Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love is a human condition

Love is an interestingly, painfully human issue. When I asked my Spirit Guides about Love, they said that they loved me. I asked them about what I should do in a particular situation and they changed the subject. I asked about soul mates and lovers and they said that love is a human condition; they simply do not know.

I wonder if this means that love is like flavor or scent. A sensory condition. Love uses the senses, glorifies them, and celebrates them. Love has a scent: it’s dizzying, intoxicating, seductive, strong, safe, and warm. It has a flavor that makes a mouth drip with anticipation. It has a quality not unlike the weight of air in the lungs: lighter atop a wooden mountain and thicker on a humid summer day.

Spirit Guides don’t eat because they have no need for that kind of nourishment. They are souls in their pure form, and do not smell a pizza in the oven differently than a burst of lemon when a wedge is squeezed; they exist in light and see, breathe, and interact with energy on a different plane of reality than the earth we know.

And they know things that I don’t know. They guide me surely because they see things I can’t see. But this Love concept is different. The quality of the conversation changes. They know what I speak of because they have experienced it, but they aren’t privy to the secrets of it. It’s as though they don’t understand and don’t want to interfere.

Love has caused me more pain and brought me more pleasure than any other human experience. In fact, I believe that Love is the human experience.

Perhaps emotion has more to do with it than fate. Perhaps love cannot be touched by fate. Perhaps circumstances are not withstanding in matters of love; perhaps love is enough.

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