Thursday, September 3, 2015

When I wish I wish for everthing but tonite its Dylan for when there is no thought he is democracy

We wish for many things
good health and other flings
with mortality as we
prove we are alive

to tell you the truth
right now in my very sage
well connected world
I am horrified
at the death of 
a child

So many kids have died before
but this one is on the front page
of the world
and he could have had a Canadian passport
months before
if the fascist
was not in control
that guy is killing Canada
and I dont care if we got economics
which by the way he out to lunch
I just want my Canada back

We got nothing more than a rucksack
and a smile in
my day
and the world walked with us
in kilometers
and no one needed a band
to know

the quiet beauty
with flawless skin
and it had never been 

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