Thursday, March 15, 2018

I blame myself for the state of world affairs

Image result for images of the prison of blame
I am pretty sure
my thought process
controls the world
people will say
thats a outlandish
which does not
border on crazy'
no its a whole
wall of crazy
in a maximum

I have to admit
its been tough
for my thoughts
controlling the world
all the deaths
and torture
we needed
to change the
world to a
non violent
place guareeted

Thats the thing
I am most proud of
a credible plan
use my world control
I have made the world
accountable for every
violent act
and no crimial
will ever escape
with the loot
or worse
child sex slaves

Then I met the Clintons
and I got to tell you
on the scale of bombuzzole
they are off the scale.

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