so they played the game
the government of the day
would never leave them under
water being pure wool

So they got caught
and Harper tried to rub
it in until Justin
passed a law to make
the playing feild equal and

Then his Justice Minister
turned out to be a naive
boy scout
and he had to fire
here because
she is living
in a world
where Game of Thrones
does not speak
truth to power.

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Nihilistic Nineties

Image result for images of mule movie
What will happen when the boomer grow old
and the majority realize on the deathbed
they sold out big time?