Monday, January 8, 2018

Hockey Talk, Russians and winning in focus

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If I where gCHuck it would have been a threesome instead of a police report. You have to wonder
where in the world is the gCHuck mind. It seems the management has no time to understand the man.
I dont know what has happened back door, maybe I should hire a Jim Rockford to enlist CHelios
to discover what is going on in our first line center of the future mind.

Flashes in the lens produce many a Star Trek great scence
they call this technique lens flash
where you overwhelm the camera
with light to make
an effect
and this is
he is an overwhelmed
camera flash
so can we
put the lens
cap back

Did you know that Newton
died poor because of
not the behavior
at the time
one of the intellects
of all time

So the same with
hockey players
who have magic
take the magic
and leave the

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