Friday, June 1, 2018

Hi I am Steve and I come from Ontario, lets prove Canada is not ruled by Rubes

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We got an election in
this most populous province
a province that is the undisputed
engine of Canada
in culture, economy and wealth
if California's influence on America
was magnified a thousand times
it would Ontario in Canada
except of course Quebec
who thank goodness
stubbornly remains
Joe da Vie

The big thing I
I am trying to communicate
is that Ontarions
do not recognize the tag
we are not a region
we are a country
called Canada
and we are never
of the success
of other Canadians
when are team
is gone from the Stanley
we cheer the other Canadian
teams with all the fervent
of a drunk told
its okay to join 
the bandwagon of booze
cause its in the national
please understand
its beyond the 12th step
thats Canada
a place thats exceptional
because we just believe
we are average humans
working to achieve
the best for 
not those above
but for our families
and friends

The point I am trying
to make with explanation
points is that nobody from
Ontario would actually say
I am an Ontarionian
people would laugh
we are Canadians
and stand with our brothers
and sisters nationwide
without provincial borders
now I have no way of knowing
if aside from Quebec others
feel a regional tug when they 
declare alliance in the Game of Thrones
but for me 
I pledge allegiance to the Flag Canada
without execption

In the Rubicon of Conservatives Canada is Ontario, Quebec and the others.
Those are the producers, the takers are the provinces
that have less population than a major city
So I have to wonder why
the so called builders
the capitations of industry
rage political campiagns
based upon tearing
down everthing
with promises of
a fairy tale existance
where lead is made
into gold
and human
nature will
be suspended
by the invisible

If I am obstuse
its because I am resoulutly
not sure any opinion
can stand the scrutiny
of time
but dont call me whishy
washy please
living in the moment
is what we need to do
if they is to be a

At this moment the province of
Ontario is in the final throes
of an exceptional election
three parties all fatally flawed
but only one winner

Two parties have had the courage
to make a budget
the third 
says our promises
form a document
that is not 
toilet paper

I fear every voter
will hear a big 
flushing sound
on election

However taking that
into account I voted
liberal in my riding
in the hopes
it was stratigic
if I had voted
with my heart
it would have been
for the libitareen
the house of the north
in this scorched

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