Thursday, June 14, 2018

Shakedown in Trump Town

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Trump rules do not be mistaken
he is playing the the same 3D
chess that every grifted
has learned
is the best education
if you want to pull
the big con

Yet now it seems that
Trump has graduated to
Spock levels
using logic
and hypocrisy
to stimulate
the crowd
like chess
was a contact sport

The Donald says
lets have Free Trade
just free baby no
harness no
lord of the flies

This is the capitalist
manifesto as full
of folly as the
communist manifesto
you can not trade
freely with slave

The Donald says
I made a deal
with the rocket man
because although
he blows apart his
relatives with ACK
ACK fire
he is no worse than
a hundred other
bad guys we
are fremiens with
On that point he is
spot on
but working in the wrong
we should be weeding
out the psychopathic Kings
and Queens
not praising them
Nevertheless full
marks to Trump
for at least addressing
the Elephant in every
room of diplomacy

Trump takes on Trudeau
hard and does not stop
after a couple of days
what is going on here?
I dont know but
its not good for Canada
we have never been
so disrespected by the USA
since the war of 1812
and the offense
seems to be that
we will not lay
down and accept
things that make
no sense
because Trump
needs votes in

The Donald is breaking
up the old order and that
IMHO is a good
No more lies
no more talking
do you want to live in
Trump town
or another world?

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