Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valintines day fellow Globallovethinktank astronauts

You are the most beautiful things a spacer sees execpt for all the eartth freebies
that are paid content in space.

Valentines day always makes me reflective. Thinkingaboot the things I love. This blogis one of those things. To be honest you I cant understand why it does not go viral.. However in the immortal words of Buddha, "you do not always get what you want, sometimes you just get what you need". If only Karl has said this in Das Kapital.

Speaking of time travel and alternative history. Let me share with you a interstellar love story. Physicist will discover a thousand years from now, that black holes are merely the place love goes to die.

Love you cant start it like a car, you cant kill it with a gun, its a jeopardy question no?

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Oberon said...

...thank you...we are viral...the world just doesn't know it yet.