Thursday, January 4, 2018

Resiting Sex Robots

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That is a refrain similar to waking up on the right side of the grass. In 2018 in terms of grass the impossible will be reality and thats progress. It seems that we have the capacity to be better and that is something centuries of history have proven true. Humans are like children with toys, the adult class
is owned by the children but like entropy eventually experience rings true.

I expect this is the year I will be given the Noble prize for poetry or be recorded by Arcade fire at the least.

The end of oil is way to premature and Suncour will
be the darling stock replacing Apple on the Gorilla
glass of love.
Everyone is talking about the AI. Its real. How many sex robots that look like Scarlow in Anime do you think I could sell?

In the future true love will be the ultimate quest

free of sex and prejudice.
I know true love and baby its an abortion for most

that want to be there for the event
True love is like bitcoin, no way to value it

no way to mine it for moneyits a headbanger


Did I puke on your lap?
Cause thats what I
do intellectually.

O give you the
standard refrain
your the best
and someday
I will express
in person

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