Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shitholes going explode and shit

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The world is full of shitholes
Trump made a mistake
and spoke some truth
maybe he is the President

If you have watched
Star Trek
and been your
own Captain Kirk
here on earth
you know
there are green
people mixed in
with the whites
browns and blacks.

The green people
are mostly white
even if they are
from China
and they rule 
the planet with
a 3D printed
controlled by
who make
bit coin mining
look like

Speaking of change
we have seen some
huge steps forward
in the march towards
a perfect world
let us never forget
it was within the lifetime
of anyone living today
that blacks and whites
could not marry
and Gays could
not exist
Dating Mary Jane
could get you sent
to prision
and what was good
for GM
was good
for every PM
or dictator
and if you where
a master at building
you where automatically
a manual master of the

Soul problems
they will always
the richest people
in our universe
oft them self
just as fast
as denzines
of shitholes

Out of the darkness
and into the light
comes alien technology
to power the house
through the night
with photons
and electorons
and printed circuts
and artificial intelligence
that makes humankind
a God over a newlifeform
born without a soul
and often aborted
recycled and given
life again

The smartest monkey in 
the jungle moves the ball
down the field
but blocking every
deke and feint
is the old orange oragantans
and silver backs
who love
the concubine
and flashbulbs going

The cure for the shithole 
blues is distributed local
because power is the
thing that makes
animals dominant
and we should be
of far stronger
in the time of

When we live in a world
where being President
is a position where most
people would
not recognize you
like Switzerland
we will have no more
Shithole blues.

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