Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Eviel Steve

The evil Steve
and are we
not all together
in this life
for one reason
or another

My evil nature lies
in my head
which thinks
it is bigger
than all
in the homestead

I grew up in a small town
so my feeling could be true
but on a global scale
I am just Kardashin
envy me and you.

I am not bitter
I am better
and more
with the humanity
I have seen
from both
thirty thousand feed
and ground zero

the planet is a complex
place and as humans
we should try to simplify
but our masters can
never resist
cutting off the challenge
at birth
with radical
non fore skin

Just like the Ming Dynasty
and friends and family
did for
6000 years
If you think slavery is bad
go total on the Chinese

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