Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jerking off the World

I used to like chocolate strawberries
and special K
for sure I ate way to many
I looked in the mirror
and discovered
I was lacking fact
sugar breakfast and
dinner desert
made a desert
where there should have
been a oasis
with an oil patch
that would quench 
every thirst

Seeing all and knowing nothing
Jon Snow
that's the penalty we pay
for being human
and not admitting
we are animals at the core
and we need to scrub out
that native cunning
if we are to survive
as a species

The earth it will not die
it will spin for billions or maybe
trillions of years no matter what
it may look like Pluto
but the earth is
not big on fashion
I know for a fact
it has catalogued
that human life
will be harmed
by Kim Kardashian

I am so old now and I hate it
because the pipeline is so 
all the choices have famished
or are locked behind doors
that are not just in my head

Every now and then
I pick a lock and feel
so refreshed
but Monday morning
comes back again
and I am on the Sunday
Morning Sidewalk
puking my person
all over a paycheck
knowing Kafka
was so right
I am an insect now

Life's rich pageant 
is all we got
and we love our
cause they are fictional 
of what we are not

Someone has to break this chain
and get us back to the village again
reality tv is the biggest lie
like Kurt Von said about
Geralda Rivaia
at the demarcation point
he is only Jerry Rivers
and so it goes

World wide Gandhi, or Buddha
with a touch of Mandela
and Einsteins Intelligence
mixed with Bob Dylan's
ability to communicate
is a DNA project 
that we need to assimilate
or its Enders Game

The human misery index
has never been higher
even for those who
have the gold
are way less than historically

No justice no peace
is only a band aid
on a world that
knows no social justice
because we are all animals
and the lion does not
ask permission
to rip your throat out
if they target you as weak

Tell me know
Tell me you Know
Tell me something 
Tell me anything
Tell me you are an expert
Tell me about your invisible hand
Tell me its not jerking the world off
Cause Negative Interest Rates
are a total confession
the world is just a human expression

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