Thursday, July 30, 2015

Smoking Scimitar

Smoking Scimitar
I knew you where hot
since day one
your blade was to fine
to not have been crafted
by the MAN
with one foot on K street
the other shoe
well worn by
Madison Avenue

Using Robert Zimmerman
Bob Dylan
to sell a phony war
is a crime against humanity
not a garden variety
use of white phosphorous
to burn to the bone 
in the court created
by mustard gas

The scumbags and terrorists
can never escape the sun
transparency will wash away
the veneer someday
revealing the simple greed
and power that built a structure
powered by
that satisfied less than 1%
of humans needs

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thought Criminal

They will be coming for me 

any day soon now 

I am a thought criminal 

I am guilty of seeking the truth 

the truth they don't want you to know 

I am a dangerous man.


U.S.S. Trepang UFO Photos

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Buffy Saint Marie - Detoxifying Aboriginal Self-Perception - The American Indian.

The Razor's Edge

"Rise, wake up, seek the wise and realize.

The path is difficult to cross

like the sharpened edge of the razor,

so say the wise."

(verse 1.3.14 from the Katha Upanishads)

Killing the Blues

In Canada the country
has become the sixties
4 Dead there
and today
one in Dawson creek
killed shot down
by the Government
while wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask
a Major crime
in the land where a nickel
is the new dime
cause we got half
what we used
to and life
not worth a penny
when commodities
hold sway.

Go ahead
spy on Obama
set up listening stations
around the planet
but what is the purpose
if it only justifies
shooting citizens 
at home
who only want
Canada back

Right wing Religious zealots
on the Supreme court
Canadian troops
rooting tootin with
a mercantile economy
patronage jobs
and spy's everywhere
CISIS a global listening post
to rival the USA
protesters shot dead
and the climate on fire
it all adds up for Harper
but its all subtraction
for Canada

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Eviel Steve

The evil Steve
and are we
not all together
in this life
for one reason
or another

My evil nature lies
in my head
which thinks
it is bigger
than all
in the homestead

I grew up in a small town
so my feeling could be true
but on a global scale
I am just Kardashin
envy me and you.

I am not bitter
I am better
and more
with the humanity
I have seen
from both
thirty thousand feed
and ground zero

the planet is a complex
place and as humans
we should try to simplify
but our masters can
never resist
cutting off the challenge
at birth
with radical
non fore skin

Just like the Ming Dynasty
and friends and family
did for
6000 years
If you think slavery is bad
go total on the Chinese

forbidden fruit

Shrooms for breakfast that's what I eat, everybody should do the same for better nutritian or to exceed human performance to get paid

Oberon the overload
once asked me
do I eat shrooms for breakfast
and I could not disagree
speaking figural in my mind
but I have never
been that high
in realty
but I get so
much buzz by osmosis
when the cops pull
me over and itt
a death threat today
if you do not
butter them
you could be

Moly Moly Mondebenum
created by man to save
Get on the train man
your mind is a weapon
mostly used against yourself
if you want freedom
you have to break the mental shackles
in a hard way
praying to god or
paying Tony Robbins
will move you forward
an inch
but we need a mile

Shrooms for breakfast
if I started the day that way
I would have eggs
yes chicken eggs
or if in some other
universe a bird birthing
cocoon over easy

Molly Molly Molly
that drug is calling me
but I have never explored
the synapses of that kind
of as I am told universal
love that can make
me dance to death
if I am not brave heart

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

Has anyone every grown up
I do not think so
we are all children
to some extent
as we see on the
news everyday
when Mr respectable
is a KinKs song
on a turntable
programmed in the
old mechanical way to

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

In this world the tribe has gone mad
owning superpower
where the members
must work to pay
exorbitant rent
instead of hunting game
and bringing food
back to a collective tent

Humans have lost the reason
IMHO 6 times and it could be
but the number
do not matter
for if it was more
than once its
still a single
death event

gone to zero

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

Nostradamus would laugh
at predicting our future
if we continue on our
collective path
and that's our
own collective decision
if you do not vote
your daft

My vote recommending are
for Canada no more Harper
for the world a fair Singapore
the world hurts with
a humanity take over
and mother nature
was never going to give
that way
we need to live a life in balance
in word and deed with
only that way we can be Gods
and decode the message
that was sent the long way

The big problem I see
and I do not know much
is the past civilisations
that died seemed to make
regional mistakes
and we have global

with stupidity

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

Friday, July 24, 2015

The futility of pounding sand

its not progressive and I lost my thread
so improvisation is more important
than the lost message I said

Intervention of the Divine

Alternative Earth Two is better

Alternate Earth two
is where I spend most
my time today
but for me its mostly
when on earth one
I was carefree
and the Man
did not need to know
everything about me
to keep the world free

Sure I love the federalis
keeping me safe
and I am sure they
will never use that
to create their own
safe place

On Alternative earth two
the people live in Singapore
but pot is legal
just like prostitution is
there on earth one

We work like Germans
highly trained and short hours
we live like Italians
with a joy for life
that Roman.

What Acid was to the dead, Ex for the Oklahoma head!

Moly Moly Molybendum love
from Oklahoma of all
the backwards places
next to Texas

There has be better meds than penis amputaion to survieve

I am in contact 
with the yutes
and if I say they
suck this would 
be in history
no a dispute

But our little gems
spreading out on facebood
have some potential never
just being fucking aware
makes money
 Look this is nothing new
ask Zuckerberg
or the dead Jobs
they knew

I do nto know
I work for minnumwage
I think my future
is that I will be 
given the option to
cut my cock off
so I will not bail 
on overtime

Trump has a better chance than Rob Ford did, plus he is not a crackhead!

The Kardashian Nation deserves a Trump president. On the bright side people will finally wake up to the fact that politics rules their lives and they should inform themselves.

Ed note: recorded in a single take, no edits using an Iphone.

Cant sugar coat Nazi at the south pole claiming ownership of the North one

Even reading the sanitized version of Operation Highjump raises doubts. Then ponder how Admiral Forrestal died weeks after Operation Highjump. Lots of Highjump links, here, here, and lets not forget the tie in to Operation Paperclip, here. Rosswell has cover from Occams Razer, Operation Highjump is the truth shaved.

Wikileaks may be poised to(video for hardcore only) blow the lid off these mysteries. Ironically I could not find any rational links to the Wikileak UFO story, who would have guessed it? Will history fundamentally change in October? No matter what the facts, highly unlikely. However, what if the current finance crisis is a front for a Nazi takeover? The Nazi’s after 60 years of living in Hollow earth choosing this time to emerge would explain everything.

A link that takes things a step further.

Do I believe Harper is a Nazi, no way just a plain brown shirted facist
with a mind poisoned by Ayn Rand.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

X-15 UFO

tiger buddha

Water advice from a water warrior

Water can flow or it can crash 

Water runs from my eyes for those that have never swam the drunken seas with fists of furry
Great Lakes are great if you like waste ponds with great capacity
until they reach saturation
and catch  fiery
Venturi effects
consuming all the 

Water Water used to be everywhere
with no thought given
to getting a drink
now our most brilliant
minds are laser focused
on charging for something
so essential its more Mizi
than gohan

Corporations as people legally
live but never drink
and drive
or do anything to stay alive
so that puts the water
dependent people
struggling distinctly disadvantaged
with humanity shackles
that do not get profit
or air miles
if you do not get my 
point pretend your in a government sanctioned
brick and mortar prison
trying to stay healthy
or because you have some hope
you do not smoke
real persons like that
incarcerated by the corporate people
can trade fags
for real cash
or to escape
a sadomasonitic 
from a straight guy
who in prison
gets his wholes
because the corporate person
loves the punishment
cause it cost them nothing
this quarter
and we Corporate Citizens
have principles
fist one
give no quarter
no not a dime
or a nickel
we worship the nickel
on Bloomberg
big time

living on the Salton Sea
that's the Val Kilmer 
lifestyle furniture future 
Das ist enier gut doch
as it looks real dry
for you and me
pull up a beaten
woven lawn chair
crafted from polyester
and aluminum
today such a seat
belongs in the 
Gambatte Kud Ess Sigh

Desalination  snake eating 
diminishing Frank Luntz tale
its sustenance while it lasts
but you cant make a meal
out of salty water
there is no mainlining
saline solution
sucking chest wound
Sitrap Bravo Alpaha Zero
Mike Mike Mike
I am leaving for Civilization

East side west side
North side and places
in-between are suffering 
from extremes
to much or not enough
or both of the same
all at one time
Its water torture
DIck Cheney approved Climate Change

Fire is everywhere
flames making the air
so clear with smoke
that even the mouth breathers
are starting to choke
and finding God
in the foxhole 
they dug
but the foxhole
turns out to be the 
and that's a very big
A hole

A little bit pregnant that we are
you can not go back to that flat
stomach without giving birth
and its going to be a difficult birth
and many children will
and mothers
unfortunately the motherfuckers
have all decamped to New Zealand
or Canada
the worst of the bunch 
may hide in Russia
or Hokkaido

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There are times



Into the world of diversity
Che and Fidel 
were a rare Communist pair
that could beat
three of a capitalist kind
In the battle so far
Cuba is the clear winner
battling above its weight class
a beacon of freedom from
in a mostly miserable semi
hemisphere of freedom too

and the strip mall architects are salivating
its going to be Fulgencio Batista all over again
while the Cuban people
look around at what they got
and what they lost
and weigh in
somewhat starved
but very much alive
after 50 years in a
bomb shelter

Monday, July 20, 2015


46th Anniversary of the paradigm collision between Science Fact and Science Fiction

I watched live as Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon. Like every 11 year old boy in the western world I was a part of the team that day. That sense of wonder and confidence in government, science and human will peaked for humanity July 20, 1969. If aliens landed in Times Square this afternoon people would be excited, but most sophisticated consumers of popular culture, would react by saying “what took you guys so long”. Most pundits look back at this accomplishment as proof we 21st century humans are moving backwards. Why are we not on Mars? Why does the US have to hitchhike to the Flying outhouse.

NASA got lost in Marketing over Mission. It made little scientific sense to continue boosting men into orbit, but from a propaganda side it was gold pure gold. If the Saturn program had been continued launching robotic craft, and if with the left over change new propulsion and life support system had been researched, we might have arrived in the future by 2012.

The body politic mourns for the good old days of can do America. Well there was an unsustainable load of baggage being carried by the USA in 1969. Nixon was running the place and a crazy bleeder bleeding the country out in Vietnam. Hard lessons were learned. Now what if JFK had not been assassinated? What if he stood up to the military industrial complex? What if he had put America on a Singaporean type benevolent capitalism glide path? Imagine, just imagine.

There may still exist people like Neil Armstrong and his breed, but I doubt it. Vietnam and Nixon destroyed that DNA. However we have gained far more than we lost, but the danger is we are losing everything we gained, and the backwards momentum does not promise us a force of Neil Armstrong’s. No we are getting a New Generation of Nixon’s or worse. RIP Neil Armstrong the last American hero with the gravitas and grace worthy of uncritical adoration.

Our version of JFK says "in fourscore and four years we might free ourselves from Carbon or not"

Sunday, July 19, 2015

wake up alone

Climbing Mount Signal

When I was 18 years old, me and two of my buddies decided that we were going to climb Mt. Signal. Even though it's only 2,300 feet to the top of Mt. Signal it looked like Mt. Everest to us. Being the young bucks that we were, we thought it the thing to do to prove our manhood. Temperatures in the Imperial Valley hit 90 to 110 during the day so we started early in the morning, figuring to make the summit by noon and get back down before nightfall. We started up one foot in front of the other, boulder by boulder, it was a good climb and we gained a hundred feet of altitude every ten minutes. Half way up we looked around and thought, maybe we've bit off more than we can chew, but we kept on climbing. We made the summit right around noon and took in the view. 2,300 feet in the air it was if we were in an airplane flying over the perfectly flat fields of the Imperial Valley, we were in awe of what we had accomplished. Standing before the shrine with it's cross at the summit we knew we were somebody, we knew that we mattered. I picked up a couple of rocks and put them in my pocket, then we started the climb down. It was like floating on air, we bounded from boulder to boulder gravity assisted and flew down the mountain. Without seeming effort we glided as if on wings toward the base, in a trance like state time slowed down, as if in slow motion every stone was alive and a step back to reality. We arrived in the real world and realized that we were men and began our journey, we had arrived ! (read more)

Take ISIS for relief!

I was always a Betty man Really

ISIS like foes are not among stist
those we have in the West
come up against
Al Queda was bad
and for Osama to hide
we must decide
if it was Allah
or the CIA 
that gave him such astounding
that allowed him to abide
like the worlds baddest dude
with a world class bad attitude
for more than a decade
is a safe mansion in Pakistan
located not a stones throw
from the garden city
that was one of the few
places in that troubled
shithouse poorly planned
nation built on sand
where gardens grew
and the streets were not full

If you our me
was to live Paki (Pakistan Pekoe not racist)
we would want to rent
Osama Bin Ladins House

So with no other serious enemy to fight
we fought Al Queda
with all our might
behavioral experts might disagree
but making people take off
their belts and shoes
might give them a PHD
in Sheeple agree.

Then Obama ended
two open ended wars
that had not traction
We had a brief history
in time where terrorism
from black hoodies and nijab
was not a distraction

Yep for a brief moment in time
the most important powerful people in the world
where not occupied by the Flintstones.

Believe it or not it started with Eisenhower
This was the American who saved the world
He really did
Herding Cats is a backwash
tending to your pool
This man had command
and he made fools into tools
as if you want to move
forward you must do
over and over
no matter how hard
it upsets your
basic rules

Well it seems Eisenhower was
not Einstein an
and despite what he believed
the forces that be
determined he was dangours
he believed in democracy
his experience at slaying fascism
was not a novel the money men
would read
or even in a drug induced
water boarded interrogation
There is so much money
I can survive pain
and potential death

Just as a aside that's how I see myself
not going to give up my friends
or my country no matter what
tool you pull of the shelf.

Now back to history. Eisenhower had
defeated the Nazi, and planned events
that could never be duplicated
he was the Beatles of warfare
Sun Tzu
would burn some paper for this mother fucker

So naturally and fallowing the  U Grant events
and many other great Presidents
he took control

But history has no record
of why he selected
a man a faint heartbeat
away like Richard Nixon
That would be an incredible
conversation with Eisenhower
who had take Hitler down
now had to wear
Nixon on his crown

Hey its all politics
and do not pay close
all pols are the same
and you should vote
for the one close to your heart
Skeptics in the recently rated
third best city in the world
take Rob Ford as a pill
that proves not so smart

So Eisenhower is sandtrapped
with Nixon and he starts to golf
I think he was brokenhearted
and did not give a fuck

He could not speak the truth
case he took a spin on jeep
with a girl that was not
his wife

Now we have Eisenhower
a good guy in most ways
An American Icon
cause hate them
as you must
Americans have
moved the ball down
fumble after fumble
but that is why
in history we must trust

I was not there
but I am sure it was true
the Military Industrial Complex
wanted to make sure
there was no rust
on the ROI

Ike was not one to take the mike
and he said bullshit will not make rules
reality distortion fields
I have smashed a thousand
and I will never bend ove4r
for punks like you.

Little Dick the concubine
the President shared in the heritage line
May not have been patients
maybe he did not want
to sit in line
maybe he would be the first Vice President
warmer than a bowl of piss
his urine fueled heat fried democracy
big time

Frances Gary Powers got shot down
and Eisenhower was surrounded
and he knew he had to drop the dime
he had fought a world war
and when the truth
and power conflict
you got to take out
a tape measure and
examine your dick

How many inches or millimeters
do you want to give away
when the battle is already
fought and despite your no aquencient
you are rated Napoleon for you strong thought.
If I play Civilization being Eisenhower is far above
Dan Quale, Napoleon and any Kings or Queens
that are only legitimate because
they have support from above
or now when that fortress is breached
a tourist attraction that can sign off
on laws as well

So Ike being the man probably said
I have fought Nazi with weapon
all your Ayn Rand nonsense
leaves me wondering why
I am a conservative instead
of a liberal who do
their thinking with best practices
dreaming of a world
where you buy what you want
not what the paymaster said

History records that the the the the
great concord that Eisenhower
had almost cemented with Soviets was dead
When Frances Gary Power hit the ground
and in fact was not dead.
The Soviets could have just
killed this terrorist spy
but they kept him alive
and traded him
for a colder cold war
this was nonsense for the Soviet
who could barely keep a fridge
with a kitchen door

You look at Goebbles and operation paperclip
and wall street today
and how we are manipulated
and never see
even the simplest trick.
Tricks and cons and bullshit
our parents would have just shrugged
off as part of the permanent SNAFU
unfortunately today
a sizeable majority believe
and the rest of the pie
are afraid
if they complain
they will have
a police response
based upon the NSA
and guilty or innocent
it do not matter much when
your brain is filled with
a slug from a gun
that in Iraq was full
of ammunition but in the
end saved no one.

Eisenhower and Nixon must
have a had a conversation
that pushed them both over the brink
Maybe it was the Checkers speech
a pooch make Eisenhower
surrender to a puppy
of mice and men

History records that
Frances Gary Powers
was shot down
there is a lot of confusion about
that event
and more importantly how did it happen
and was Eisenhower cool
with taking such a provocative action
in the middle of talks
that would have led to peace
and certain retirement
for the Industrial Military Complex

We only have a few facts
about this past time
one of the most significant
is that a highly trained
radar expert was in the USSR
at this time.
A pasty had defected
and we would not hear
of him again
until that day
which under all the clouds
of confusion
no one disputes
JFK had brain matter
ejected for the crime
of an argument
with flat and round

Little terrorist before
that term had been defined
Lee Harvey Oswald
traveled back and forth
between two nations
zeroed in on a nuclear war 
Even accidental tourists
with the best credentials would
be hard pressed to cross those lines

So Lee Harvey Oswald
shot JFK
its that simple
and no matter hard
you study history
the fact on the ground
have made it certain
that it was a good kill
examined to death
and only crazy
people would see it
any other way.

Just as an aside
I found it very interesting
that Stephen King
looked at all the facts
and decided that history was on the single
shooter side. What more proof do you need
an award winning excellent author
has written a book
with which the Warren Commission
would agree

JFK died in Dallas
and then in my book
Jaguline became the creepiest bride
Aristotle are you serious
this was prostitution
carried out on the grand culture side

The greatest man from Texas
was not power hungry
no he resigned never severed
two terms
I guess we all estimated
his power function
and how
they never surrender
he took the first opportunity to leave
maybe he thought his head intact
looked better on reflection
or maybe he just gave up on power
what a nice historical introspection

Nixion became president
it was like Sid Vicious
filling in for John Lennon

This little punk
was not going to be
you should go this way

He had so many enemies
the Rolex was doomed
only a computer could keep track
and facebook was born this way

I think tricky Dick knew
the way to play
more than a fur coat
or a puppy dog
he wanted some say
in the big universe
and as President he assumed
it would go that way

I image he was so disappointed
by the first visit of the men in black
they wanted him to do so many
things that conservatives would attack
Peace with China  fuck that.
Dick did not care how many consumer devices
they could make with a battery pack
Yet he flew to Beijing
and started the downward spiral of everything
He made a deal with the communists
who liked the label
but at the end of the day
are only the people
who do not wane
they are so tough
there is nothing
in the package
they want that
will make them sane.

Little Dick came from bumfuck
he did not see the deal
for his people playing this game

So the plumbers made Watergate
and the rest is history
assets leaked
and pressure grew
and at the end of the day
the Bushes outlived Reagan
and we are now close to the modern say.

Reagan wanted peace with Gorby
for all his simple minded dementia
this was one thing he knew
was true.

Well someone sabotaged that
and you can bet there was a shrub
behind that attack.

Bush takes command
a direct line behind
shot down at 19
and Finance
and Preston
and everything

Command proves to be a little tricky and
he fails in the flack publicly
but in the background
lots of ammo left
for attack

So his unfortunate son
like the lyric from
credence Clearwater revival
defeats green peace

Now thanks to him
we are locked in a cycle
of war that's hard to break
the only grace
is Adam Smith
and his invisible hand
you can not fight wars endlessly
on foreign lands
if there is no profit
in all those bleached bones.

So when you see on the new
Saddam is launching babies
out of incubators
or someone in a cave
is thirty seconds away
from digging your grave

Take ISIS for relief
You do not need to be a salesman
to know you are being sold