Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That Sinking Feeling

Anyone else losing sleep?

There's no mistaking the steep cliff over which we may very well plunge in the world economy. With today's news of money denied to the US automakers, they stand in danger of bankruptcy and we stand on the brink of a national depression and then subsequent international depression. The financial markets remain frozen in spite of the commitment of $700 billion dollars of taxpayer money and as everyone holds their collective breath, the entire economy suffocates.

This is what philosophy has brought us: leaders too boxed in to make the bold decisions necessary to lead us out, people baffled by nightly news soundbites and, soon enough, skyrocketing unemployment as a result.

I find myself lying in bed awake at night thinking about all this. Where would one begin to clean up the mess?

The incoming Administration signaled strongly today that they're going to begin with healthcare by tapping Tom Daschle at HHS. That's a gutsy move, but gutsy moves, it seems to me, are what's called for now.

Either way, we're in for a load of hurt this holiday season. Not even Tom Daschle will manage to stave off that sinking feeling I've got.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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brad4d said...

The jobs that are necessary are to teach mediation as the new EFFECTIVE regulation. The best way to learn agreement is to teach understanding or vice versa. The self regulation exercises share resources, couldn't the tightening values get us all closer?

Shimmerrings said...

We have to remain positive with the only things that can remain stable, if we allow... our spirit... the holidays are about giving... it doesn't have to be monetary giving... but, gifts of love. Christmas is going to be nearly non-existent for me, this year... but, I refuse to let that damper the spirit of the season...