Thursday, September 3, 2015

Whats ridiiculous

so many things my friends
and today is a time to be angry
about everthing
but you know what
it will past
but under the surface
the horror lasts

so what we knew that everyday we
were alive and we cant let it consume
because the ones that make us
think that way
a dead child can play

with enough press
okay for today
I am sick enough
I wanted to talk 
about violins
and fiddels
and flutes
and making music
the celtic way
of which I am one
although I am Ungarn
Hungary for the uneducated

So what is crazy
and what is sane
I have been blooging
about this for at least four
years and no one cared
exept my 14 loyal members
of which 12 thoght me insane

Wake up Zombies is something'
I used to shout till
the blood ran out
and I became a walking
dead immoratal
with a human exipiry
both contradicaions
writtien in blood

We got a big cruise ship going on here
and when we hit a reef
it should be all hands on deck
instead of just
die here

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