Saturday, September 26, 2015

Born Free the Future of Humanity

Printing TV's like silk screen Tees
its comming soon
and would already be mainstream
if not for a few nasty patents 
slowing down the 3 d streams
of progress to flow down to the
people and of wage slavery alone
them to end
for with solar cells, a battery
and a printer people are truly 

Born free
with the wind in
my areoloslns
spinning harder
louder than a good ac
on a hot summer day
and its spins freedom
in kilowatts and amp hours
no matter what it lets
the green house grow tropical flowers
with the excess

Born free with an electric car that drives itself
it may be slow and stable but you can multitask 
and until the first great hack
ultimately safer than travelling the freeways
full of irrational humans
who think their car is some kind of stallion
and you are costing them the
race from one mundane vista to another
burring precious climate fuel
just to get around

Born free with DNA based therapy that can do literal miracles
and unicorns and little Irish procaine doctors who develop pots full
of cures. Medic has become more or less trauma based. Eating printed foods
ended up having tremendous health benefits.
Remember you are what you eat, you become what you think.

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