Saturday, June 11, 2016

Freedoms Voice

there's a blogger mist arising
a fog thats thick as pitch
it carries words of wisdom
and its kicking up a bitch
its drifting over kentucky
and over in bangalore
its cleaving through bigotry
it will leave your head so sore
for its the voice of human reason
its the whisper of a new season
its the song of human treason
'cause gathered in their thousands
blacks and browns and whites
are laying down foundations
challenging wrongs and rights
there's a girl in alabama
and a guy in tokyo
there's a group in istanbul
and a woman in ohio
like a dragon breathing fire
or an angel that's been kissed
it's the sound of mankind moving
and its a sound hard to resist
see the poets now a gathering
and political activists too
linking hands across the globe
with a voice from me and you.


Steve said...

love it, echos of Johnny Cash

Oberon said...

...yeah...nice...i think he's talking about us steve !

Russell Duffy said...

us is right. and hopefully millions more.