Thursday, September 10, 2015

Raven is not an X-Men

Raven's not an Xmen
but to the trained eye
her abilities lean that way
especially because she
exudes power and influcne
with so much energy
to spare
your still gonna get a shock
from her chair
an hour after she has chairparted

Storm Berry got nothing
on the Raven
cause even Xmen

have to die
 weary from the years
of conflict
renewals need new generation
pigswailing the hot bridge
to the future
saving all men
by turning their heads
in the right dircection
never misleading
in one selection

Raven's special power
seems to be breaking hearts
and she is not even trying

to connect
its just the circumstance
that follows her around
like the laugh that
is genuine
not the funny ha ha
of the clowns

1 comment:

Rae said...

Hey Steve it's Raven,
I finally read the poem you wrote about me !

Love it. Thank you