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good company

"I wasn't a misanthrope and 

I wasn't a misogynist but 

I liked being alone. 

It felt good to sit alone in a 

small space and smoke and drink. 

I had always been 

good company for myself."

Charles Bukowski

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F35 heritage view

One of my hobby horses
is an examination of the F35
as a metaphor for the toxic
soup cooked by the 
Military Industrial Complex

The truth is out there
way out there in
Fifth Generation Stealth mode

The unvarnished truth right
from the horses mouth
comes from pilots who
actually fly the plane

Contrary to everything 
else the critics say
this is the best plane
ever in all its roles
and to top it off
its dirt cheap
talk about
salt pork

This is the money quote for me

"A former A-10 instructor pilot said the situational awareness aids associated with the sensor suite of the F-35A allowed pilots to execute close air support missions as well or better than the A-10 in low-threat environments. The F-35A is the only multirole platform capable of conducting close air support in high-threat environments." Weasel words in bold. A Cessna is suitable for combat in a low threat environment. The best multi-role platform in the world is useless if its the worst at every role.

I am not a pilot
never been in combat
however the A10 is a flying gattling gun
the F35 as of today does not have
a gun that works

The money quote
"Even if the designers are eventually able to fix the sighting problems, the design of the plane itself hinders using the cannon for the close support mission. Effectively employing the cannon requires the aircraft to fly low and close to the target and to survive ground fire, an impossibility for an aircraft as thin-skinned and highly flammable as the F-35"

Whatever the F35 turns out to be
a better close air support plane
than the A10 is almost

certainly nonsense

The source of the article
praising the F35
as Gods Gift to the USA
is the Heritage Group
who IMHO
have a heritage
of distortion
and disbelief

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911 IS A LIE !

In History we are all DEAD!

The thing I remember most about 911 was the magic
burning kerosene turning steel into molten tear
black boxes destroyed
passports of terrorists indestructibly found
of the tricks 17 years later

This has opened the door
to ignore every institution
or societal norm
in the pursuit of short term

GWB defined the future
with his statement
"in history we
are all dead"
of course Jim Morrison
said it better first
"gonna get my kicks
before the whole shithouse
goes up in flames"

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