Friday, March 1, 2019

In Defence of Justin Trudeau

The SNC Laval affair
is more a kiss
than a consummation
its a place where
roles are defined
in public as pure
but in reality
are far more
as Bismarck
said good government
tastes like the perfect sausage
but you would not want to
witness the process that
brought the skin
to meat.

The facts are clear
our Bectehal
and if your
going to build
in the third world
full stop
you gotta
pay someone
off or
the bid
is going to flop

The world has
fought with this
since the beginning
of time
and tried to pass
laws to stop it
until the Americans
decided paying a
fine was fine
and started winning
all the contracts
soon the French joined
in and SNC laval
was looking for relief
so they played the game
the government of the day
would never leave them under
water being pure wool

So they got caught
and Harper tried to rub
it in until Justin
passed a law to make
the playing feild equal and

Then his Justice Minister
turned out to be a naive
boy scout
and he had to fire
here because
she is living
in a world
where Game of Thrones
does not speak
truth to power.

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