Thursday, February 11, 2016

The beauty and Jones Spaceman

There really was a weirdo and a beauty on this planet
for sure they never existed in the same timeline

Now Jones Spaceman
was not the weirdoist
especially for a spacer guy
but down on earth
he was always in orbit

Direct collision in a parking lot
shiny and orange
and a billion years older
than anyone on the planet
he fell in love
with the most beautiful
thing on earth
next to free oxygen

He suspects despite the beauties soft denials
she was on a mission
because nothing on earth
seemed worthwhile erstwhile
Beauty was hoping to find some meaning
from the eponymous named
and weirdly attractive
Jones Spaceman

No episode of anything on TV
would ever have the beauty
meet the weirdo live
let alone edited
its something from another
world for sure where
no one cares about
anything reality based

For a very short time
 the beauty
disguised a false fact
that the weirdo
would be a DNA match
to some important relationship
despite the impossible time lag

The weirdo was not shy to explain
he was a billion years old
and married for 750 million years
and the beauty always knew the facts
 she had a boyfriend of a few earth
years and they were deeply in love
so there was no way
a simple collision in a parking lot
was going north in anyway
inevitably like entropicisity
they both knew
winter was hard comming
and there would be no
true love

Time and space had other ideas
and between this unlikely pair
just for kicks and giggles
they set up a connection
and it was in the end cruel
but one always must appreciate
that accidents happen
and in human terms
this was largely a misunderstanding
of applied magic

As some sci fi writer said
and for sure it was them all
a technology well developed
would appear to be magic
to the ignorant

There is no clear agreement on
who ripped off the hospital gown
Was it one party or did the two
fall off the edge of reality
into a black hole
of xgames feelings that had no
chance of assembly due to the
greasy greasy pole
or relativity

The weirdo says in his defence
he told the beauty right from the start
he was weird
but he was reluctant to describe the connection
an instrument he imagined most like the spice transport
of Frank Hebert

In the end it was the failure to troubleshoot
a magical advaned civilisation connection
that did the werido in.
Range was not important in the later stages
but still he needed a faceplant with predictable
When his fix was denied
it led to to quiet rage
and the inevitable broken connection

The fix was the thing
it was wonderful and a magical 
exoplanet fling
no one I am sure except for the weirdo
has ever felt anything
so wonderful and pure
innocent and guilty
mind numbing
and conscious expanding
spiritual for the non believer
and in the end
could only be described
as magical

The weirdo remains convinced
it was all just some king of advanced
tech experiment
as for the beauty
the weirdo was
something best rendered
unconscious in the big scheme
of things
and so it goes
and so it goes
and so it goes


Oberon said...

...really nice...i love it...magical.

Steve said...

thanks it is based upon magic