Friday, June 3, 2016

Jews are just like you and me with beter overall culture

I am a culture junkie and have the street creed of travelling to most parts of the world to back it up. Never been to Israel, don't believe in the first testament, but I know if there is a culture the world would not regret emulating its the Jewish one. The Koreans, Japanese and especially the Chinese are way more Frengi than the Jews. If you think Jews are about money
that's your opinion, but I say that culture is the thing they bankroll. 

Look around our world today, what do you watch, who are the old masters, what brings joy to your life. Yep at least 20% is Jewish if you believe in fractals. 80% if your Netanyahoo,

I am going to say something very cruel here. The Palistineians are a beatan people who refuse to go to the police to get help. Nihilisim is beautiful to the suicidal.


Russell Duffy said...

Jews are my friends. I love and support them. This is from them to you so you can understand why they are against Zionism. PLEASE SUPPORT JEWS.

Judaism believes in One G-d who revealed the Torah. It affirms Divine Providence and, accordingly, views Jewish exile as a punishment for sin. Redemption may be achieved solely through prayer and penance. Judaism calls upon all Jews to obey the Torah in its entirety including the commandment to be patriotic citizens.

Zionism rejects the Creator, His Revelation and reward and punishment. Among its fruits are the persecution of the Palestinian people and the spiritual and physical endangering of the Jewish people. It encourages treasonous, dual loyalty among unsuspecting Jews throughout the world. At its root Zionism sees reality as barren and desacralized. It is the antithesis of Torah Judaism.

There is a vile lie, which stalks the Jewish people across the globe. It is a lie so heinous, so far from the truth, that it can only gain popularity due to the complicity of powerful forces in the "mainstream" media and educational establishment.

It is a lie which has brought many innocent people untold suffering and if unchecked has the potential to create extraordinary tragedy in the future.
It is the lie that declares that Judaism and Zionism are identical.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Judaism is the belief in revelation at Sinai. It is the belief that exile is a punishment for Jewish sins.

Zionism has for over a century denied Sinaitic revelation. It believes that Jewish exile can be ended by military aggression.

Zionism has spent the past century strategically dispossessing the Palestinian people. It has ignored their just claims and subjected them to persecution, torture and death.

Torah Jews the world over are shocked and pained at this short-lived dogma of irreligiosity and cruelty. Thousands of Torah scholars and saints have condemned this movement from its inception. They knew that the pre-existing good relationship between Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land was bound to suffer as Zionism advanced.

The so-called "State of Israel" stands rejected on religious grounds by the Torah. Its monstrous insensitivity to the laws of basic decency and fairness appall all men be they Jewish or not.

We of Neturei Karta have been in the forefront of the battle against Zionism for over a century.

Our presence here is to refute the base lie that the evil, which is Zionism, in some way represents the Jewish people.

The reverse is true.

We are saddened day in and day at the terrible toll of death emanating from the Holy Land. Not one of them would have occurred if Zionism had not unleashed its evil energies upon the world.

As Jews we are called upon to live in peace and harmony with all men. We are exhorted to be law abiding and patriotic citizens in all lands.

We condemn the current Zionist atrocities in the Holy Land. We yearn for peace based upon mutual respect. We are convinced that this proposed mutual respect is doomed to fail as long as the Israeli state exists. We welcome its abolition in a peaceful manner.

May we be worthy of true redemption when all men will join in brotherhood in His worship.

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Russell Duffy said...

For further clarification as such seems necessary here.

Israel and its people have every right to exist. I am NOT opposed to them.

Steve said...

Russell, its a third wire subject for sure. Thanks for the claification. Do the Bankers do great evil, yes, are many bankers Jewish yes, but that does not mean Jews are evil. I do not believe in evil, I believe in good, but both are not magical forces on our life. They are just choices.

Oberon said...

...and now here's my two cents...i don't use the label "jew" in order to avoid any inferences of prejudice as to religion/ethnicity...when i talk about israel i'm referring to official israeli government policies...amnesty international is clear that israel has engaged in many operations that violate international law...since the balfour declaration agents of israel have attempted to murder 6 million post ww2
german civilians in retribution (research "nakam" i posted)...killed 34 men aboard the u.s.s.liberty (research "dead in the water" video)...systematically stolen land from the palestinians in an effort to "create the holyland"...tortured jailed and killed scores of people...evaded inspection of its nuclear arms...and has evolved into the insane "sampson option" (research "sampson option") the words of romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. 20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. 21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Russell Duffy said...

Steve, I have no idea what Jews do for a living. Some may be bankers, some may be bakers. I don't believe in evil either. Jews are certainly not evil. It is a man-made concept. All I do know, as evidenced here and as proven on the web, the great majority do not associate with Zionism as it goes against their faith. I do think the Israeli government, not the all the people, of Israel do a great many wrong things to fellow men. Thanks for your response. Good to debate.

Oberon. I do use the word Jew as I have many friends who are Jewish and they are proud to be what they are. I know what you mean but for me declaring my support for people of a loving faith should be made clear. Israel and Judaism and Zionism are three separate entities. We must not muddle nor misunderstand those differences.

When we had, on this site, a response to one of my 'joke posts' a post which poked fun at Hitler's genitalia in regard to recent newspaper reports, a fellow of this site stated WE HAD WAGED WAR ON THE WRONG ENEMY. This person stated quite clearly their dislike of Jews. They thought we should have waged war on them not the Nazis. That is a thing I condemn.

What I have done since is to try and define what Jews think of Zionism and Israel. I share their opinions about Zionism BUT NOT about Israel. I agree with all you say here regarding Israel. They are much like our nations - capable of doing great wrongs. All I have tried doing, as your response demonstrates, is define the difference between those people who are my friends, those Zionists who aren't and Israel who, as you say, commit awful acts against fellow human beings. I think, from all said here, we are all on the same side. :)

Russell Duffy said...

PS. Steve and Oberon. Thanks for joining the debate. Your opinions and views are very welcome. Cheers!