Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dropped through the alternative world portal

Image result for images of the movie parallax view
Do you feel confused
as if you had missed
too many episodes
and know where
viewing the conclusion
will only produce confusion
relax its the parallax
and they are not
pretty or true
but its what
you have to work
with now
because reality
has become 
distortional factoid
and like
cheap speakers
its going to 
give you 
hell of a headache
over time

Trump seems
like a modern day
bent on vanity
marching to destruction
no matter what the cost
because at the end
of the day
he will be dead
and after that
what reason
is there for

For a very short
time everyone
say in the words
of Bob Marley
one love
but one love
dont build no
one love
dont frack
one love does
not control
the future
using the 
of the past

The world
you used to know
is gone
this world
is all about
making sure
no one has
a future
that the
Deep State
does not
and that

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