Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Team Freedom defeated by the Authoritarian Tribbles

Image result for images of the trouble with tribbles
Star Trek homage to supply and demand

Its been a long game
and Team Freedom
has only really being
playing in the league
6000 years old in the
later part of the last


and while its acquitted
itself well
it still on the bubble
because the forces
of absolute
will not give up
the castle
called today
the city of London
and yesterday
the Forbidden City
and in the future
expect a shotgun
Its so hard to get
ahead because
humans are hardwired
animals and we easily
become sheeple in crowds
and even if we think
we cant discern
throw up our arms
and proclaim
it really does not
matter they are
all the same
and the forces

of evil


sweat and swell

to make sure that

is all the holi poli


for if they lose
that link


wins and we
live in a Star Trek

well aware

of Tribbles

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