Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Killing the Blues

In Canada the country
has become the sixties
4 Dead there
and today
one in Dawson creek
killed shot down
by the Government
while wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask
a Major crime
in the land where a nickel
is the new dime
cause we got half
what we used
to and life
not worth a penny
when commodities
hold sway.

Go ahead
spy on Obama
set up listening stations
around the planet
but what is the purpose
if it only justifies
shooting citizens 
at home
who only want
Canada back

Right wing Religious zealots
on the Supreme court
Canadian troops
rooting tootin with
a mercantile economy
patronage jobs
and spy's everywhere
CISIS a global listening post
to rival the USA
protesters shot dead
and the climate on fire
it all adds up for Harper
but its all subtraction
for Canada

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