Monday, May 21, 2018

Politics Conservative Style

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Govermenting is hard. In a 21st Century democracy its becoming impossible.
Life for the majority is not getting better. For the youth Nihilism has replaced religion. No one sees a better tomorrow. The corruption that is human nature is constantly exposed, without any attempt to cover up.

Into this void jump the nastiest of the politically power hungry, whose only vision is power. We are living Game of Thrones and the cell phone is our sword.

Donald Trump is proving that if you are going to plot against the King, total victory is your only plan.

In the world we imagine we live in there is no way someone who used aggressive interrogation would be approved by Congress to represent a functioning Democracy. Now that killing civilians and torture are normalized you have to wonder whats next, slavery? One could suggest there is already an element of that in Private Prisons.

The Alphabet agencies seize control of the lizard brain lemmings.

WMD are curable in England. The falsest of false flags are not fluttering without comment.

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