Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thinkingaboot Number one, ichi ban Boys are Stupid Throw Rocks at them!

Stupid things we used to do.

· Drive without seatbelts

· Drink and drive

· Drive stoned

· Put pesticides on our lawns

· Smoke tobacco

· Believe the government

· Use leaded gas

· Leave cars idling

· Discriminate based upon race, color or sexual orientation

· Not allow mothers to choose if they wanted to bring a child to term

· Lock people up for smoking pot

· Not take advantage of the wind and sun to make electricity

· Use Agent Orange to defoliate hydro lines

· Wear wool sweaters and socks to play hockey

· Play hockey without helmets

· Think women were best kept bare foot and pregnant

· Fill the back of the pickup with kids and drive down the highway

· Play with mercury

· Beat children with leather belts or wooden switches

· Burn coal without any scrubbers

· Believe stock prices were based upon underlying value

· Think external inputs could build nations

· Keep physically and mentally challenged people hidden

· Pay $20 for an album

· Allow private enterprises to get to the point where their failure becomes an existential threat to the economy.

· Believe all cultures were equally valid

· Spit on the sidewalk

· Litter

· Not recycle

· Trust institutions

· Boat without life jackets

· Fear communism

· Think socialism was communism

· Not realize sport is more business than sport

· Think bigger was better

· Celebrate sports hits that left a player concussed

· Take boxing seriously

· Wear suits and ties

· Have a wardrobe that mostly needed dry cleaning

· Put raw sewage into the water system

· Build bedroom communities

Manufacture electronic goods with vampire electric use or inefficient AC/DC converters.

· Believe in simple solutions

· Trust leaders to do the right thing

· Think being green wasted money instead of making money

· Pave everything

Have smoking sections on airplanes, not realizing it was the equivalent of having peeing sections in swimming pools.

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